Monday, October 3, 2016

It's Staycation Time

 Hello!  Greetings from Winston.  I'm very happy in this photo because I'm in my favorite box and I've caught the mousie!  Also-the Mom is now on vacation.   She can sleep in!   Hooray.   A well rested Mom is usually a more pliable servant in my opinion.
 She saw this sign on a recent walk to the grocery store.   I'm trying to convince her that this sign is necessary for us!  I mean, who could be more fierce than us three felines.  
 The leaves are starting to turn color now.   This is the primary reason the Mom wants holidays in the fall.  She loves the colors and the cooler temperatures and comfy sweaters.   We also start to be a bit more cuddly.    Her toes start to look cold so I have been known to sleep on them.
 Purrs from Oscar.   This is my teddy bear.   Mom thought I might like a soft friend to curl up with me on the back of the sofa.   He is pretty cuddly and makes an excellent pillow!
 More photos from her recent walks.  Can you believe this rose was still around?  
 Here is the view from my favorite window!   I like to sit in the window-it starts from the floor and is taller than Mom.  Sometimes I see other felines but mostly I like to watch the sparrows.   I rule over a large area, peoples!
 Purrs from Miss Emily.  This photo of me is fuzzy but see how nicely I fit in the box?!  It was meant for me, I think.  
 Mom treated herself to a meal at a vegetarian restaurant recently.  It was called the Angry Vegan.  Only Mom was NOT angry when she ate it.  She seemed to enjoy it as much as we enjoy gobbling our treats.
 Even though she is on vacation, we find it takes her a little while to wind down.   She still has cleaning, tidying and appointments to do.  Her root canal is on Thursday.  We hope she is in a good way after...cuz we still looking after.  Not just regular looking after but the luxury treatment all felines are entitled to in the home.   We are constantly thinking of ways for her to pamper us.  Sometimes she doesn't have a clue, though.

I will close with this photo of me curled up in the sink.   Now that the Mom has a bit more time, she hopes to visit everyone's blogs.   Please be patient with her, though!
We send everyone our softest purrs and maybe even a head bop!


  1. WooHoo!
    We purr your mum enjoys her staycation!
    We know our mum always enjoys hers :)
    You kitties can look forward to being spoiled lots too.
    Enjoy yourselves.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Oh Winston, you are a handsome one. M just loves you - she wants to give your furs a big kissie! Enjoy your time with mom. It will end all too soon.

  3. You look so cozy in that sink. But... our mom thinks y'all might be hoping for too much if your mom is going to get that kind of ouchie this week. Purrs from us that it goes well.

  4. Your mom is having quite the staycation and we're glad she's paying extra attention to all of you too even if she's not perfect with the pampering. Yet! The boxes and sink look pawesome!

  5. Enjoy having your mom bean at home on vacation efurrybody! We're sure she'll have lots of extra times for cuddles, playing and treats too.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. How nice to have Mom home with you for a bit! Enjoy, dear friends, and purrs that her root canal goes smoothly...

  7. A vacation sounds great. Just the chance to sleep in and potter round sounds good to us.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  8. You all look great, and we think Oscar's new friend is so cute and cosy.

    Hurrah for staycation! We hope your human mom will be able to continue the level of service you expect, after she has her root canal. (We're sending her purrs for that, and our biped says if she could give her some drugs she would!)

    We hope you all do enjoy your mom's time off (in spite of her root canal). It's lovely and warm, but not crazy-hot, and our leaves are turning too, the maples especially. (Glorious sky photo, btw.)

    Take care and good luck!

  9. Oh, dear, root canal treatment. She is NOT going to be feeling too happy after that. Purr-haps you kitties should pampurr HER for a bit when She gets back. She'll be furry grateful and after that, you'll find it even easier to make her do your bidding.
    Just a thought...

  10. We agree that staycations in the Fall are the best! Your leaves seem to be changing earlier than hours. Wishing you luck on the root canal, I had one a few years ago and it was NOT bad at all! I never needed the pain meds. If you have a good dentist you will be fine. I heard all sorts of horror stories before mine, and mine was a breeze! Hoping yours is too! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  11. Take extra care of your Mom on Thursday. All you kitties are looking wonderful. Enjoy the extra time with you Mom!

  12. Oscar, your teddy bear is adorable! Nice to curl up with! The leaves changing color is nice, but I wish we still had more summer temps. Good luck with the dental work!

  13. Beautiful photos! I love autumn. It's my favourite season :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. That sandwich looks tasty. I hope your Mom enjoys her staycation and spends lots of time with you all.

  15. Beautiful photos! I also love Autumn. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  16. Autumn looks beautiful there. I appreciate staying home for my holidays much more than I used to. They are very relaxing that way. Besides, my cats wouldn't let me leave. I hope you are still enjoying your days off.