Thursday, March 28, 2019

Catching Up

 Good morning!   We hope everyone had a lovely week.   Emily and I are relieved to report that Mom is almost recovered from last week's excitement.   The stitch is gone from her mouth and it hardly hurts at all now when anything touches her face.  Her cold is practically a memory!  Well, except for an impressive lingering cough!
 Mom had a breakfast visit with our "grandmom" last Saturday.  Mom couldn't resist taking a photo of her hot chocolate with whipped cream!
 They did some shopping after their meal.   Mom liked the happy colours of these flowers at the dollar store.
She also finally found a reading lamp for the living room!  This internet image resembles the lamp she bought at the store.

Mom can see much better to read her ever growing stack of books!
 Sleepy hello from Emily!   Mom saw this t-shirt on the internet and fell in love! 

 We will close for now!  Mom is better but is still tired.  Yeah for the road to recovery!  Happy purrs from Emily and Winston.   We are napping "bum to bum" in this photo.
Have a great week!


  1. Bum to bum, kitties!
    We are glad that your mom is feeling better, just in time for nicer weather!

  2. Bum to bum for extra warmth, we suspect! :-)

    We're glad your mom's on the mend. The cough seems to linger, though. Our biped is in the same situation at the moment.

    Yay for the reading lamp! Our human purchased a three-lamp set from Rona a couple of months ago, very reasonable in price, and boy, the extra light sure makes a difference. BTW, so do daylight (LED) bulbs, if your mom needs bright light. Our house faces north, there's very little natural light on the main level, and the daylight bulbs have made a world of difference to her.

    We love the tee-shirt, so cute!

    Have a great week, everyone!

  3. OMC that T-shirt is darling! So darling! I LOVE your lamp too! I have been searching for a new reading lamp for the living room......did you have to put that together yourself or was it assembled already? I have assembled a few lamps and I simply hate doing it (and my husband isn't handy)......if that one comes pre-assembled please let me know where you got it! Maybe they will ship it that way? lol. So glad you are feeling better too!!! xoxo

  4. I am glad your mom is feeling better. I like that t-shirt too :)

  5. That is a sweet t-shirt :)
    Our humom also has that lingering cough. Yuck! Hopefully the Spring air will make everything better XO

    the critters in the cottage xo