Thursday, February 21, 2019

Emily's Test Results

 Hello.  A quick stop to say hello and to tell you about Emily's test results.  Miss Emily had an appointment at the vet last Friday for a bit of grooming and to have some blood work done.  The vet said to call the office early next week.   Apparently, Emily's blood sugar is slightly elevated.  A normal range for a cat her age would be between 4-6.  A diabetic cat would have very high elevations with numbers at about 30.  Emily's count was at 11. 
The receptionist wants me to try out two new foods for Emily.  Hopefully, these diabetic foods will help to prevent this from happening a few years down the road.  I am to pick up some sample in the next couple of days.
 Emily doesn't seem ill but she has been drinking a bit more than usual.  I am concerned about introducing these new foods to her.  She is a fussy little fur ball!  Does anyone have experience with this situation?   Any gentle hints and suggestions are welcome.
 Winston is doing ok.  I am monitoring him because the vet thinks he has a bit of a cold.  The vet can't do anything for a cold.  He is still eating, drinking and behaving like a hooligan.  Here is just a chilling on the bed.
 Also, the apartment hallway is uncharted territory and incredibly fascinating!   :)   
 The weather here is still very wintery!  It is windy, cold and icy!  My vacation seems like a distant memory.
 Enjoying a delicious cup of plum cinnamon tea.   I had takeout lunch on my staycation and the cafe owner gave me a complimentary tea.  It was delicious!

I'll close for now with an inspirational quote from Pinterest!  Hopefully, I can touch base soon.   Vacations are fun but trying to get caught up after the vacation...not so much fun!
Winston and Emily send out their coziest purrs.


  1. Emily's count wasn't too high. I don't know enough about reading test results, but I do know stress (the cat's) can elevate the test results sometimes.

    Do you follow "I Have Three Cats?" "John Bellen" has A LOT of experience with his two diabetic cats, Tucker and Parker. (Parker is in end-stage cancer, unfortunately.) Anyway, he could be a good resource, or be able to offer suggestions.

    Purrs to all three of you! We're LONGING for spring!!!

    1. Hi Kea, No, her count isn't too high. Thankfully :) When I spoke to the vet's office it sounded more like they were trying to head off future trouble.
      I do follow John Bellen's website but not on a regular basis. I will try and scour it for practical advice.
      I hope you are all well. My location is under yet another weather watch for winter storm and very high wind gusts.
      Stay safe. Ear scritches to the boys!

  2. You need to try a food that is low in carbs and somewhat high in protein for sweet Emily, that's our opinion. Diet got our Zoe's diabetes into remission. For us it was Purina Fancy Feast Classic Savory Salmon Feast.

  3. When we've switched foods on the cats in the past, we did a 1/4 to 3/4, then 1/2 to 1/2, etc. to slowly integrate the new food. I hope the vet-recommended food helps sweet Emily! Manny and CB would run up and down that hallway, like their tails were on fire!

  4. hoping the food helps sweet Emily. I am also hoping Hills' food wasn't one prescribed, if so, change it! (they have had a number of recalls lately) xoxo

  5. I will be praying the food helps Emily. Beautiful snow shot, that would make a nice Christmas card.

  6. Purrayers and POTP for both your furkids.

  7. We sure hope Emily will enjoy that new food, and that it helps keep her glucose levels where they need to be. Good job staying inside during that cold. We are SO ready for spring!

  8. Sorry to hear the babies are poorly. Hope they both feel better soon.