Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Toy and Purrwowza!

 Greetings everyone!   Oscar kitty here.   I'm interrupting my nap for you all.   Well, the Mom was off this entire weekend!  Purrs.   More treats, brushings and cuddles for me.   It has been chilly recently and I appreciate the extra blankets and heat packs Mom makes up for me and my achy legs.
 Mom took this photo on her walk home one night.   I know it's nothing compared to what some other folks have experienced in the last while.   Even this snow melted by the end of the next day.
So--our Mom had company on Saturday.   Her Mom came to visit!   We three felines are her grandkitties!
 However, before I get ahead of myself I'll just insert this photo of a gingerbread latte.   That is to warm up anybody who got cold looking at the snow photo.  Only, guess what?!   Mom thought it was a tea latte and it was a coffee latte.   Oops!   Mom said it was yummy but she didn't finish the entire mug because she has something called "insomnia".   Us felines have never dealt with this particular malady.   It sounds very strange...not sleeping well?   Yikes!
 Purrs from Miss Emily.   Mom said I'm a shameless flirt.   (Well, maybe I am a little)   Her Mom came on Saturday and they went out for breakfast and then shopping.  Her is our "grandmom" modelling a pink feather boa.  What do you think?  Should Mom have bought that boa for me?  Don't you think I would look fetching in pink?
 Well, Mom didn't buy us anything!   But our "grandmum" did...look at what we scored.  Purrwowza!
I love this toy with it's ball in a ring, dangling mousie and treat dispenser.
 I'm going to catch that blue ball!  Or I would if Winston didn't take over.
Winston thinks he owns everything!

That is right, Pearl.   I do.   I think "grandmum" meant this toy mostly for me anyway.   Oh and guess what else?......I saw a picture of the grandmum's feline, Pearl.  She is beautiful!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Felines and the Comfy, Cozy Monday

 Hello! It's Miss Emily today.  I need to apologize for my Mom person.  She worked all weekend.   For some reason this made her behind on everything.   I have to say that I was feeling a bit snubbed.  I mean, I have things to tell you all.
 It seems like just like last week when we looked outside there were still golden leaves left on a few of the trees!  Mind, some of the trees were bare but there were still a few with leaves on them.  Mom took this photo on her walk to work.
 She took this photo at the park.  It was a very grey day and also foggy.  The temperatures have been very mild.   All that changed this weekend, though.  There were strong, blustery winds and even snow dust!!
 .....another photo from the park
 Mom likes this photo of Winston and I because she says we both look grumpy.  Whatever!   Winston had been washing my face and he stopped WITHOUT asking my permission!  Cheeky feline.
 Guess what!  I also saw a squirrel and some crows from the living room window.  Mom finally had to get somebody to take out the air conditioner .   She is not very strong.   So some friends helped her out with that.   Now the view from the window is so much better for me!  Mom said I shouldn't be so eager to take on the crows as they were almost as big (the Mom says bigger) than me.
 Oscar here.  Excuse me if I don't get out of my comfy, cozy spot on the back of the sofa.  Mom is's so much colder.
 Time to drag out the mittens.  She thinks she may also break down and buy a pair of boots.   She has been thankful that the snow was just a accumulation as of yet.
However, it's not all bad, this colder weather.

 She turns on her tiny tree lights for a soft glow when it gets dark outside.
Warm beverages also help!
It's also great weather for a good book.  This is a tiny library she went to visit.  It looks cozy, yes?  I think it would be perfect if they got a cat.
Mom had a massage scheduled today and the lady at the clinic had turned on the glass fireplace.  It was heavenly!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Ramblings from the Mom Person

 Good Monday morning from Miss Emily and orange boy, Oscar!  Miss Emily decided to share her favorite chair for a while....but she didn't like it one bit! 
 There are still a few trees with their leaves remaining.   It makes me a bit sad once the golden leaves have blown off in the brisk November winds.
 Now Winston and Miss Emily.   Can you spot Emily?   She thinks none of us can see her in her secret hiding spot!  😊😊
 I was off this past weekend and my Mom and sisters came by to help me decorate my tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Miss Emily is snoopervising the decorating of said tree. 
I'm only off every other Saturday and, unfortunately,  this was the only Saturday in November that everyone was free.   It's a bit early but I'd rather that than miss our annual Christmas get together!
 I find this colder weather calls for more tea!
 Some raindrops sparkling in the morning light!   Always on the lookout for something colorful.   November can be a drab month before the snow but there is usually something pretty to see if you take the time to look for it.
 Thanks to everyone who gave comments or suggestions on last weeks post regarding Emily's "brushing" situation.   I've been placing treats next to the brush for her to sniff and eat.  Hoping this will pave the wave for her to associate pleasant things with grooming and brushing.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Emily on Monday

 Good morning,  It's Miss Emily.  I'm just popping by to say hello and ask for your help.  Well, Mom wants to get some advice.   This past Friday I went for a visit to see the vet.   I entertained Mom and the cab driver with my beautiful singing voice on the entire drive down.  I needed to get my yearly once over AND get a mat removed from my beautiful silky furs!  Only, guess what?!  That mat was so bad the vet and two assistants had to hold me still/keep me distracted to try and remove that tangled bit.   Dr. B had to get out the suture scissors.   I was not impressed.  I let them vet type people KNOW I was not impressed.   Dr. B told Mom that she has never seen such silky fur on a kitty before and that it is very prone to tangles.   She said that the closest she has seen is the cat breed is the Turkish Van.  So, Mom was relieved to hear it wasn't something she did incorrectly (don't worry, Mom, I'll find something else to blame on you!)  But that I should go in once a month for a comb out (3 people required!  I'm impressed with myself) for the next while.  So, now I have naked spots but I'm still Miss Diva and no doubt about that!  In other, more boring news,
 Mom giggled about this!  
 It has been very mild for November.   Some trees are bare but there are still trees with lots of golden leaves.   Mom says they are beautiful!