Sunday, February 11, 2018

Winter Staycations

 A quick stop from Winston and I.   I'm tidying my toe tufts.  Ahem.  Must keep my fur tidy!  Guess what?  Our Mom in on vacation.  She has been busy lately with a cold, plumbing issues in the bathroom and work.  Now she is off for the next while and can concentrate on us!
 Mom says she will pay us extra attention but she also wants to read.  She brought home a nice stack of books from the library!  She also hopes to visit and do some shopping.   How are your humans doing?  Our Mom just got over a sore throat/cold/fever.  However, for the first few days of her vacation, she had 3 cancellations due to other people being ill.   It's been a not so nice time for people for colds and such.

 This was the second leak in our bathroom.  The first leak was above the tile in the shower stall.  This one was a bit more "interesting".  It took them 8 days to fix it.   Mom wouldn't let us in the bathroom because bits of plaster and insulation kept drifting down.  Now that it is fixed (with new paint because of damage and water blisters) Mom wants to redecorate.
 Winston and I thought we would share this because it made our Mom laugh.  
 Winston and I like to keep Mom entertained.  Here we are by the front door.  It's very important to purr, cuddle and make them smile!
 Mom trying to be funny.  Her cat sock on me, Miss Emily.   *sigh*  I will be happy when she gets caught up on her sleep and can start doing more vacation-y type things.
 Winston enjoying the empty space of a cupboard shelf.  He is a most excellent snoopervisor.

 Gosh, Emily, you are yappy!  Let me get in a word once in a while!  I will close with this list of things Mom hopes to try.  Well, some of them, anyway.  In addition to redecorating her bathroom (she needs a new wall clock etc) she wants to rest up and have a bit fun.   Emily and  I hope to visit everyone soon.  Make sure your human stays well rested and relaxed.  This way they are less likely to succomb to things like colds.  Happy Purrs.
Winston and Emily.


  1. We hope your mom has a good rest of her vacation. And we know all about how NOT fun those repairs are. 8 days??? Awful. And the minions meme... our mom can so appreciate that one, fur sure.

  2. We were thinking 8 days was a bit excessive too -- we're glad the leak is fixed and hope there will be no more issues.

    We wish your mom a wonderful vacation, hope she's 100% now and will stay that way. You're right, it's been a very bad winter for colds (and flu too).

    On a happy note, in spite of all the current snow and freezing rain, we ARE inching toward Spring! :-)

  3. We sure hopes your mom bean has a great staycation. We're sure you will do your parts to make sure it is full of cuddles and purrs.

    Our mom bean is leaving us to go somewhere warm. She says we can't come along. :( We'll make her pay when she gets home.

    Have fun!

  4. Wow. 8 days? THat seems really long to us, too!

    We have our paws crossed that your mom has a wonderful staycation!

  5. Hi Winston and Emmily, glad to see you are both looking so well. How terrible you Mom had to wait eight days for her bathroom to be fixed. No fun!
    I hope you both enjoy having your Mom home for awhile. Let us know what things she does from the Winter Bucket List!

  6. Keep warm and make sure your Mom spend all her time with you babies. :)

  7. Wow, that's a lot of vacation time! I have many books that I'd like to read, but I don't want to buy any...only get them from the library. However, the library doesn't carry some of them...I wonder why? Think I'll go up and talk to the librarian about that! Enjoy your momma, kitties!

  8. that bucket list is so cute! Hoping your Mum feels better soon! I think her staycation sounds perfect (hoping there are no more plumbing problems though!) Oh and the book I reviewed? It would be PERFECT for your staycation!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. I love the disappearing into books sign :) I am glad you two keep your mom amused.