Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Feline Holly and Jolly

 Hi!  Winston here.  Mom disturbed my nap with a flash from the camera!  How dare she!   I was a tiny bit cheeky back to her. 
Mom's family came this past weekend to help her with Christmas decorating.  It is a bit early but it was the only day that worked for everyone!

 Mom found this tiny white ceramic tree!  She loves it.  The only problem is that Emily and I love it too!  So the Mom put it up on the top bookshelf!
Hello from Emily!  I am doing some kitty yoga here. 
I had fun visiting with Mom's company on Saturday.  They said I was lovely and cuddled me.
Mom's family brought some treats. 
 The Mom said these cookies were so pretty she didn't want to eat them.  She held off for an entire day.  She said they tasted as yummy as they looked!
Mom's sister is a bad influence on her.  Mom admired these socks AND bought them!  Mom said it is a frivolous purchase. She smiles, though, every time she looks at them.
From Pinterest
We hope everyone had a good week.  We will close with a funny from Pinterest.
Feline holly and jolly,
Winston and Emily


  1. Winston and Emily...it's your fault that your momma loves kitties, and she wants to look at them, have them on her socks, probably even on the hand towels in the guest bathroom too! You two are just so loveable!

    1. Goodness! Are there hand towels with felines on it! Mom is slacking off.

  2. That little ceramic tree is adorable! It's probably good that your mom put it somewhere safer, though. Not that either of you would knock it over or anything. But.

    Your mom has great willpower, to have saved those cookies for a day! Our human is weak when it comes to sweets...and it shows. LOL.

    We hope you both have a great week. BTW, now we'll have to prod our human into putting up our little tree too! :-)

  3. ohhhhh those cookies look AMAZING! I want to jump through the screen and eat them! I saw that same tree at Aldi yesterday and I also saw one like that on QVC, very pretty!!!!

  4. It is never too early to decorate for Christmas :) Those socks are cute-but you twi kitties are cuter :) XO

  5. Our Mummy has kitties on her bedroom slippers so We purrfectly understand that yours has them on her socks (mol)!
    Did she share the cookies with you?

  6. Christmas will be here before we all know it. SO we say good for Mom for starting on the decorations. And cookies! :)