Monday, December 29, 2014

Feline Christmas

 Hello all!  It's Oscar kitty starting off to tell everyone "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Mom took this photo of me surrounded by some of our Christmas presents.   One of the prezzies is a mouse and kitty treats. 
 Mom tries to make Christmas special by having an extra nice breakfast.  This year she chose gingerbread pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup.  She never tried them before and said it tasted delicious!
 She was able to purchase the mix from Chapters because she got a gift card.  You can also see in this photo a gift she got from a previous year.  I'm sorry to inform you that our Mom is a geek.  Yeah.  She likes Doctor Who.  Please don't get her started...just trust me on this.   Also, another first--we kitty brats bought Mom a present this year!  She was very excited as her family celebrates together on Boxing Day and she doesn't usually get to open a present on Christmas morning.
 Here is our gift to her.  Didn't we do an excellent wrapping job!   
 Hi!  It's my turn now.  I am posing for Mom in my favorite place--the forbidden dining room table.  Now back to our Mom's present....
 Here is our gift tag on Mom's present.   The present was from all of us--including Lucy. ( There isn't a day that goes by that Mom doesn't miss her.)
 Here is what we got her!  Feline coasters.   So practical and beautiful.   Purrs from us to her.
 Yeah, Emily, but let's get on to our presents.  Here I am patiently waiting for Mom to open up one of our presents early Christmas morning.  Guess what it was

 Only it wasn't the yummy eaty kind.  Trust me I tried.  Still I had some fun checking it out.
 Mom also took some walks that she told us about. These are her "staying sane walks" we told you about earlier.    We like to hear about the twinkle lights and the bits of  white fluff that fall from the sky.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Kitty Edition

 Hello folks and felines!   It's Winston kitty to start off today.   Things have been looking quite festive the past week.   Mom brought home a gift bag one night after a visit with some friends.  Once she left the room I jumped into the bag and did a bit of feline sleuthing!   For some odd reason, Mom always finds it amusing when I crawl into bags and make myself at home.
 Mom has been busy with holiday get togethers and Christmas shopping.  She saw these gingerbread cookies the other day.   Usually a bakery is very tempting for her but she was good and didn't purchase one of these goodies at all!
Mom also does something she calls "staying sane" and by this she means she will go for long, brisk walks to breathe in cold air and look at the sky.   This photo was from a walk in the park just as the sun was setting. 
Hello everybody!  It's my turn--Emily!  Guess what?  We got a Christmas toy early.  I'm so purry happy!  This little mouse has feather on his tail and squeaks when he moves.   I love him so much.  Mom loves him too because she says I go all crazy kitty.  Mom also says I should let the boys have a turn playing with mr. Mouse on the Play n' Squeak.   That is so funny, Mom.   I'm not sharing Mr. squeaky mouse with anybody!
 Here is another photo of one of Mom's Twilight Christmas walks.  If the walks keep Mom from being grumpy then I am all for it!
 Mom was browsing through one of the stores recently and giggled when she saw this --they are called Choc Stars!  She says the kitty is Lady GaGa...I think that one is the best one of all--tres chic.
 Hi, it's Oscar now.   This photo is from last year but I love it so much that I asked Mom to use it again.   This is what I wan for Christmas: a nice box filled with Christmas tissue paper.  Mom says I look incredibly adorable in this photo.   *Score!*  I bet  I will get a new box to enjoy this year.
 Mom went to a bookstore on one of her shopping expeditions and saw this kid's reading nook.  She confided to me that she wished she could have a reading nook like this complete with sparkle lights!  Silly Mom.
 This is Mom meeting with a friend and talking about books, felines and men and kitty toys.   Whatever floats your boat, Mom!  Just make sure we get what we want for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's not easy being good

 Us felines hear so much about having to "be good" at this time of year.   We try but it's not always easy.  Plus our human is very high maintenance.  She doesn't realize how much goes on behind the scenes when we are taking care of her and she just doesn't clue in.  I think we are very patient with her.  We just thought, that is Oscar, Winston and Emily, that we should let you humans know that we are NOT the only ones who have to behave during this holiday season.  Here is a small list of our demands  feline requests to be a good human servant.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Feline Health Benefits

Good morning all,  It's Oscar here to start off.  Just wanted to let you know that Mom is starting to get her voice back.  Keep your paws crossed. Otherwise, I will have to sleep next to her and purr some more until she is better.   Emily and Winston help out by making her smile.  We are exhausted from all the extra cuddling, purring and adorable antics.   Phew.
 Mom is still twiterpated with that silly owl she bought from Chapters.  She is convinced that it needs a Santa Hat.  In fact, she had one put by using the computer.
 I will admit it looks festive but it's just one more thing for Emily to fling onto the floor!
 Oscar, I am a little hurt that you would insinuate that I merely knock about the Christmas decorations for fun.  I have to admit, though, that I am very excited about Christmas!  So many things to smack, bat and drag around!  I'm dreaming about the toys and treats I will get for Christmas if I behave.  I will try very, very hard.
The weather here has been very up and down.   One day we will have a lovely dusting of snow.  The next day the temperature climbs and everything melts.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Edition

Hello felines and their humans!  Winston kitty here today with a new "friend" to tell you about Mom's tree decorating party this past weekend. Mom has her second bad cold this month.  She is very tired and keeps losing her voice  which isn't as fun for us felines as you might think.  *sigh*  She has given me, Winston, permission to tell everybody what happened on the weekend.    
First,  Mom wanted to have this party late in November but some of her family couldn't make it, then.  She therefore decided to put up the tree earlier than usual to accommodate everybody.  The Mom and her clan do what they like to do when they get together :   restaurant breakfast!
They went to a lovely restaurant, not their usual, and had a hearty breakfast.   This breakfast of French toast and fruit salad looks good to the humans but---- where is the meat?  As a feline, I think there should be meat.  Anyway,  after breakfast, they headed out to the nearest Chapters bookstore.  Mom recently received a gift card for that store and she was looking forward to being frivolous!   Here are some photos of some of the things Mom liked that day
Mom loved this card.   I fail to see why it's so amusing to her.
This is Mom's favorite tea in the world.   She didn't buy it, though, because she already has lots still at home.
Here is my new friend whilst he was still at the store.   She hasn't bought a stuffed toy in ages but she was twiterpated.....
This is something else Mom thought was fun but didn't buy.  Again, Mom's sense of humor confounds me!
Finally, something worth looking at in my opinion!  Yes, I would like this so I could hide from Oscar and Emily!

Something else Mom gazed at with longing...Christmas dishes! 
They finally headed back to decorate our teeny tiny tree. Emily found this extremely fascinating!  She was snoopervising the entire time they decorated the tree!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mysterious Winston

The Winston kitty sitting right next to the table lamp   :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday and stuff

 Hello felines and their peoples, 
"Tis Emily this morning to report on our goings on.....Mom likes this photo of me except for the whole glowy eye thing.  I'm not certain she will every get things right when it comes to taking our photo but we will make sure she keeps practicing!
 She recently went on yet another walk through the park.   The clouds looked ominous and the wind was cold.  Brrr......
 The other morning she woke up, opened the curtains and saw this....a light dusting of snow!   She said seeing the white stuff makes her want to go out and take pictures.  Not us, though, it make us want to sit in the window and soak up a sunbeam.
 Here is Oscar trying to show Mom how it's done.   Doesn't he look happy just soaking in all those soft, golden rays?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wobbly Wednesday

 So-we spoke sternly to Mom.  She can't NOT post photos of us felines.  After all, that is what this blog is all about, right?   The picture of us is a bit fuzzy.  Mom was so excited to have all three of us  in the same area that her hands were shaking with excitement.  This is the least fuzzy of all the photos she managed to snap before Emily ran off!
 Mom included this photo because we told her too.  This squirrel looks extremely plump.  Mom saw him at the park and had to tell him she had no treats for him.  We think Mom should invite him over for a nice friendly chat with us (heehee) but she said a very firm no.  Spoilsport.
 Here is an owl that Mom bought for a Christmas present.  She said she knows somebody she thinks will like it--this a  goth cute owl.  He is a desk buddy and will help this person study.  WE thought it would be a lovely toy to bat around until it ended up under something like the sofa.  If she wraps it anytime soon she just best keep her eyes on it.