Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Relaxing Afternoon

Mom had a wonderful, relaxing afternoon!  I knew that eventually my laid back example would pay off for her!
She walked to a friends house for a visit.   She got distracted by some lilacs on her walk there.  Mom says the smell is heavenly!
She met her friend's cat who goes by the name of Simon.  Mom says she is twiterpated by this sweet boy.  
She also met their little scalawag, Riley.  Riley was very interested in Mom's sandals.   He had to sniff both feet before Mom went into her friend's backyard.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Musings

 Good morning all!   Oscar kitty here this morning to let you all know what is happening with us.   Mom continues to give me pain medication, she rubs in in my ear,  and I still (mostly) refuse to take the cosequine.  She has to sprinkle the powder in my food because  the capsule is so big but I know.  You can't trick me, Mom!  
Mom went for an early morning walk late last week.   She took some photos of some the things she saw.   One of the photos made me very on to find out what!
 There were lots of flowers.  
 This photo she took in a tiny park with a fountain.  She said the fountain was turned on finally!   I
 Look at this kitty!   Snuggled down on the sunny warm roof-lording it over everybody.   Mom took several photos but she liked this one because kitty noticed her.   Mom said she has seen this kitty climbing on the roof before and it makes her nervous   *sigh*  I wish I had a sun warm roof gutter to cozy up in.   Maybe if I give Mom my sweetest face she will buy a house for me so I can have a roof?!  I am going to start practicing my look right now!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lilac Time

Lucy kitty here, finally, to give a quick update for our corner of the world.   It's been a cool spring.  I like to cuddle down with blankies at night.  The spring has been so cool that Mom's favorite flower, the lilac, is just now starting to bloom.
Mom was walking to the vet to pick up some of our expensive kibbles when she saw this:
Lilacs are her favorite flower.  She can only admire them from afar, though, as we live in an apartment.  We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying all the spring blooms!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Kitty Bed

 Felines and their peoples,   Look at what I got!  Mom went shopping yesterday with some of her family and she bought me this kitty sofa!  O.K., it was not just for me.  But I have claimed it as my own.  Mine.  Just for Me.  No other kitty should even try looking at it......Look at this instead.   Flowers.
 Spring is here my fellow felines.  Mom also goes on about all the beautiful flowers.  She took this photo earlier in the week as she was walking home from work.  I don't know why she likes spring.  It always makes her sneeze and get watery eyes.  Still along with all the flowers come more birds.  We like that!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Winston kitty edition

 Hello.  Winston kitty here today.  It's my turn to talk about stuff.  Mom neglected to feature me at all in the last post.  Not one photo of me--anywhere.  I am going to make her tow the line today, let me tell you.  We decided to let Mom sleep this weekend.  But she also needed to walk to the grocery store for human foods and some kitty stuff.   There was lots of rain.  She saw beautiful flowers blooming.
 Hyacinths smell pretty-most especially if they are covered in rain drops.  Did I mention the rain.  There was lots of it everywhere.
 We are fascinated by the rain slowing trickling down the window.  The droplets taunt us with their slow and meandering path down the window.   You just can't win against a raindrop!
 But I can win with the cat dancer!  Woo hoo!  Mom has had to tie the feather back on the string a couple of times now.  The feather is looking bedraggled and pitiful. 
 Mom says she loves books almost as much as I love the cat dancer.  I find that hard to believe but whatever!  She saw this tiny little portable library on the walk back from the grocery store.  Since she already has lots of stuff checked out from the library she didn't need anything in this book box.  Has anybody else every heard of such a thing?  Mom liked it!