Monday, November 9, 2015

Fluffy feline tummy

Ahhh!  Is it Monday again all ready?    But I'm still tired!   Excuse me whilst I just recline elegantly on the carpet and wait for a belly rub?   *Hello!*  Isn't there anybody out there brave enough to give my tummy furs a tickle?   Guess I'll have to be patient.
Almost all of the leaves are gone now from the trees.   Mom has a hard time finding me a leaf to chomp on these days!
The Mom person is learning lots about senior kitty care these days.  Oscar needs helps with grooming.   She has lots of extra face clothes to wipe his chin and face. 
She does try to take tea breaks, though.   She says tea helps with just about everything.   For myself, though, I say naps, treats and a tummy rub!

So-have I convinced anybody out there to give me a tummy rub or am I gonna just have to sit here all by my feline lonesome with a lonely tummy.  
Purrs to all for a great week with lots of chin scritches and tummy rubs-for the felines of course!


  1. "waving hands" I'll give you tummy rubs, Winston! That way, your momma can concentrate on Oscar for now, poor baby.

  2. Our biped will be happy to give you tummy rubs...unless you're a biter, that is. :-D

    Our leaves are mostly down here too, hard to believe we're pushing mid-November. One day closer to Spring, folks, one day closer to Spring.

    Continued purrs and purrayers to Oscar, and to your mom too.

  3. Now that is one seriously floofy tummy. Seriously, one of the most pawsome we have ever seen.

  4. I would love to give you a tummy rub!

  5. Winston, Mom loves to give belly rubs and she gives good ones too :)
    Our leaves are falling too.
    Good thing your Mom takes tea breaks. It helps humans stay calm ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. You poor thing - did you EVER get your tummy rubbed? We just tried out the soapless foam cleanser (Bayer makes it and we got it at PetSmart) - it rubbed in real easy and made Maxie's fur lots softer. Are you using a wipe, did you say? We used those on the kitty who came before when he reached 19 years old and had a hard time grooming, too.

  7. **rushing over to rub poor neglected tummy**

    Could Oscar get a professional grooming? Mommy was hesitant to have Kona groomed but it turns out she REALLY liked getting all clean at once.

  8. Rub,rub, rub :) I can't resist a floofy tummy.

  9. ME ME!! I'll do it!!! I won't even need tea break.
    Jane x