Monday, September 21, 2015

A Gentle request for advice and pumpkin season

 Hello all.   Miss Emily here this beautiful almost autumn morning!   The Mom is excited about the approaching autumn season.   She has already bought some pumpkin chai tea to celebrate.   I have been very busy myself with chasing a tiny fly that got into my apartment.   I must say my hunting skills are finely honed.   The other day I caught a cat nip toy and zoomed around with  it in my mouth for a while.  Mom thought I had taken leave of my senses until she realized that the so-called toy was clenched tightly in my fearsome chompers.   Then she had the nerve to laugh at me.   I tell you that if it were not for me that the insect population and the toy mouse population would spiral out of control.   She wouldn't be laughing at me then!!
 So-the Mom person bought some pumpkin spice  chai and she was a teeny bit disappointed because it smelled much nicer than it tasted.   She still has her favorite hot cinnamon spice, though, to carry her through these cooler temperatures.
Hmmmm...what else can I tell you.  Oh...this is a bit embarassing..the Oscar kitty .  Don't tell anybody I'm the one to tell but....because of his arthritis he can't do all the things he used to do.  One of the things he has a hard time with is assuming the proper position in the litter box.   The Mom almost wiped out one morning when she slipped in his piddle.   *I'm sorry to tell you she may have said a naughty word in the process*   So now the Mom is cleaning up after him almost on a daily basis.  She bought  puppy pads and some product called Noc Out. 
The vet knows about this and suggest a litter box with a top on it to contain things *ahem*
Personally, I think the Mom would be open to any gentle suggestions on how to deal with this situation.
Anyway...she tries to keep him comfy and loved.   She pays extra attention to him these days.
"is that little runt Emily talking about me again"

 After a very busy and stressful week Mom had the nicest Saturday!   She cleaned, ran errands and went for a walk through the park after a rain shower.   Some of the leaves are starting to turn color and she is so happy about it!  Her vacation is coming up and she hopes to get out more often to take some photos!

Monday, September 14, 2015


 Hello felines and their peoples.   Winston here today to let you know the Mom Finally made good on her gift buying responsibilities!   I've got prezzies.   Purrs....  First off
Mr. Mouse with the long tail
Sorry the photo is fuzzy but Mom was taking much too long with taking photos when there was a mousie I needed to smack around on the head.
There was also this soft fuzzy mat

 It's very soft and the Oscar kitty seems to like it a fair bit.  Since I am such  a magnanimous feline I let him snooze on it!
 The Mom is happy that there are signs of the approaching autumn.   The leaves on some of the trees are starting to turn color...

 She saw these big old sun flowers on a recent walk to the grocery store
 and yet another little library...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Iced Tea and Exposed fluffy tummy weather

 Happy Labor Day all!   We hope you had an extra day off and that you are able to rest.   The Mum was busy with errands and cleaning but we tried to make sure she relaxed a bit, too.   Remember how Winston recently had a birthday.  Well, I'm the one who got a present.   TA DA....
This blanket!  It is super soft.   One of my favorite spots was recently tidied up and Mom decided to make it more comfy with this blanket for me.  Don't worry, though, as Mom is still trying to figure out what to get Winston.   She might have to go to a pet store for his present and that is an extra long bus ride for her.
 Purrs to all from Emily.  It is much too warm and humid here so I make sure my tummy is exposed to any and all breezes from the fans.  Phew!   The Mom is making lots of her homemade iced tea in this weather.
This was an iced tea she ordered at a restaurant.   It was called white cranberry iced tea and she said it was delicious:ice cold, tart and a bit sweet.
 Head nudges now from Winston.   I'm trying to give Mom the hint that her jewelry box needs tidying.  Her great uncle made it for her several years ago and she keeps all her rings, bracelets and necklaces in here.  She finally tidied it up and felt like she had finally accomplished something to stroke off her "to do" list.  Little does she realize that it was my subtle feline hypnosis that prodded her into action.