Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Festive Felines

 Merry Christmas to you from Winston and Emily!  We hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing time.  Our Mom had a whirlwind last couple of days.  She worked on Christmas Eve morning.
 She said the walk to work was beautiful!  There was no snow on the ground and the sidewalks were clear.  This makes her happy!  She only had to work a half day and then she went to visit her family.  They live about an hour away from her.   When she got home she discovered not one but two Christmas cards in her mailbox.  This made her ridiculously happy!
She was almost packed and ready to go.  She gave Winston his medicine first, though.   (bleh!)
 Mom went to her sister's house to celebrate with a yummy turkey dinner and presents.   Then headed off to her Mom's house to spend some time with her.  Do you recognize this kitty?  Her name is Pearl.  She is our Grandmum's feline.  Pearl is spoiled rotten.  Mom says she is adorable!
 Pearl posing beside Mom's Christmas gift on Christmas morning.  Mom said Pearl even let her cuddle her.   We just think Pearl was sucking up to our Mom.   Mom did say she got her treats for Christmas.
 Mom was trying to get a photo of Pearl sitting on her kitty condo by the window.  However, the sun was just starting to come up so all you can make out is Pearl's silhouette!  That kitty condo is one of her favourite places to survey her feline kingdom.
 Mom came home on Christmas Day and then went to visit her friend, K.  K has the most amazing tree.  It is decorated with characters from children's storybooks and cute woodland critters.  Mom thought this pink squirrel with a scarf was particularly fetching.
 They had a yummy lasagna for lunch and then decided to take a brisk walk.  The woods were beautiful.  Mom said it was very quiet and mysterious.  You can see the got a dusting of snow for Christmas.  It was just enough snow to give a festive atmosphere but not enough to make driving a challenge!
They came back from their walk for tea and goodies and then a drive to view Christmas lights around the city!  This is the angel at the park!
 The gazebo at the park.
 A festive stormtrooper on somebody's front lawn.
When Mom finally got back home she decided to watch a Christmas movie on her DVD player but ended up falling asleep.   Haha.   We are a good influence on Mom.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Staying out of Trouble

 Hello!  It's Winston.   We hope everyone is doing well and getting lots of naps.   Emily and I wondered if anybody else had a human who seemed distracted since December?  Our Mom enjoys the music and lights of Christmas but she says life seems to speed up.   In addition to the Christmas rush,  Mom is sometimes the only person at work because of sickness and vacations.  Isn't it lovely that our Mom isn't bored? 
 Mom had to pick up some more of our expensive kitty food at the vet's office recently.  She loved the wreath on the front door!  You can see Mom's reflection in the silver ornaments.
 Mom's department had their annual Christmas lunch.  There was a lovely cupcake for dessert.  (Mom actually saved hers for a few days!)  Also, this silly joke was inside her Christmas cracker.  Groan.  What a bad joke!  :)
 We did have snow on the ground; however, in the last few days, it has been raining so things just look dreary.
 Purrs from Emily.  Mom says my kitty yoga is improving.  I do try to keep neat and tidy. In spite of my best efforts, and Mom's efforts, I still had to visit Dr. B. recently for a bit of grooming.  It took 3 people to "keep me in line"!  I didn't need any sedation, though.  Mom was relieved as sedation cost so much.  I thought I would help Mom out with all of the extra Christmas costs!  Merry Christmas, Mom!

Mom did a quick walk through of this years Christmas market.  She loved these tiny gnomes.   She likes their hats and soft beards. We think the gnomes would have made excellent cat toys.
Is anyone else hoping for a White Christmas?  Mom says she is hoping for good travelling weather.  So perhaps just a small dusting of snow then?  Is everyone else enjoying the music, food and fun of the season?  Or are your humans stressed?  Winston and I do our best to calm Mom down.  In fact, we think our efforts are worthy of extra treats and toys!
We will close with this funny from Pinterest.  

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Spicy and Sweet

 Hello.  Happy December!  Mom laughed at my expression in this photo.  I thought that was unkind, though.  I think my Winston kitty whiskers are looking exceptionally long and impressive.
Our Mom had to go to the mall recently.  In the past, she has made it a point to NOT go to the mall during the Christmas season.
 Mom says that it can get "frenzied" during the month of December.  However, she needed to purchase a new pair of glasses before the end of the year!  She took an early bus and did her "boring" shopping first.   Then she selected her glasses.   Here is a photo of the frames.  (Mom did NOT take this photo!)

 Mom also purchased more of our kitty food from the vet's office.   She thought this cartoon on the catnip treats jar was funny.
 Hello now from Emily.  I am cozied up in a kitty tent. Our "grandmum's" cat, Pearl suddenly stopped using it so Winston and I have inherited it!  It's a quiet retreat for me when life gets too exhausting--I can try and get in an extra catnap or two.

 Here is our new Christmas tree which is STILL standing. (Our Mom put a layer of tinfoil on the stand.)  We overheard Mom speaking to somebody on the phone and telling them that every time she comes home she expects to see it toppled on it's side!)
 Mom and a friend recently went out for a tea.  They were celebrating her friend's birthday.  Mom said the tea shop/bakery was very relaxing!
We hope that everyone has a good week that is 'calm' but with enough spice to keep things interesting.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Candy Canes and Hot Chocolate

 Hello.  It's Emily today.  I finally talked Mom into being our feline chronicler this week.  We apologize on her behalf.  She had a "litter box" kind of week.  She also spent a fair bit of time sleeping.  Why one evening she went to bed at 7 pm and got up after 10 am.  Mom is tuckered out.  Hopefully, she is going to get her energy back soon!  Winston and I have so many things that need doing!  She can't just let us down like this!
 Mom walking to the grocery store at about 6:45 am.  She was tired, grumpy (she had to wear boots for the first time) but she said the sunrise made it worthwhile.  She even made it back in time so she wasn't late for work!  woo hoo!
 Have you had any snow yet?  Mom says it seems a bit early for snow.  Though she says we shouldn't be surprised being we live in Canada!
 Speaking of which her family helped decorate her tree yesterday.
 Mom is hanging an ornament.  Most of her ornaments are from the Dollar Store.  Mom said she felt nervous because Winston seemed especially interested in all the shining, shatterproof baubles!
 This is a candy cane hot chocolate from Williams.   Mom was thrilled and said it tasted as good as it looked!
 Hi from Winston.   I have been snoring most of this Sunday afternoon.  I think I am a good influence on Mom.  She has been sleeping more than we have!
Emily and I will close with this funny from Pinterest

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

This, That and the Vet

 Hello!  A quick visit today from us.  This is me, Winston.  I'm at the vet pretending to be innocent and not a big furry troublemaker.   Mom heard, or read, that once a feline becomes a senior that it is a good idea for the said feline to have more than one yearly vet visit.  Stupid article!   That mom person dragged to the vet.  She threw me into the carrier and everything!   Don't worry, though, as I made her life a misery on the walk.  I squirmed and wiggled and yowled and just generally carried on.  The vet just saw me as a happy boy.  I gained a wee bit of weight but the vet didn't mind.  She said for a ragdoll I was on the small side anyway.
 Mom is trying very hard to get in as much walking as she can because autumn is such a short season.  Emily and I like to watch the leaves falling from the trees from the big living room window.

 Hello all.  Emily here.  I let Winston talk first because he had to go to the VET!  Did I tell you in the last post that even I gained some weight?  Mom was so happy.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Staycation Week 2: The Whoop it Up Edition

 Hello all!  Comfy Winston here today.  Mom's staycation is over for another year.  She says it feels like such a long time ago now.  She caught a nasty cold on the first week.  However, she was starting to feel better by the second week.  Emily and I agree that she recovered due to our feline ministrations!

 Mom went on so many walks to the park.   She says this time of year is beautiful for the glowing leaves.
 She went with some friends on Friday for lunch and shopping.  Apparently, shopping is exhausting so they stopped for fuel!   Mom says this ginger molasses cookie was delicious.  She indulged even more by buying a tea latte WITH lots of cinnamon sprinkled on top.
 Mom also got a manicure.  She thought it was frivolous!   However, Emily and I could tell that the tiny bit of colour cheered her up.  Emily and I understand the importance of claws/nails.  Sadly, Mom is terrible at taking photos one-handed.   This was the best of the bunch.  That is my nose in the lower right corner.  I gave her manicure the Winston kitty seal of approval.
 This photo is not Mom's work.  It is on Pinterest and the colour is called Presley from |Zoya.     She merely wanted people to see the "wild" colour she went for on her visit to the manicurist.  It is more than a week later and she finally got a chip in the polish.
 Mom insisted that Emily and I show you this photo of a puppy she saw in the park.  His name is Charlie.  He is a corgi mix.  Mom says he is cute.   Sure, I guess if you like puppies.   (Mom can be a traitor!)
 Hello.  Finally, I get to talk a bit.  It's Emily.  I am cowering in my kitty carrier.  I went to the vet last week. *Sometimes I get a little constipated.*   Mom thought Dr. B should give me a once over.  After discussing my litter box habits,  they decided to try a number of different things to help me.   No privacy for me.
 Mom getting ready to leave the vet's office.  My goodness, but she had to fork over a bunch of cash at the end of the visit.  Winston and I agree that we are totally worth it, though.  The very best thing about my vet visit is that the vet tech let me take home, free of charge, one of the catnip toys.   Hee hee.  I had a nice tipsy walk home in my carrier.
 Mom also thought you might like to see the vet's office kitties.  This was taken moments before they had a fisty cuffs incident.  The tiny cat, Buzz, is not as sweet as you would think.  He is, apparently, a furry hooligan!   (way to go, Buzz)
 Mom finished one book on her vacation.  This one by Joanne Harris.  The writing was good and she hopes to read the next book in the series.  Mom also started to read a non-fiction book about the Tudor family.  She stopped, though, because King Henry VIII was making her so cross!
 This mug made Mom laugh!