Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 Hello.  Miss Diva Emily here.   Mom was cheeky enough to snap a photo of me whilst I reclined in my cat bed.  I gave her the paw of disdain!   Do you think that would stop her, though? Whatever!
The Mom person is off this week!   However, things were not nearly as relaxing as she had hoped.

 It's been so cold and gloomy the past week!  We felines are very thankful we can stay cuddled up indoors.   The Mom person gets to walk in the cold and the snow.  She doesn't usually mind only it's been so cold that she says the air feels like icy water flowing past her face.   I'll take her word for it!
It was so cold that, on Saturday night, the water pipes froze and then burst.   Since the Mom lives almost above that room she had trouble with her water.
 That and no laundry facilities since the weekend.   The poor superintendent was shoveling water out at 2:30 in the morning. 
 Oscar and Winston here now.   It hasn't been all frigid cold, bursting water pipes and sleepless nights, though.
 One of Mom's work "associates" had a little boy turn two and they (the boy and his Mom) brought these cute googly eyed cupcakes!   Wasn't that thoughtful.
 The Mom also met a friend this past Sunday.   Felines.  The Mom didn't sleep well the night before --because of the burst pipe thing--so it wasn't until almost 4 in the morning that she fell asleep and then her alarm went off at 7 pm.  We felines knew she was too sleepy to be trusted when she tried to measure her coffee with the handle of a butter knife.   (tee hee-we felines never suffer from lack of sleep!)   The Mom met a friend later in the afternoon and had a lovely chat and this delicious breakfast sandwich.  She said there was no meat-just egg, tomatoes, avocado and cheese.   It was hearty enough to save one side for her supper!

 More snow.  More cold.   The Mom is thankful to be able to get in some extra snoozing time.  And reading time.  And movie time.   It doesn't take much to make her happy.
Oscar had his spa day on Friday.  Dr. B , the vet, said he was looking much better than the previous spa day.  This is photo of the Oscar kitty.  He meows a lot .  I do mean a lot.  Mom put his kitty cuddler blanket by her computer chair and he cuddled down on it and purred up a happy nap.
We hope every feline and their human have a wonderful week!


  1. Oscar, we're glad you are better. And so much has happened to all of you recently. Mom cringed when she read about the pipes.

  2. When it is cold and snowy, it is a purrfect time for a staycation.
    We are sure you could have done without the burst pipe in the laundry room.
    We purr your Mom can enjoy the rest of her holiday.
    Good news about Oscar :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We are glad Oscar is feeling better!
    As for the burst pipe, when it is furry cold here, Mummy leaves on of the taps slightly open so there's a constant drip. When the water is flowing, even slightly, the water doesn't freeze. It seems to work - though Mummy doesn't understand how it is then, that rivers can freeze over.

  4. Glad about Oscar, sorry about the pipes, and Emily...you have wonderful toehawks!

  5. You've had a busy, eventful week! We hope the pipes have been repaired by now, that all is well again. The cold and snow has caused a lot of problems in quite a widespread region. (We got 50 cms in 13 hours, a record!)

    Those cupcakes look fun, we hope they were delicious too. :-)

    Purrs to you all, especially Oscar. We hope things are calmer for you now!