Sunday, March 5, 2017

Presents and Sofa Wars

 Hello from Emily.  I hope everyone is staying warm!  After almost two weeks of mild weather we are back in the deep freeze.    Brrr!  I've discovered that the back of the sofa, close to where Mom sits, is very comfy!  Sometimes I allow Winston to sit here but, for the most part, I've taken it over.
 The Mom person took this photo on her trek to work.   She said that, though you can't see it, there were tiny snowflakes drifting down from the pewter colored sky!  Chilly but pretty.
Guess what?!  I had to go to the vet again for another grooming session.   We had to wait awhile as the vet was delayed by an emergency!   However, I made sure it was worth everyone's time.  Look at all my fur!  Mom was aghast.  I am a bit more calm with the brush but I still wouldn't let them trim my beautiful claws! Ha.   I'm not just a fluff...I'm fierce.
 I think it's a bit sad, though, that Mom won't be able to vacuum up all this fur from the carpet or sofa.  Don't worry, it's shedding season.  I'll do what I can to make sure she isn't too bored.
 Mom thought she was being funny when she put her cat sock on me.  Hmpfh.....I'm a bit cross in this photo because Mom quickly took out all the warm, clean laundry.  She just left an old towel in there for me to snuggle up on. 
Well, I guess I'll let Winston talk now.

 Mom's family came a bit early to help her celebrate her b-day.   Here I am, Winston, the mighty warrior cat, guarding Mom's present.  Do you see that green bow?  Well there was a butterfly on top of it!   I apologize for the fuzzy photo quality.   It was dark in the dining area and Mom doesn't like using the camera flash inside. is what Mom got.   A really fancy tea kettle!
 Mom was so excited (she really should get out a bit more!)
 This is photo of me with our newest toy! Mom thought we should get a present too!   It's a dragon fly on a pink string.   We like to whap it with our paws! 
 Here I am enjoying the new bed.   Did I mention that Emily has practically stolen my favorite spot on the back of the sofa.  She is a tiny, furry sofa thief!

Mom said the sofa is big enough for everyone!   Blah blah blah...boring stuff about sharing!  It is a very comfy sofa.   Perfect for Mom to relax, read, watch tv!   Maybe I could try to share the back of the sofa with Emily.  I'll think about it!

I'll close for now with this photo of spring flowers!   Bundle up.  Cuddle with felines.  Drink warm beverages.   Spring will come....
Winston and Emily


  1. Presents are fun ! We hope your mom enjoys hers. And we're in awe of that gorgeous floof. Ps: I totally get how you feel, Winston. Girls !! - Toby

  2. Hi you two!

    Emily, we see you'll have lots of work to fur up the couch and carpet, what with your spa day grooming. We have every confidence you can do this, though, so your mom doesn't become lax in her housekeeping.

    Winston, it's great you got a present too! That looks like a fabulous toy, such pretty colours.

    As for your mom's birthday present kettle: Wow! Talk about high tech, it could fit right in on the set of a Star Trek episode. :-)

    Purrs and peace to you all.

  3. Looks like you two have been having fun and enjoying the couch.
    With mum on the couch, it's time to think about sharing ;) MOL!
    Happy Birthday yo your Mum !
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. That is a pretty awesome tea kettle. Why does she need to get out more? there isn't all that much more out there that is more exciting than a new fancy tea kettle! :)

    Happy Birthday

  5. My Mom is thinking that too bad she doesn't like (and isn't allowed) to drink tea because that is one pawesome teapot!!! Wow!!! Love how beautifully the box was wrapped too. There is a video of me playing with a butterfly toy on my blog today! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Happy Birthday, mom! We've heard that Spring is coming, but that bitter cold was nasty.

  7. Hi Emily, that sure is a lot of fluff! Where were you hiding it all? I hope you and Winston are keeping your Mom warm, it sure is chilly! Winston, glad you are enjoying your new dragonfly toy. Nicki and Derry at "Fuzzy Tales" got some new toys too. They just love them!
    Have a good week!

  8. You look wonderful all brushed out. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  9. A new sofa and a new bed to fur up? Oh you lucky kitties.


  10. What a fancy teakettle! Wishing your mom a very happy birthday! (and ALlie's a bit envious of the lovely PINKNESS of that dragonfly!)