Monday, January 5, 2015

Emily Means Business

 Gather round, felines, as I tell you a story...a scary story that happened just a few days ago.
 I was in my favorite chair having a little snooze when I heard the dreaded sound--the click of the camera.   Apparently, Mom thinks I am "cute" when I relax for my naps.
 I could hear her giggling about my back paws and my general floofiness....
 "You know, Mom, I am awake.  Furthermore, you are distracting me from my much needed nap.  This isn't as easy as it looks!"
 I even gave Mom the slanty, grouchy kitty eyed no avail.  It was time to bring out the big guns, felines....

 "ROAR?!"   Begone woman whilst I nap.....

I hope I didn't scare anybody too badly.  I know I can be intimidating but I think it needed to be done.  I suggest this maneuver if your human starts the camera business when you are busy sleeping.
Purrs for a good week.


  1. Oh, Emily, that was a fabulous glare--we're surprised it didn't work. But that ROAR...Well, let's just say that we hope you don't have to use it too often, that your human has gotten the hint!

  2. Emily, such floofiness! And you are a doll, so I'm with your momma...I'd take pics of you all day long, sorry.

  3. WHOA! That made me jump!
    Mummy Janey from The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  4. We are sure that ROAR got your Mom's attention!
    Pawsome ,MOL
    Mom loved all your pictures.Typical cat Mom huh?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Excellent advice!

    But we have a question: What kitty in their right mind sleeps in THAT position?

  6. You are too cute to scare anyone, Sweet heart :)
    And I'm pretty sure you are da boss of da house ;)

  7. Emily kind of looks like a Ragdoll cat; is she?

    1. Hi Ragdoll Mommy,
      Yes, Emily is a Ragdoll :)
      Thanks for the visit!

  8. I just did the SAME thing today and it didn't work for me either! Love, Cody

  9. The ol' disturbin' the peace with cameras trick, huh? There ought to be a law 'bout that or somethin'. MOUSES!