Thursday, February 21, 2019

Emily's Test Results

 Hello.  A quick stop to say hello and to tell you about Emily's test results.  Miss Emily had an appointment at the vet last Friday for a bit of grooming and to have some blood work done.  The vet said to call the office early next week.   Apparently, Emily's blood sugar is slightly elevated.  A normal range for a cat her age would be between 4-6.  A diabetic cat would have very high elevations with numbers at about 30.  Emily's count was at 11. 
The receptionist wants me to try out two new foods for Emily.  Hopefully, these diabetic foods will help to prevent this from happening a few years down the road.  I am to pick up some sample in the next couple of days.
 Emily doesn't seem ill but she has been drinking a bit more than usual.  I am concerned about introducing these new foods to her.  She is a fussy little fur ball!  Does anyone have experience with this situation?   Any gentle hints and suggestions are welcome.
 Winston is doing ok.  I am monitoring him because the vet thinks he has a bit of a cold.  The vet can't do anything for a cold.  He is still eating, drinking and behaving like a hooligan.  Here is just a chilling on the bed.
 Also, the apartment hallway is uncharted territory and incredibly fascinating!   :)   
 The weather here is still very wintery!  It is windy, cold and icy!  My vacation seems like a distant memory.
 Enjoying a delicious cup of plum cinnamon tea.   I had takeout lunch on my staycation and the cafe owner gave me a complimentary tea.  It was delicious!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Snoozing through the Snow Days

 Hello to you from Winston.  We have been having a fierce comeback of winter weather.  Our Mom is thankful to be on her staycation this week.  The weather has thrown snow storms, ice storms and even the threat of a blizzard!   Emily and I  are thankful we can just cozy up on a comfy couch!
Image from Pinterest
 Mom says that one of her favourite parts of vacation is NOT having to set her alarm.  She likes having a putter about type of morning.
 Mom took several walks to the park.   Somebody tried to decorate for Valentine's Day with these pretty, red glass hearts.
 Here is a tiny birdhouse.  Mom says it is probably empty and won't get used until spring comes.

 Don't be afraid!  I know I look like vampire kitty but it's just me, Emily.  Mom snapped the photo just as I started to yawn!  Guess what?!  Several of Mom's appointments/plans had to be rescheduled  because of our wild winter weather.  One of the appointments was my vet visit.  Mom says my appointment is now on Friday.  I only get a temporary reprieve.
 Mom has spent most of her time off cleaning, reading (4 books!), walking in the park and taking naps.  The park looks pretty covered with soft, white snow.
 She thought this lamp post looked like the entrance to Narnia.
Image from Pinterest
 One thing Mom did try was to make her own garland.  She saw this photo on Pinterest and thought she could give it a try.   She is not done yet but I am thinking her efforts will NOT match the photo.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Snow and Ice and Cold

 Hello.  It's Emily.  I'm staying all warm and snuggly.  I enjoy cozy naps while Mom treks to work in this sort of weather!
 Brrrr.....Are you feeling chilly yet?  Our temperatures dipped down to almost-40C with the wind chill.
 We even got a snow storm.  That mild winter Mom was appreciating is now gone.  I mean, this is Canada after all!
 I don't mind though.   I have food, treats, blankets, and cozy spots.
 Mom's snowy, winter walks don't affect me too much.
 Hi all.  It's Winston.   Sometimes the wild winter weather makes me a little crazy.  At least, that is what I'm blaming my vandalism on.   Yeah, I'm chewing on the handle of Mom's favourite tote bag.
 But I can pretend to be innocent in the flick of a whisker!
See this wrecked clock.  It fell on our Mom and then rolled on the floor.  Mom was very annoyed.  The clock wasn't even a year old.  She also got a headache after.   Mom was at least thankful that it didn't fall and hit us felines, though.