Sunday, October 23, 2016

Manic, chilly Mondays and more

 Hello.  The boys here today.  Mom is back to work again.  As you can see, we miss her terribly!  We need to take extra naps to deal with the emotional trauma (whatever!)
 Mom found it difficult to get back into the swing of things.   She has been walking as much as possible so she can enjoy the autumn weather.   She saw this pink flower.
 Raindrops on oak leaves.

 She says sometimes the humans deserve an award just for getting up out of bed on Mondays.   I suppose it might be difficult to face the challenges of a new week.   But somebody has to pay for our expensive kibbles!
Mom says that a lot of the trees here are glowing with color.   She is even considering -get this-buying a new pair of boots--goodness!  We didn't realize it was getting to that point.  
 She saw that there was lots of pumpkins out and we told her this would be an excellent use of a pumpkin!  A kitty cat jack o lantern!  Since we live in an apartment, we don't get trick or treaters.   Good thing, too, it sounds like it would be a major disruption of your well-ordered lives!

 No chai lattes for Mom this past week but she did see a duck in the park!   We thought that was pretty neat.  Mom says ducks are funny...we just think they look yummy!

 Hey-what's going on!   I'm still here.  It's Miss Emily.   How dare you leave me to the end.   I was just enjoying smelling Mom's sandals.  She says it's getting much too chilly for these now.   As long as she leaves the sandals here so I can cuddle with them.   And stop calling me weird, Mom!  I can hear that!
We send purrs out to everyone for a great week.  Stay cozy.  Cuddle your felines.


  1. Hi guys, happy Monday! We hope your mom's work week goes well. Our biped's root canal is this afternoon, so she can be thankful hers is over with. :-)

    Yes, we can see how "traumatized" you are by your mom's return to work. Ha. More likely you're happy to get back to your routine, right?

    And tell your mom that if she needs new boots, yes, she'd best get them. Winter's on its way, alas. (But so is Spring!)

    Purrs and peace to you all.

  2. Yep, naps are definitely the bestest way to deal with ...pretty much everything.

  3. My Mom has to get out and walk more regularly, especially before all of the leaves are gone. Hoping your Mom has a good week at work and that you don't miss her too much. catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Such a cute kitty pumpkin! Emily, just so you know, Chucky likes The Hubby's sandals too.

  5. Hi Kitties, looks like you are roughing it with your mom back at work. It is such a nice time of year for walking. I hope your mom can get out as much as she wants. We all need time in nature! I love the kitty pumpkin, very cute!
    Wishing you all a good week.

  6. Mum is hoping your mum has a good return to work.
    Staycations are such fun and it is sometimes hard to go back to work.
    We think you kitties will mis having her at your beck and call all the time ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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