Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A bit of this and that

 Hello all!  Lucy here today to give a quick update on the adventures here in our little area of the world.  Mum is super busy with work.  There are some days when she gets home after nine in the evening and has to be back again by nine the next morning.  She worked all weekend.  *Don't tell anyone but sometimes Mom can be grouchy*  Don't worry, though, I, Lucy kitty, have things well in hand!  Some pretty nice things have happened in the last little bit.  Read on!
 Mom bought some yummy cupcakes for her company a few weeks ago.   Pictured above are rocky road chocolate cupcakes and Oreo cupcakes.  I am fairly certain these were healthy cupcakes and full of good things like vitamins!

Sometimes when our human gets tired and grouchy we remind her to slow down and just look out the window.  We do that all the time.  Usually, though, it's to watch those bird taunting us!  Mom seems to enjoy sunsets a bit more!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Update on Lucy kitty

 Hello all.  Lucy kitty here.  This is me at my vet appointment earlier this week.  I went to get weighed and given the once over.    I did not mind at all coming out of my carrier.  In fact, I explored as much as possible!
 The vet said I lost .2 pounds and that I weigh 11.8 pounds.  She said that she was not worried about it even though Mom did fret.  I am to come in about a month or so to get weighed again but the vet officially closed my file from the  nasty, horrible infection.  It has been a long haul since last September!
At the end of my visit, the vet gave me a kitty nip toy!  I think the vet likes me the best because I am so friendly and I purr at the office.  I purr so loudly she can not hardly hear my heart beating through the stethoscope!
Mom is starting to decorate for Easter a bit now.  She got out her silly bunny salt and pepper shakers.  A friend gave her a birthday present of a napkin holder with beautifully colored napkins.  Mom said they match the bunnies nicely.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm not coming out!

Hello, peoples and felines.  It's Oscar today.  This is me in my cat carrier in the vet's office.  I am NOT coming out.   Mom carried me to the vet on Tuesday afternoon.  I was good on the walk down even though there was lots of construction type racket.  But I am not coming out of this carrier.
This is me STILL not coming out.  Dr. B is going to look at my back leg to see why it's been giving me trouble.  It's hard for me to jump up to the bathroom counter and the bed like I used to....Whatever it is she is gonna do, I know I won't like it.  So this is me.  NOT coming out.  So There!
*sigh*  I gave it my best shot.  Dr. B. know how felines think.  First of all, she brushed me lots which I like...even though Mom already brushed me.  Then she snuggled me.  Then Dr. B. ruined it all by reminding Mom many times that I was .....  *old*.   She told me that I will 16 in a few weeks and that I have arthritis.  After more indignities...like needles, poking, prodding, listening to my heart, claw trimmings, and something horrible called "expressing anal glands"    Mom was sent home with Cosequin for cats,  Tramadol-a pain reliever she rubs into my ear and special treats.  I hate the treats, by the way, it sat alone on the floor for hours before Mom finally gave up.  So, that was my visit to the vet.
I did get a catnip toy, though.   I love the nip!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Staycation reports

 Good morning all!  Winston kitty here to report on our Staycation with Mom.  Her being home certainly cuts into our sleeping time.  It's not easy for us but we are trying to be patient.
 Her Mom came for a visit.  We like her Mom as she really seems to appreciate our awesome feline beauty and intelligence.  They left to go out for breakfast at one of their favorite cafes.  Mom had a nice chai tea.   They did a bit of shopping but not much.
 Lucy tried to make the visitor feel at home by sitting on her lap.  Unfortunately, Lucy expresses her complete and utter joy by extending her claws in the lap of the visitor.  Mom solved this problem by putting a pillow on her lap and then there were no more gasps of pain.  Humans can be such wimps.  Don't they know that love hurts!
 Mom has been doing lots of chores like cleaning and organizing and even some cooking!  She loves the crock pot.
 She also takes lots of walks.  Winter is slowly receding making way for spring.  These tiny little green shoots were struggling through the snow and mud at  our local park.  She also heard the most beautiful bird song the other day on her walk home from the grocery store.  There are lots of birds singing now!  We felines really like that.  Mom says this bird was way up in the top branches of a maple tree.  She told us that it's a house finch.
 Oscar kitty here now.  I have an appointment to see the vet this afternoon.  Mom thinks I'm having a bit of trouble with my back leg.  I am 16 years old.   Mostly I like to sleep, cuddle and get a bit tipsy on the nip.  But Mom worries so I am forced to see Dr. B.   Mom also keeps busy with organizing.  Every day she has little organizing tasks set for herself in addition to her regular housework.  Below are before and after photos of a bathroom cupboard.  Nothing here of interest to felines but she seemed to enjoy the results of all her fussing.

 Let's see how long this tidy shelf lasts!  No matter how much she organizes things she also has to do it again in a couple of months!  We felines wonder why she even bothers!