Friday, February 1, 2019

Snow and Ice and Cold

 Hello.  It's Emily.  I'm staying all warm and snuggly.  I enjoy cozy naps while Mom treks to work in this sort of weather!
 Brrrr.....Are you feeling chilly yet?  Our temperatures dipped down to almost-40C with the wind chill.
 We even got a snow storm.  That mild winter Mom was appreciating is now gone.  I mean, this is Canada after all!
 I don't mind though.   I have food, treats, blankets, and cozy spots.
 Mom's snowy, winter walks don't affect me too much.
 Hi all.  It's Winston.   Sometimes the wild winter weather makes me a little crazy.  At least, that is what I'm blaming my vandalism on.   Yeah, I'm chewing on the handle of Mom's favourite tote bag.
 But I can pretend to be innocent in the flick of a whisker!
See this wrecked clock.  It fell on our Mom and then rolled on the floor.  Mom was very annoyed.  The clock wasn't even a year old.  She also got a headache after.   Mom was at least thankful that it didn't fall and hit us felines, though.

One thing that Mom does to "cozy up" is put on her simmer pot.   She uses rosemary, cinnamon, lemon and cloves.   Mom says it smells clean and happy.   She also likes that there are no chemicals in it like store-bought air fresheners.
 Yet another snowy photo.   Mom is counting the days to her vacation.  She won't be going anyplace tropical but she is looking forward to sleeping in!
We hope everyone is doing well.
Cozy purrs,
Winston and Emily
Image from Pinterest


  1. Nice to see you both. Sorry your mom got hit with the clock-ouch!

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. We pointed out to Mom that she got "clocked" by a clock. She was not amused.
      Winston and Emily

  2. Your poor Mum, bad clock. Hope you kitties stay safe and warm.

  3. We absolutely agree. Nothing beats snuggling up somewhere cosy and taking a nap when it's cold and wet and windy outside. -40?! That sounds awful!!!

    Sorry your Mom got clocked by a clock. If it is causing her headaches, maybe she see a doctor. Maybe she had concussion.

    Your Mom's simmer pot sounds like a great idea - and Mummy agrees with your meme about (lack of) tea and chaos (mol).

  4. Oops (re: the clock)! We're glad it didn't fall on either of you, are sorry it gave your mom a headache! Plus now she needs another clock.

    Tell her to be careful while out and about. It's been slippery here on our sidewalks, but maybe your city actually salts or sands the sidewalks? Ours doesn't!

    You guys take care and stay cosy. It's already February, the month will fly by (we hope) and then we'll be heading toward spring. (We hope.)

  5. oh my your Mama WALKED in that bitter cold????? You Canadians are MUCH tougher than we are! xoxo

  6. It's been cold here, too. We are looking forward to warmer temps, but snuggling is a good time to pass the time. :)

    Sorry Mom got hit on the head with that clock. Mee-ouch!