Tuesday, February 27, 2018


 Sleepy purrs from Winston.  I don't know what it is like where you live but here it is still winter.
 The branches are bare.   The air is raw.  I'm thankful I have a warm place I can sleep.
 Hi now from Emily.  Excuse me for not getting up.  I don't want to move.  Mom says this time of year it would be nice to hibernate!   If that means napping then I'm all for it!
 Our snow has melted.  The wind is still cold.  We don't trust that the snow and chilly rain won't come back.  However, we know spring is coming soon.
 Just a few photos from last year...pink buds
 Beautiful trees
A quiet spot to enjoy spring

Friday, February 16, 2018

Felines and Relaxing

 Hello.   It's Winston.   First off, please don't laugh too much at Mom's bubblegum pink dollar store garden shoes!   She says they are comfy.  They were also cheaper than slippers and are lasting much longer.  Second, Mom says I am adorable.   This is my pleading face.  I probably want a treat.  Or perhaps some tinned food.  Whatever it was that I wanted, I am fairly certain I got it!  It's a handy expression to have.
 Mom's staycation has been coming along.  It always takes her several days to get into the "chill zone"!   She felt out of sorts the first few days.   I think we may have mentioned that she had several cancellations--5 in total.  Most of them were due to sickness.  Yikes.   This cold thing is not nice.   Make sure you keep your human healthy!
However, some appointments and visits did go through as planned! Phew.  Mom went for a manicure.  It was an extravagance.   Here are some of the colors she was able to choose from.  So pretty.  She ended up choosing a sheer pink.  She said she would chip or smudge the polish.  Kitties, I am sorry to report that she was right.  Less than an hour after the manicure she smudged the polish on her right thumb!
 Mom is now on her third book since starting her time off.  She had a nice mug of tea and a few cookies warm from the oven.   Mom says it's the small things in life.
 Speaking of small things.   She misses seeing green so she went to a nearby florist's shop.  There was this beautiful purple orchid.  However, orchids are very expensive!  This one was over $40!
 Mom bought one single peachy-pink rose.
 Emily found the rose very interesting.  Mom checked first and said that roses are generally considered safe for felines.  However, she is keeping it out of reach in a small crystal vase.   Drat.  It would fun to whap it on the floor...don't you think?
 Are you still there?  I know I'm talking a lot but it's usually Emily who gets to tell you things.  Well, Mom took Emily to the vet on Thursday.  It was so mild that Mom decided to walk.  She left early so she could take breaks.  Miss Emily wasn't pleased and sang her sad song to Mom almost the entire 20 minutes.
 Mom resting the carrier on a bench.
 Emily refused to come out of her carrier.  Emily gained weight! She is now 8 pounds.  Mom wants her to weight a bit more.  However, Mom was upset because the vet said that Emily might have asthma.  (The MOM here-I'm wondering-I told the vet that Emily has had a few incidents where it sounds like she is coughing-not many.  The vet immediately said she had asthma.  Shouldn't there be a test or two?  My Lucy kitty had asthma and needed meds her entire life.  Is it wrong of me to question the vet?  Any thoughts or gently considered direction is welcome!)
 Hello!  It's Emily now.  Here is a photo of Winston trying to irritate me out of our favorite comfy spot.  His tail kept flicking across my face.  Don't worry.  We eventually had an intense game of smacky paws that cleared the air!
Mom said one of the highlights of her time off so far was a visit to a cat cafe!  If you ever find yourself in Guelph, Ontario you may want to consider visiting "My Kitty Cafe"! Here is the link!   http://mykittycafeguelph.com/
 It looks like a variety store but, for a five dollar admission fee, you can go in the back with a treat (treats cost extra) and visit with the resident felines.  They are trying to adopt the kitties!
 A lovely orange felines napping in a sunbeam.

 These cats are so spoiled!
 This little tortie was called Catlee.  Mom said she was smitten with her.  Catlee was very sweet with Mom.  Thank goodness Mom didn't bring her home.  (*I was tempted!*)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Winter Staycations

 A quick stop from Winston and I.   I'm tidying my toe tufts.  Ahem.  Must keep my fur tidy!  Guess what?  Our Mom in on vacation.  She has been busy lately with a cold, plumbing issues in the bathroom and work.  Now she is off for the next while and can concentrate on us!
 Mom says she will pay us extra attention but she also wants to read.  She brought home a nice stack of books from the library!  She also hopes to visit and do some shopping.   How are your humans doing?  Our Mom just got over a sore throat/cold/fever.  However, for the first few days of her vacation, she had 3 cancellations due to other people being ill.   It's been a not so nice time for people for colds and such.

 This was the second leak in our bathroom.  The first leak was above the tile in the shower stall.  This one was a bit more "interesting".  It took them 8 days to fix it.   Mom wouldn't let us in the bathroom because bits of plaster and insulation kept drifting down.  Now that it is fixed (with new paint because of damage and water blisters) Mom wants to redecorate.
 Winston and I thought we would share this because it made our Mom laugh.  
 Winston and I like to keep Mom entertained.  Here we are by the front door.  It's very important to purr, cuddle and make them smile!
 Mom trying to be funny.  Her cat sock on me, Miss Emily.   *sigh*  I will be happy when she gets caught up on her sleep and can start doing more vacation-y type things.
 Winston enjoying the empty space of a cupboard shelf.  He is a most excellent snoopervisor.