Monday, October 10, 2016

Fantabulous Staycations!!

 Miss Emily wishing our Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!   I'm thankful for Mom's sandals.  I like to bury my face inside.  Mom says I'm weird.   I'll continue to love her anyway!
Mom is still on staycation.   She has had her root canal on Thursday.  Another trip to a different dentist on Friday.   Hopefully, the last visit will be this coming Wednesday for the permanent filling.
Keep your paws crossed, felines.  Mom says she is all dentisted out. 
 One of the fun things Mom did was get a pedicure!   She narrowed it down to two possible colors.   Mom's toes are more adventurous than Mom.  Her toes like to try out wild colors.
 Happy toes!
 Hello.  Oscar here!  Mom wasn't the only one to have a spa treatment.  I go to the vet about four times a year now.   I had a nice mini spa treatment.   My nails were clipped, my fur was thoroughly brushed (it's hard to groom yourself when you are almost 19) and other things (anal glands) that I didn't appreciate!  The vet said I had gained a bit of weight and that I was holding my own.

 Mom was mortified when she saw how much fur came off in my grooming (which I loved)!   Mom has heard so many nice things about the furminator.   She finally bought one for us.  TA-DA
 I like it!  Winston kitty loves it!  Even Miss Emily likes getting brushed with it and purred.  Mom was amazed.  Miss Emily doesn't grace us with purrs very often.
 Mom was thrilled to find these tiny pumpkins.  She was feeling so frivolous that she bought two!
On her second walk to the dentist she stopped at a nice bakery.  She thought these cookies were a lot of fun but also expensive!   She bought a pumpkin loaf cake for Thanksgiving, though.
 Purrs from Winston.  Yes, I love the Furminator.   Mom is amazed at the fur that comes off me with that brush!   I think I look even more handsome than usual!
The Mom takes extra walks now.  The weather is cooler.  The leaves are changing.  This is the park close to where we live.
 There were some ducks, geese and even a swan at the park.   Mom also had company!  Our Grandma came for a visit on Saturday.  They went to William's Cafe for breakfast.  The Mom got her first pumpkin tea latte.   She said it was delicious!
Then they went shopping!   Some more tea for Mom--she is fighting a cold--so she thought the tea was medicinal.   Whatever excuse she can find to have tea.   Her tea cupboard is getting too full again.
Yesterday, Mom went to visit some very kind people to celebrate Thanksgiving.  They went on a relaxing hike through the  woods!
Beautiful trees!  Then back to their house for a yummy turkey dinner.
There was a super delicious cute chipmunk on the patio there.  Mom squealed because he was so adorable.   What I wonder is how come the people get a feast and we only get extra treats (and a furminator) when this little rodent is so close by!
Wishing everybody a great week.
the kitty brats


  1. Oscar, we're so glad you're doing well. Mom needs to get us a Furminator too. we hope your mom's teefies get all fixed up very soon.

  2. Your mom is having a good staycation! Our mommy had tea for her cold too. It didn't help it go away but she felt better. We have a furminator but don't really like to be brushed. It does feel good afterwards though! Glad you're all doing well!

  3. What a lovely staycation and Thanksgiving your mom had, minus the dental appointments of course. How did the root canal go? Was it dreadful? Was it on a molar? Mine is coming up on the 24th. Half an Ativan for sure. LOL.

    The furminator! Woohoo, the boys LOVE being furminated, Derry especially. OMC, the fur that has come out of him since the spring...Enough for two new Derrys! :-)

    We hope you all have a good week, a happy week. (Love the nail polish colour, btw.)

    Purrs and peace.

  4. So glad the root canal went well, (at least we think you had it!) Hoping your cold goes away! Happy belated Thanksgiving! We LOVE Furminator! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. I'm wearing that as nail polish :) I put it on for my sister's wedding :)

    You are lucky they like the furminator. none of my cats do.

  6. The stress of all that dental stuff will give anyone a cold! Oscar, it's good that you've put on some weight, big guy!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I am glad the staycation is going well. Good luck to your mom at the dentist.

  8. A staycation sounds terrific...more time for the mom bean to spend time loving on you kitties. At least when she isn't visiting the dentist.

    Hooray for Oscar, we're so happy to hear you are doing so well. Enjoy your Furminator. We all love ours but it seems to have gone missing!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Sorry to hear about your dental work. I've had too much of that in my lifetime already, too. Hate it! Hope all goes well. Your fur babies are so cute. I have three myself - my oldest being 17-1/2. He still does a good job at grooming himself. I also brush him a lot, so his fur looks really nice for an old guy. We're fans of the Furminator, too! Yes, it does get a ton of fur out because it get the undercoat. But I find that the fur flies all over the place, so I brush my cats outside on the porch. In the winter, not much you can do, I know.

  10. So glad the mom is enjoying her stay cation! Sounds like a lot of fun except the dentist appointments of course! So glad you all are happy with the furminator. Love mom's nail polish. I like to wear wild colours on my toes too!

  11. Mom has an impawtant question about Oscar, as a senior catizen. I'm starting to have a lot of problems with my arthritis. Oscar is older than me (I'm 12) and Mom would luff to know how you handle that with him. - Toby