Monday, August 17, 2015

Miss Emily with Feline News

 Good morning felines and their peoples,  
Emily here today to tell you about our weekend.   First off Mom went to a nice restaurant for her Mom's birthday.    The restaurant, the Mandarin, gave the birthday girl a nice cupcake with a candle.
 The restaurant was out of town for our Mom and so she had to "hitch" a ride both ways.  Even so, she enjoyed seeing her family for a while.
This is Winston in his Buddha Boy pose.   *whispers--he can be sensitive about this pose as the Mom often giggles and tries to pet his love handles*   Anyway, the Winston wanted me to tell you that the Mom person enjoyed the buffet and was able to sample a few things she never tried before.  What she liked most, though, was this!

Nanaimo Bars!

 The Mom person was good...see how tiny the slice of  bar is in comparison to the grapes.  Very tiny.   We are not supposed to tell you that she went back for one more piece.   Her secret is safe with us.

 I will close with 2 photos of the Oscar kitty.  He is still at the vet's.   We are still not certain what exactly was wrong.  The vet did tell Mom that she has not been giving him any more of his arthritis medication.  Dr. B also wants him to stay with her until the heat wave breaks.  One of her other theories was that the Oscar kitty stayed in the window too long and got a bit (or a lot) overheated.  The vet also mentioned to Mom that Oscar's cognitive abilities are a bit affected-not from the heat but from being a senior.  Mom wasn't surprised to hear this.  What she was surprised to hear, though, was that Oscar might not being seeing as well as he used to.  
Mom tries to visit the Oscar kitty when she can.  It's not always possible which makes her heart feel empty.  BUT she did get to visit him on Sunday night.  She took his favorite brush and gave him brushings for almost half an hour.   Just look at the orange boy in this last photo.   Mom thinks he looks better and very dignified.   I wish you a very happy week.  Please don't forget that you must cuddle your felines when you can.
Oscar looking very pleased with his spa treatment!


  1. I love naniamo bars (well,vegan ones)!!
    Poor Oscar,getting older is no fun,but I can see that he looks a whole lot perkier in the last pic!
    Jane x

  2. I've been thinking about Oscar all weekend; here's hoping the vet can make things better. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. We have been thinking about you all. Our prayers are always.

  4. We're sending purrs and purrayers that Oscar is home soon.

    As for the human food...our biped is drooling! She'd have had a BIG Nanaimo bar. LOL.

  5. Mommy sats why stop at two bars? Not like you kitties would TELL or anything...

    Oscar, please get well and come home soon...a weekend away from your Mom is just too long.

  6. We also think Oscar looks good in the last pic :)
    Purrs he will be home soon.
    Mom loves Nanaimo bars too!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Sweet Oscar!!! They are taking wonderful care of him and while it is unbelievably hard to have him be there, at least you know he is getting superior care. Sending many purrs and prayers.

  8. Purring fir sweet Oscar that all is well soon and he can come HOME! We'll have to look up those bars to find out what's IN them!