Monday, April 6, 2015

Waiting for the Easter Bunny

 We hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  Here is a photo of me waiting patiently for the Easter bunny. Guess what?   The Easter bunny did come only he had to use a proxy.  Our Mom had a visitor on Saturday who gave us each a catnip-filled fish!  They are really stinky and we love to smack them around.   We must be very special for the Easter bunny to make sure we get treats.
 Easter weekend is a combination of wild weather and snow.  Mom took a walk on Sunday afternoon to take pictures of the park.   The temperatures were very mild even though it was snowing.   It was quiet and peaceful.  Mom could hear the wind in the bare tree branches and the ripple of water.
 Mom even saw a seagull!   Here he is showing off his fine feathers!  After Mom got back home she had a cup of hot tea and a toasted Easter bun.
 Emily spent a lot of time searching for her catnip toys and hoping for more treats!
 Oscar relaxed a great deal.  His arthritis is worse some days than others.   Mom feels bad that she can't do more for him.  She also says thank you to Jane for her practical advice on how to help a kitty with arthritis.  

So...we hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and a great week.  Take good care.
PS-Mom is slowly getting better.  This sinus infection is taking it's sweet time in leaving, though.


  1. You have such a hopeful look on your face in that photo. We're glad you got "treats!"

    The winter photos are lovely...for January or February. Time for the snow to go!

    1. Hello Fuzzy Tales,
      We hope you had a nice Easter weekend, too.
      The snow from yesterday has already melted away!

  2. Gorgeous park shots!
    You are welcome to info...not sure I helped,though.
    Kisses for the furries XXX
    Jane x

  3. Thanks Jane and Chris,
    I figured it might be the last snow fall of the season. When I look out my window now there is not a smidge of snow--only brown grass and mud.
    The info did help and I used a mixing bowl (upside down) and put the water dish on top. Oscar seems to drink from it a fair bit! Unfortunately, he tried to jump up onto the toilet seat again-fell and then got trapped by his claw on the toilet seat cover. I'm not sure the step idea will work for my washroom as it's quite small. Right now I lift him up onto the bathroom counter. Oscar, though, sometimes waits for me to lift him now and doesn't risk falling. Your felines are blessed to have someone looking out for them =)

  4. we're so glad tp hear you all had a lovely weekend - but...SNOW? And we do hope you keep felling better too!

    1. Thank you! We are thinking that snow is the last of the season (paws crossed!)

  5. You got Easter treats? You is lucky kitties!!

    Mom bean says the snow is coming here again tonight and tomorrow, yuck. We did get some sunny room time this weekend so hopefully it will melt soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

    1. We did get Easter treats! One of Mom's relatives was an intermediary for the Easter bunny and gave us those stinky fish toys =)
      Enjoy your sunbeams!

  6. Oscar knows that you are doing everything you can for him, and he's grateful! Hoping the warming temps will make him feel less achey, although EVERYONE at the office and home have colds or the sneezies. I'm taking my Vitamin C and Zinc to avoid catching it too...

  7. Glad to hear you got some Easter treats! And although the park shots are gorgeous ... SNOW in April? ::shudders::

  8. It's always so nice to see all of you. We are glad you had a good Easter! Winston, you are especially gorgeous to our Mama ;)

    the critters in the cottage xo