Monday, January 30, 2017

Snowy days

 Good morning.  Winston kitty here today.   We have been exceptionally lucky the last few weeks to have very mild weather with rain and with fog.
 It stayed foggy for several days in a row!  The snow was almost all gone.   Well, that is done with for now.
 We are back to the snow.
 Mom says it looks pretty but she misses the sidewalks being clear.
 Hi now from Miss Emily!   I've been trying to keep out of trouble!   I have a question for you...perhaps you have some suggestions?  My Mom's mom has a cat, Pearl, I believe we have introduced her to you before.   This is Pearl being all cuddly at Christmas.
 Well, Pearl likes to scratch things...she scratches thing A LOT.   So much so, in fact, that Grandma is considering getting her front claws removed.   Our Mom doesn't really like that idea.   Grandma said that she would get it done by lasers so it wouldn't be as bad.   Since our Mom doesn't know much about that she didn't have anything to say.   But any gentle ideas/suggestions are welcome.
 Yes. lots of snow again.  It is still winter after all!   We felines have a few helpful hints for you to deal with it.   We, personally, like naps.  However, we have also found warm beverages
 Yummm...chai latte
 Embracing the snowy weather....
 or maybe just getting cozy

Monday, January 23, 2017

Emily and Winston say "hi"

 Hello.  It's Emily.   I'm admiring this rose Mom bought recently.   It is such a pretty color!   We are in the middle of a January thaw.
 The snow is melting.   The little snow that does remain is dirty.  
 It has also been very foggy for several days in a row.   Mom says it's like living in England!  (not that she would know)
 I don't know why but the weather makes me want to take a nap...on the ding room table!
 Hello purrs now from Winston.  Yes, the weather has been a bit dreary.  Mom says that it's nice, though, that the sidewalks are clear of ice and snow.   Plus, she likes to drink extra tea!  She went to the mall for the first time in almost 2 months (she is such a wuss...she hates crowds during the holiday season)  She found some nice sales.   Mom stopped by David's Tea and discovered a new favorite tea....Serenity Tea.  It has blueberry, rose petals, and lavender!  She said it tastes like a soft, quiet spring morning.  She still has her other favorite teas...but she always gets excited when she finds a new flavor!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Mischief

 I wanted to thank everyone who visited the blog last week and left their kind thoughts and support.   The visits really did mean a lot to me.   I miss my orange boy.   So very much.
In the meantime-these two hooligans try to keep me occupied.   It's the innocent looking ones that are highly suspect!
 Winston made me laugh with this sleep pose.  I'm not even certain how he managed to stay balanced with his fluffy bum half hanging over the back of the sofa.
 Miss Emily also decided to show some furry tummy.   Only with her, I couldn't resist.  I had to give her a tummy tickle and a kiss.  I was very fortunate that I escaped that indiscretion with only an offended feline glare!
 Winston proved once again that no place is really sacred here.  I mean-the top shelf of the closet seems like a great idea at the time...but getting down (yes, I did help him!)
 I helped a friend celebrate her birthday last week.  This pie looked amazing!
 I met another friend for a warm beverage on Saturday.   She gave me this awesome 💖cat pillow.  I've put it on the chair Oscar rested on.  I can't move his stuffed bear or his heat pack yet.
(The material is beautiful and silky which is why I think there is a bit of shine/glare when the flash went off)
 Most of the beautiful snow has melted for our January thaw.  The sidewalks are great to walk snow, no ice.    That might change soon as they are forecasting the possibility of freezing rain.  Honestly, I'd rather walk in a snow storm.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Purry New Year Blessings (and Purrs Please)

 Good morning from Emily and Oscar!  We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.   We send our gentlest purrs out to everyone!  Now that the festive season is "officially" over our Mom person has slowed down a little bit.   She was fighting some sort of bug for the last week or so....
 The Mom attempted to make apple cinnamon pancakes ....back to the drawing board for her!  It was O.K. but nothing special.  However, there were other things to be thankful for
 Her friend, K, got this adorable little baby otter puppet.   Mom was smitten with that little critter!
Speaking of critters....
 This plump squirrel made Mom laugh.  She took a walk on Christmas morning and saw this little dude!  Maybe the peanut was a present, eh!   =)
 Winston and Oscar now!  We are tuckered out from the festivities!  Other things Mom was thankful for--the drive to family for Christmas Day (which they celebrate on Boxing Day) was made, for the most part, safe and sound.  The weather in the morning was blustery!
 Brrrr....blowing snow across the fields!  The ride back was very bad fog.  Mom was grateful for the safe journey both ways.
 She was also thankful for her Christmas Day visit to some kind hearted friends who invited her to dinner.   They are amazing cooks and bakers and even sent her home with some delicious yums.
 Emily likes to watch the snow fall from the big window in the living/dining room.  Mom likes to walk in it.   When she is not in a hurry to get somewhere, the Mom likes taking photos of the wonderland.
 This is Miss Pearl--she belongs to our Mom's Mom.  Miss Pearl has been living with Grandma since the end of August.  After a bit of a rocky start, wherein Miss Pearl had to train Grandma, they seem to be getting along well!  Our Mom said Miss Pearl loved to cuddle!   We hope our Mom isn't getting ideas!   We cuddle when, and if, we are good and ready. 
So-you see, many things to be thankful for as we start off the New Year.
We all need a bit of light, help along the way, yes?
 We are thankful to all you cat/pet bloggers out there.  We know our Mom is thankful for your visits, expertise and support!