Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday mornings and vets

Good morning!
Oscar here...I can only write a quick message this morning.   Mom got to take me to see DR. B this morning.   They are running some tests to see if my thyroid is acting up again.  Dr. B also gave me a shot of cerenia (kitty gravol) and a catnip toy!
I will keep you posted.
Hoping you have a great Monday.
Oscar kitty


  1. That's a lot to have to go through for just a catnip toy, but hey, at least you get something -- our vet clinic doesn't give us anything fun at all. Lots of purrs for good test results, Oscar. We hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. Thank you, Fuzzy Tales. We think the vet felt bad because after we got him into his carrier she remembered she still had to give him the shot of cerenia and had to drag him back out =(
      Emily confiscated the catnip toy on return so Oscar didn't get much enjoyment out of it!

  2. Oscar, hope the vet has you all fixed up in no time! And we never get toys from our vet either...Angel and Chuck might like going, if they got a toy.

    1. Thanks EC,
      The vet is checking his thyroid to see if we need to adjust his medications levels.
      Perhaps the vet might see an increase in business if catnip toys were forthcoming ;)

  3. At least you got a toy! We will purr that all is well with you, Oscar. xx

  4. We is sending our purrs that you will be feeling purrfect soon! Even if the ebil v e t gave us toys we still wouldn't like her.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku