Monday, May 25, 2015

An appalling tea addiction!

 Hello!  It's Emily and Winston here this Monday morning.  We are going to fill you in a bit of what we have been up too.  Mom was home with us all last week.   Don't worry, though, we kept her hopping with various chores.   One of the first things we demanded was that she tidy up our kitty cupboard.  Our kitty cupboard holds our food, treats and some toys.   Mom emptied the cupboard and cleaned it...Here is Winston inspecting Mom's work....
" I guess it's O.K., Mom.   You may put everything back in once I'm finished my nap in this lovely cupboard. "  Well, that kitty cupboard got Mom on a bit of a cleaning kick.  Next on her list was the tea shelf.   What inspired her to clean the shelf was her big staycation splurge:a small, but expensive, tin of a special tea called raspberry limeade.  She tried a sample at the store and fell in love.   When she tried to put the tea in her shelf she discovered that she may have a tea addiction as there was no room for it in the shelf!  So she got to work and soon had things tidied up a bit.  She took a before photo too but she is too embarrassed to show that one!  We felines should think so!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Felines in the park---sort of

 Good morning!  It's Winston on the forbidden stove.   Please note my facial expression.  I don't care what Mom says and I show her my " are not the boss of me attitude.  Surely there are other felines out there who have this handy little expression in their repertoire!
Anyway, since Mom is here to do more things for us, we have more time to keep you posted.   Purrs!

 Mom seems to like the park.   We were going through some of her photos and thought we would show you a few of them.   Here is one of raindrops in the early morning sun.   Mom says they sparkle.  I guess I can kind of understand her fascination since I love the red dot!
 Greetings from Oscar!  I'm all comfy cozy in my favorite spot on the back of the sofa.  See that tiny white bowl behind my left shoulder?  Mom put that there for's the senior's food from the vet's office.   Only sometimes that Winston runt eats it.   That kitty dude doesn't really show much respect.  Here is my favorite from Mom's park photos---
 ...the lilac!   Mom loves the scent and the soft purple blue color.   Someday, if Mom ever gets a yard, she wants to have a lilac bush.   Emily's turn now
 Hi all!  This is me trying to whap one of my kitty toys.  I don't like to share and all the toys are for me....*did you hear that Winston?*   This is my favorite photo from Mom's park photos.   The Canadian geese and their baby goslings.   I think I could catch play with one of the little ones.  I've heard scary stories about the big ones, though.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Victoria Day weekend

Hello all.  It's Emily.  I've had a good nap and want to tell you what is happening in our feline world.  Mom is off for vacation.  This is good as she can devote more of her time to taking care of my many needs and demands.  However, I do realize that the humans do need the occasional rest and so, since she is on vacation, I allowed her to take a walk to the park.
 This is a tiny park just down the street from where we live.  Mom went there in between doggie visits.  Apparently, the pooches like this park!   Mom was thankful to have a few quiet minutes to sit on this bench and be gently bathed in white petals!   She said this spring snow is very pleasant!
It's my turn now!  I'm enjoying the bowl Mom bought for my birthday!  Since the stand is higher than most of the other feeding dishes I don't have to strain nearly as much to get a drink of water!  Emily is right.  We need to let the Mom person out for the occasional breathe of fresh air.  Yesterday she went to the farmer's market for the first time in ages.  She loved seeing all the fresh fruit and produce.   She purchased some tomatoes, bananas, grapes and muffins --all for under $4.00!

 She also saw these beautiful tulips.  She just admired them, though, as she is quite familiar with Winston's unfortunate habit of eating her flowers!   What a silly runt he is sometimes!

 I heard that Oscar!   I can't say I appreciate your commentary on my treat choices!   Mom took this photo of me asking for some treat nibbles-she giggled when she saw my fangs!?  Most people would tremble in fear at my scary chompers but Mom just thinks I'm cute  *sigh*
Speaking of treats...this is Mom's treat for today.   She says with 3 fabulous felines, tea, chocolate and a good book to read that she feels very content!   I would think so...we are pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. 
I will close with one more photo of Mom's walk to yet another park.  She says spring is beautiful....I think this Iris looks like it could be tasty but Mom just shakes her head at me and gives me a temptation treat.  Purrs to all for a great week.  Plus-we wish our Canadian friends a great Victoria Day!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally....birthday presents!

 Good morning all.  It's Oscar here to tell you Mom finally got around to purchasing my long-promised birthday present---the fancy water bowl in a high stand.   Ta Da....
 The stand is metal and since it is higher than my regular water bowl it is easier for me to drink water from it.   Since Mom finally delivered on her promise to buy me a prezzie I though I should allow her to take a walk in the park....
 She went early in the morning, about 8, and saw lots of lovely flowers and budding trees.   These walks often put her into a more serene state of mind.
Finally, not only did she buy me a water bowl but she purchased us all a new cardboard scratcher.   Winston liked it right away and stood guard over it.  In fact, when Emily tried to use it, Winston hissed at her and swatted at her with his paw.  However,  even the Winston kitty needs to use the litter box, guard his territory and take a nap on the bed so when he did....

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Guess what special feline had a birthday!?

 Hello felines and their peoples,  It's me, Oscar!  Guess what Mom forgot to mention last month?  My birthday!  I turned 17 in April!   Just so you know, though,  I'm still waiting for my birthday present.  I'm hoping for extra cuddles AND either a new water fountain OR a fancy cushioned stepping stool so I can get to high places.  I need to make sure Mom doesn't forget.  The nerve of her!
 I blame some of her thoughtlessness on spring.  The weather has turned quite warm and the trees and flowers are all starting to bud.  Mom calls the trees starting to bud "misting" because of the soft, delicate green on all the branches.
 Mom went for an early morning walk to the park yesterday.   She said it was lovely with the soft air and the gentle morning sun...but my favorite part of the story was this....