Friday, February 16, 2018

Felines and Relaxing

 Hello.   It's Winston.   First off, please don't laugh too much at Mom's bubblegum pink dollar store garden shoes!   She says they are comfy.  They were also cheaper than slippers and are lasting much longer.  Second, Mom says I am adorable.   This is my pleading face.  I probably want a treat.  Or perhaps some tinned food.  Whatever it was that I wanted, I am fairly certain I got it!  It's a handy expression to have.
 Mom's staycation has been coming along.  It always takes her several days to get into the "chill zone"!   She felt out of sorts the first few days.   I think we may have mentioned that she had several cancellations--5 in total.  Most of them were due to sickness.  Yikes.   This cold thing is not nice.   Make sure you keep your human healthy!
However, some appointments and visits did go through as planned! Phew.  Mom went for a manicure.  It was an extravagance.   Here are some of the colors she was able to choose from.  So pretty.  She ended up choosing a sheer pink.  She said she would chip or smudge the polish.  Kitties, I am sorry to report that she was right.  Less than an hour after the manicure she smudged the polish on her right thumb!
 Mom is now on her third book since starting her time off.  She had a nice mug of tea and a few cookies warm from the oven.   Mom says it's the small things in life.
 Speaking of small things.   She misses seeing green so she went to a nearby florist's shop.  There was this beautiful purple orchid.  However, orchids are very expensive!  This one was over $40!
 Mom bought one single peachy-pink rose.
 Emily found the rose very interesting.  Mom checked first and said that roses are generally considered safe for felines.  However, she is keeping it out of reach in a small crystal vase.   Drat.  It would fun to whap it on the floor...don't you think?
 Are you still there?  I know I'm talking a lot but it's usually Emily who gets to tell you things.  Well, Mom took Emily to the vet on Thursday.  It was so mild that Mom decided to walk.  She left early so she could take breaks.  Miss Emily wasn't pleased and sang her sad song to Mom almost the entire 20 minutes.
 Mom resting the carrier on a bench.
 Emily refused to come out of her carrier.  Emily gained weight! She is now 8 pounds.  Mom wants her to weight a bit more.  However, Mom was upset because the vet said that Emily might have asthma.  (The MOM here-I'm wondering-I told the vet that Emily has had a few incidents where it sounds like she is coughing-not many.  The vet immediately said she had asthma.  Shouldn't there be a test or two?  My Lucy kitty had asthma and needed meds her entire life.  Is it wrong of me to question the vet?  Any thoughts or gently considered direction is welcome!)
 Hello!  It's Emily now.  Here is a photo of Winston trying to irritate me out of our favorite comfy spot.  His tail kept flicking across my face.  Don't worry.  We eventually had an intense game of smacky paws that cleared the air!
Mom said one of the highlights of her time off so far was a visit to a cat cafe!  If you ever find yourself in Guelph, Ontario you may want to consider visiting "My Kitty Cafe"! Here is the link!
 It looks like a variety store but, for a five dollar admission fee, you can go in the back with a treat (treats cost extra) and visit with the resident felines.  They are trying to adopt the kitties!
 A lovely orange felines napping in a sunbeam.

 These cats are so spoiled!
 This little tortie was called Catlee.  Mom said she was smitten with her.  Catlee was very sweet with Mom.  Thank goodness Mom didn't bring her home.  (*I was tempted!*)

Well, kitties.  I will close for  now.  Just a few days left in Mom's staycation.   I'll close with a nice quote from Pinterest.


  1. Looks like you Mom is being kept busy with you two adorable kitties. Your Mom takes great photos. Have a great week.

  2. Your mom is having a lovely staycation! Well, except for all the cancelled appointments and Emily's vet visit. (I don't even try to do anything with nails, I'd smudge or chip any polish in less than an hour too. LOL.)

    Regarding Emily possibly having asthma: She would need to have an x-ray. Diagnosis can be tricky, but it certainly can't be done without that, IMO. See Cornell's info on feline asthma:

    Since you already have experience with a cat having asthma, you know she'd need to be treated so her symptoms are controlled. Pred or Flovent. You probably remember that I have Nicki on inhaled Flovent, though that's not an inexpensive endeavour. (Costco was the best I found, price-wise.) If she does have asthma and it's mild, it would be less costly to go that route, she probably wouldn't need more than one or two doses a day. Nicki gets 4 doses: 2 puffs AM and PM, 12 breaths each, and even so, he still does have asthma attacks. This winter hasn't been great, he's had 3 in December, 2 in January, and 2 already in February. At some point I might have to add in a low dose of Prednisolone, at least at certain times of the year. So getting asthma under control is dicey if it's progressed, as it had in Nicki's case.

    Here's another site site with good info:

    There's a Yahoo group for this too, same name: Feline Asthma Inhaled Meds (or close). I had signed up for info in the early days of Nicki's diagnosis.

    Also, I see that now is selling the Aerokat chamber and masks:

    I don't recall them selling it when I was buying Nicki's, I got it from the vet (i.e. they ordered it). Can't recall how much it was, they might have gotten a better deal for me.

    Anyway, that might be too much for you, budget-wise, or for other reasons, just giving you as much info as I can think of, so you can make an informed decision, if Emily does turn out to have asthma.

    Keep us posted!

  3. that quote is sooo true! Tell Mum my Mum has similar shoes (she has a lavender pair and a blue pair) and she loves them! We also agree that it is the "small things" in life that count. Hoping Miss Emily doesn't have asthma but I see above that you have some great advice!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. You two are such cuties. I love your ct carrier, very stylish. I have not had a cat with asthma, but I have some that cough once in a while. One eventually hacks up a furball and the other has feline herpes.I hope Emily doesn't have asthma.
    I only get pedicures because I have the same problem with chips and smudges.

  5. Hmm, that vet certainly said, 'asthma' quickly! I have no problem with questioning a vet; they aren't perfect. Cat Cafes are fun, but there is that issue with falling in love with a kitty!

  6. Yes, always question your vet! Ask lots of questions and even seek a second opinion! Not all vets are ethical and not all vets are accurate in a diagnosis.
    Our humom gets gel manicures because they last way longer than a regular manicure which would last less than two seconds with all the hand washing she does in a day!
    Yes, to the small things in life, yes, to beautiful quiet places.
    Here's something you didn't know ...our humom lived in Guelph , Ontario as a small girl! She hasn't been back in a very long time. How wonderful that there is a cat cafe there :) Enjoy your staycation!!

    the critters in the cottage xo