Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Catching Up

 Hello, or should I say, "good evening"!  It's Miss Emily.   I'm feeling a bit disgruntled as our secretary has not been very good for us the past couple of weeks.  She mumbles words that sound like "I'm tired"!   We decided to force her to send out a quick update before she got to sleep.  Winston and I are well rested and, quite frankly, that is all that really matters.
 Perhaps Mom has the winter doldrums.   It sometimes happens after the glow of Christmas.  She did meet a friend for a warm beverage recently, though. 
 We have not had much snow at all this year.   Sometimes a bit of snow dust.  This is the view from the bedroom window one morning.
 Mom says she doesn't mind too much.  It makes walking on the sidewalks much easier as there is hardly any snow or ice.  We think these snowflakes look like little stars.

 Hello now from Winston.  Emily always gets to speak first.   Spoiled thing!  Good thing I am so "gracious" and a gentleman! 
 This photo is of me in the bedroom closet.  Mom didn't think I could jump that high.  Boy, was she ever wrong about that!
 Emily was right when she said we have had a mild winter so far.  However, there are ominous rumblings of a snow storm coming this weekend.   Mom needs to make sure we have enough food and litter for us!
Mom says she sometimes misses colour because outside is a drab grey or brown.  If the weather person is right, though, that could change.

 Maybe our Mom would get a snow day?  However, we doubt it!  We hope everyone is doing well.  Staying well-fed, warm and cuddled.  We will close with some inspirational quotes from Pinterest.


  1. Glad to see you babies are doing well. Keep warm and safe.

  2. It's good to see an update from you!

    Yeah, our human totally understands the winter doldrums. The lack of colour, especially GREEN, is hard! Did your mom treat herself to some flowers or was that a shot of some at a market? Anyway, your mum has the right idea to be kind to herself and treat herself to a yummy beverage...or two!

    You guys look great, we're glad you're faring well (or hope you are). Winston, you're quite the acrobat; impressive!

    We're bracing for a real storm, and with our location on the lake, we're sure to get pummeled. If you guys get hit with the storm too, hunker down and stay safe and cosy!

  3. I too have been enjoying the no-snow routine, so I can walk the neighborhood and get my exercise. There is bitter cold on it's way, however, but I'll enjoy what I have for now.

  4. Good to hear from you kitties and we are happy you are all well.
    Our Winter so far has been much the same as yours though mum sometimes complains about a "wind chill". We are also waiting to see what this next storm will bring.
    As for we kitties, we are cozy indoors!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Nice to see you and the snow sure is pretty...anywhere but here!

  6. We haven't had ANY snow since November but...it appears that will be changing this weekend, is our storm headed your way?

  7. Beautiful snow photos and photos of you kitties too. We are expecting snow this weekend.

  8. We've been light in the snow department this year, too. But it's been plenty cold!

    Stay warm, sweet pals.