Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Hello, Willow here. We hope you are all doing OK. Things have been super busy for Mom. They are very short staffed at work and she come home extra tired. However, just to keep things lively for Mom I have taken up a new hobby. I like to steal things. Here is my list so far: her favorite pen, envelopes, the air conditioner manual, her mascara, a fork, a spoon, and finally her most recent rent cheque. I did notice an increase in her energy levels when she saw me taking the rent cheque. You are so welcome, Mom.
Hello all. Emily here. Mom is looking forward to her vacation in a few days. We will keep her entertained! Take care and stay well.

Sunday, July 3, 2022


Hello. I hope everyone is managing well. Here in Canada we celebrated Canada Day. I am not big on fireworks holidays. Willow and Emily were both scared of the firecrackers exploding. Thankfully, they didn't last more than half an hour.
Friday (July 1) would have been my day off anyway and then I worked on Saturday :) Perhaps I will have better luck and get the long weekend next time. I was able to walk to the park on Friday. It was surprisingly busy so early in the morning. Still I found the quiet, breeze and bird song healing.
Willow continues to grow. I can't remember the last time I had a feline with such an appetite! The other day, after a long, long day of work, I came home to see Willow grooming Emily. My heart was so happy to see them getting along. Though, if I'm honest, there are more games of smacky paws than I would like to admit!
I try to find, and remember, the small things that make me happy. I don't know why I tend to forget the small, happy moments and remember the sad ones. I guess that is part of being human. Willow and Emily send purrs and head bops. Signing off with a pinterest quote.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Birthday Girl

Miss Emily recently celebrated a birthday. She is now 9 years young!
Her birthday gift was the flip scratcher from Pet Fusion. Emily loves the triangle scratcher by the same company. She also seems to be enjoying this new scratcher as well. However, we had to entice her with a bit of the nip on this one.
Willow had her first vet appointment this past week. Dr. B said she is doing well. I often forget how shy Willow can be around new people. I had a few guests over on different days. In each instance she dove for cover. Thankfully, she is feeling comfortable here now.
I was on vacation last week. It was wonderful to enjoy a slow morning and take walks in the park. Willow and Emily wish everyone a great week!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Hurricane Willow

Emily and I would like you to meet Willow. Willow is 8 months old. She is a shy, sweet, fierce feline. She hissed at me the first week. However, she has since decided that I'm safe. I took this photo after I woke up from an unexpected nap on the sofa. Miss Willow was curled up beside me and purring. Emily and Willow have touched noses and played chase around the apartment. There has also been a few instances of hissing but I'm hoping they will get over that...for the most part. I hope to give a bit more details later. Work is busy and, in the past few weeks, I have had several training sessions. My brain can't take any more knowledge :) I hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, April 4, 2022

This Bright Sadness

It has been almost a month since I had to say goodbye to this little guy. Just after it happened I felt frozen. I couldn't even remember his nicknames. Then, the memories starting rushing through. Winston was such a character. He was a spunky little dude who liked to escape into the apartment hallway and run halfway down it's length and stop to see if I was chasing after him. Winston thought it was a game. One time, a woofie came out and Winston's tail bushed up to twice it's normal size. I couldn't help but laugh. I loved his purr. He would thank me for giving him his food. Purring, nudgin my hand before eating. When I came home from work, I would often see him in the living room window. Probably guarding his domain but it made my heart happy to see him. When the lockdown first started and the world seemed topsy turvy, I would wake up at night in a panic. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Then my eyes would light on Winston. He would be curled up at my feet. Sometimes snoring. Other times giving me a stinky glare for waking hime up. But just seeing hime would help me to calm down.
Just a few weeks ago, I was the computer and I felt a gentle tap on my leg. It was Winston bear wanting a little TLC. I was happy to oblige him. Those big blue eyes got me every time.
Winston loved a little game of kitty floor hockey. I would take his kibble food and try to score a goal :) If he caught the kibble my attempt at a goal was thwarted. He took this game so seriously.
He welcomed me when I came home. I don't know if anyone else was ever that happy to see me.
He was adventurous, bratty, funny, smart and a goof. Emily and I miss him very, very much. I'm a little tired of crying so often. Emily is extra sweet these days. I am so thankful for her. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit and comment on that goodbye post. Your kindness means a lot to me. I'll close for now with this photo of Miss Em.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Saying Goodbye to Winston

On Friday morning the test results came in for Winston. They were not good. He was severely anemic. His gums were white. The vet explained that due to his age and his kidney disease he would only get worse. There wasn't anything to be done for him. I had noticed that he was eating less and less. He was listless and lethargic. The spark in his eyes and his spunky sense of fun was gone. His legs would suddenly give way. All this happened within just a few days. I didn't want him to hurt like this anymore so I took him into see Dr B one last time on Friday. I'm not sure I can ever forget looking into his eyes and knowing that he couldn't see me any more. The vet told me that if I had waited a bit longer that his passing would have been very difficult. I know that I'm missing some facts here. Quite possibly I am not making much sense. My thoughts are all over the place and none of those place are good. He was my little bear for 17 years. I spent my time, resources and my heart, gladly, to make him healthy and happy. Now I can't do that any more. How can your heart can feel both empty and heavy at the same time.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Update Winston March 4

Hello, A quick update about my little guy. It is not good news. He is severely anemic. It is causing his weight loss, loss of apetite and the weak muscle spells. I am leaving a lot of information out because I am in shock. That, along with his age and his kidney disease, is not good. I'm waiting to hear back the vet to see if there is anything that can be done and what steps to take next. Thanks for your kindness everyone.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Purrs, Good Thoughts and Prayers Please

Hello, A quick post for today. I brought Winston in to the vet just now. They will run blood tests and take xrays. Last night, for lack of a better word, the little guy had some sort of "episode". I contacted the vet and when they got back to me they asked that I bring him in. Winston will more than likely spend the night there. Hopefully, they will find something that can be managed or remedied. My heart feels very empty. I hate leaving them at the vet's office. Thanks for your time. ♥

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Vet Visits and Crookshanks

It is a cold, overcast Sunday. There is a big pot of chicken veggie soup bubbling in my slow cooker. I am hoping that it is ready for supper. I've been craving cozy the past week. This photo is from a cabin my family rented several years ago. It was in Amish country and we enjoyed our "girl's night"!
In the last 2 weeks Winston has been to the vet's office twice. Both times they did tests and determined that he was constipated. They sent him home with the white powder they called PEG. Thankfully, it seems to be helping. Winston will turn 17 years old this year. He has stage 2 kidney disease. I worry about him. I also try very hard to make sure he is well taken care of and as comfortable as I can make him. Just an hour ago he and Emily were fighting over who would get to sleep in the new cat carrier :)
Usually, Winston wins! This photo was taken at the vet's office. The office cat is very friendly. Sadly, Winston was in no mood to socialize!
Miss Emily makes my heart feel lighter with her silly antics! She goes crazy for the dragon fly on the wand toy. After she is so tuckered out she has to rest.
Early last week, on my walk to work, I encountered a kitty who looked quite rough on the side walk. He meowed at me and ran after me for a bit. I stopped and chatted with him. then I looked through my lunch to see if I had anything suitable for a cat to eat but had nothing safe to offer him. This cat reminded me of Hermonie Granger's cat, Crookshanks, in the Harry Potter movie. I called a rescue group for advice. I also now carry cat food in my coat pocket. I haven't seen the little guy since. I pray he just had a scap with another cat after being let outside and is now being tended at home.
Between 3 vet visits, an unexpected visit to the dentist to replace a lost filling, my booster shot and that poor feline, I am ready to enjoy some soup and read a good book. I hope everyone is doing OK. Recently, at work, someone told me that they were "pandemic fine" which I guess is as good you can hope for on some days :) Stay safe. STay warm. Hug your felines. I am going to close with some funnies/thoughtful images from Pinterest.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Senor Grumpy Pants

Hello and Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a lovely New Year! We haven't been in to visit since before Christmas. Sigh. Our Mom gets a bit distracted sometime. Emily and I had a nice Christmas. We got a toy mouse and 3 bags of our favourite treats!
Late last week Winston had a quick visit to the vet. Mom dreads taking him to the vet now that she found out he has kidney issues. However, the vet told Mom that he gained half a pound! Mom was so relieved. Her heart felt a bit lighter. (Winston doesn't want you to know that he whined and complained on the walk to AND from the vet's office! Mom said she appreciated his vocal stylings! No Mom, he is just cranky and wants you to know it!)
Mom had a long weekend. However, since we are having a Covid surge again, many things are either closed or restricted. Thankfully, the park is still open! She went for a long walk on a cold, frosty morning. A long walk and fresh air revives the spirit!
Mom was surprised to see a robin in the park in the middle of January! She worried about them and gave them some granola she keeps in her purse. If the robins don't it those rascally squirrels certainly will!
Winston is now getting a few drops of Omega-3 oil (fish oil) in his daily food. The vet and Mom thought it might help him with his kidney issues. We hope you all have a lovely day! Winston and I will close with a funny from Pinterest. Purrs, Winston and Emily