Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Wandering into Winter

Hello! Willow and Emily dropping by to say hello. Time has rushed by these past few weeks. Autumn blazed in beautiful colour for a few short weeks and then, before I knew it, winter snow arrived.
I tried to find my gloves and mittens but they remain hidden somewhere in my apartment! Thankfully, I have a hand warmer that I keep in my winter coat. That helps alot!
Emily and Willow "helped" me to start decorating for the Christmas season. Well, if truth be told, the tree isn't coming out this year. I feel Miss Willow would drag it somewhere and then destroy it. She recently demolished a fishing lantern that had belonged to my Mom. It is official. Willow is one of my kitty brats -she has destroyed something I loved :) No worries, though. Mom found me a safer little tree for this year.
(not my photo) So far this tiny tree has stayed upright on my credenza. I think back to last Christmas when I still had my little bear, Winston, I miss my little guy so much. I'm so very thankful for Emily and Willow. I am trying to find a wet catfood, with lots of gravy, for Emily. She is very fussy and I haven't been able to find anything she likes. I welcome any suggestions for a healthy, wet kitty food-prefereably one with gravy. Take care.


  1. Yes, Autumn went by in a snap, then BAM! WINTER!!!
    My 2-cents: I add water to canned food; sometimes it gets to be a slurry, but the cats love it, while The Hubby makes a face.
    Maybe Emily would like that?
    Hugs and purrs as you miss your Angel Winston; I miss The PO'M so much.

  2. I'm glad we don't have any snow here, we're not fans of that freezing stuff falling and blowing around. Happy Thanksgiving. p.s. we've had good luck with these and they are usually pretty juicy: https://www.chewy.com/weruva-bff-play-best-feline-friend/dp/342023

  3. Emily and Willow are cuties. I worry about our tree this year with my 2 young kitty boys. :)

  4. That little tree is adorable, perfect! :-)

    Have you tried Weruva and b.f.f.? Pricey but excellent quality. Derry likes SOME of the gravies, but usually the shredded protein gets put into compost, unfortunately. The b.f.f. ones have more gravy, are more a finely minced food (the ones I've given Derry to try, anyway). They have lots of flavours, maybe Emily will like at least one of them. Good luck, I think we all know how hard it is to feed a fussy cat!

  5. That tree is so cute! Glad to hear it's working out so far. Sending hugs and gentle purrs to you as you miss your sweet Angel Winston. XO

  6. I talk to cats, too. Constantly. You are not alone. And yours? GORGEOUS. If Emily will eat the chunky cat food, Just Juicy has some wonderful flavors -- and VERY juicy! Thanks for stopping by the other day.

  7. We haven't heard from you in a while and since We have not been getting notifications from many of Our old furriends, We dropped by to see if you were all okay.
    Mummy has been buying LaKat moist kitty food for Us lately. Can you get it in your neck of the woods?