Sunday, September 24, 2017

Staying Cool and Staycations

Hello kitties!   While it is officially autumn we are now having summer weather.  Our Mom isn't very happy about it.  I have to say that neither are we!   This is an older photo of me trying to stay cool in front of a fan.  What about you?  Do you felines like hot weather?

 Mom's uncle passed away suddenly earlier this week.  It was a bit of a shock.   We are sending Auntie A. our gentlest and softest purrs on the loss of her husband.
Life can go by quickly so take time to stop and appreciate the small things.  The sun setting from our living room window.  Mom says there is something about sunbeams that cheer her soul.
 This quote is from Pinterest.  Our Mom sometimes gets insomnia.  Emily and I have no concept of this particular malady.  Imagine not having a cat nap!  Humans!  We just don't always understand them!
 Purrs from Miss Emily.  Mom's staycation starts very soon.  She is already writing up lists of things to do.   Besides visiting a pumpkin patch she hopes to go to the park and take photos!  Maybe get one of those fancy seasonal autumn warm beverages-a London Fog, a pumpkin spice latte.

 Here is another tattoo our Mom likes....Honestly, kitties, I don't think she will go through with the tattoo idea.   She is much too practical to spend money (that she could be spending on us!) on something like that!   Yet still, she likes this one.  Tiny birds.   We kind of like that, too!
 Mom likes to collect funny quotes on Pinterest.  This one made her laugh out loud!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Summer Again!

 Purrs to all from Winston.  We hope everyone is having a good week.   Autumn officially arrives this week; however, the temperatures here have been decidedly tropical.  Mom is so looking forward to cooler, crisp temperatures. 
 Mom has been telling people (and sometimes only when there is us felines) that her vacation starts next week.  Emily and I will have to put up with her for 16 entire days.
I think we should start taking more naps to gear up for this.
She has already started a Pinterest board for staycation ideas.
photo from Pinterest
 I mentioned that is (and will continue to be) summery for the next while.  Mom hauled out her iced tea recipe again.  Thank goodness that there are some lovely breezes to go along with the sticky, late summer weather.
 Mom had another busy weekend.  She had to pick up produce for salads.   Mom says she wants to find a nice crockpot recipe for a vegetable soup to try out on her time off.

 Hi, all.  It's Miss Emily.   I am tuckered out just thinking about Mom's upcoming staycation. Why, just this morning, I was following Mom all over the apartment.  Meowing.  Giving her gentle head bops.  I could tell Mom enjoyed the extra attention.  It took a lot of energy out of me, though.
 One of the things Mom hopes to do on her staycation is visit a pumpkin patch.  It's been almost ten years since last she went to one.  She never buys the big pumpkins, just the tiny ones.
 Mom also hopes to out to take some photos.  This is some raindrops sparkling on leaves.   It was apparently dark enough for the flash to go off.  Mom thought the raindrops looked extra pretty.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Whispers of Autumn

 Hello.  It's Winston and Emily and we are going to interrupt our game of smacky  paws to tell you what we have been up to!
 Mom had a productive weekend.   Lots of chores, errands, and tidying.  On her walk to get groceries she saw this funny sign outside a bakery.   She said it made her smile.   (Mum didn't get anything from them, though)
 Emily and wondered if you noticed any signs of autumn?   The leaves are falling from the trees.
 The berries and the maple keys are heavy on the branches.
 Hi! It's me, Winston....are you dreading autumn.  Relax.  Enjoy this photo of me being fierce on top of the dresser!
 Can you make out this blue heron?  It was far off...Mom had to use a zoom lens.  Mom thought it looked like he was glaring at her.  SCARIFYING!  Not for us felines, though.
 Purrs from Miss Emily. I do enjoy a nice sip of water from the bathroom faucet.   We have also noticed that the nights are becoming cooler.   BRRRR.....Mom is going to want us to start sleeping on her toes to keep them warm.

Monday, September 4, 2017

A Birthday, Woofies and a Visit.

 Hello felines!  Our Mom had a long weekend thanks to Labor Day!  We kept her hopping.  First off, it was my birthday!  I, Winston, turned 12!   Mom brought out the nip and some merry making ensued.  Mom said she needs to wait until the end of the week before I get some lovely, new feline toy.
Guess what else?!  Grandmum came down for a visit.   They went for a walk in the park.   Grandmum petted about 7 or 8 woofies.  (Seriously, no kidding, at least!) Here are photos of 3 of them!
 These two big dogs are Great Danes.  Our Mom was mystified by their size.  She thought they looked like ponies!  The nice owner said they were big teddy bears.
 Then this (our Mom's words) super cute chunky bull dog.     He was sweet (for a woofie), too.
All that walking makes a body tired so they dropped by the cafe for refreshment.
 Our Mom had a date bar.
 Our Grandmum had the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  Isn't the cinnamon sugar design pretty?
 This is me, Winston, again.  Apparently 12 years makes me a senior.  I think I look very dashing and debonair for my age.  Grandmum said I was the biggest cat she has seen.   It's all fluff and muscle, kitties!  Grandmum tried to hug me but I would have none of it!  
 The park was very relaxing.  Windy but nice.  Except for the dogs.  Which we think were totally unnecessary .
After the walk, they came back to the apartment and had lunch and then they played games.   Don't you think Miss Emily looks scarifying!  She was all over that stuffed dragonfly.  I didn't think I would ever get a chance to play with it.

 Emily tuckered out and victorious.