Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Soup and Snuggle Weather

 Hello!  Winston here.  I'm staying warm and cozy cuddled up in the laundry basket of warm clothes.   It has become very wintery here! Mom is aghast!  She thinks it is much too early for snow.
View from our window
 On Monday morning she decided, at the last minute, to wear her boots to work.  Thankfully!  The sidewalks were clear on the walk to work but a snowy mess on the walk back!
 Contented hello from Emily.  Winston and I get to snuggle down when it is cold and snowy.  Hooray!  We let the Mom do all the walking for errands and the like.
Mom walking in the snowy park
Photo from Campbells Soup

It has been so wintery that Mom has made 2 big pots of soup in the last couple of weeks.  She said it really hits the spot after a cold walk home.

Stay warm and cozy. 

Winston and Emily


  1. Brrr, it IS an early winter start this year. We think we got about 20 cm of snow and frankly, it looks and feels like January. Your mom's soup looks perfect for this weather; good for her for making it.

    Smooches to you both, stay warm and cosy.

  2. We have deep snow AND brrr temps! Boots are good, but staying home under the covers is really the best thing to do.

  3. I am glad you are both keeping warm. XO

  4. keep warm! We are bitter cold too and had 5 inches of snow!

  5. OOH, stay warm, sweet pals. Winter has definitely come early.

  6. Oh! The laundry basket is one of Shimshi's favourite places. Trixie also likes it. It is a great for sunpuddle-bathing in the morning, as thw utility room faces east. Caspurr prefers to curl up and snuggle under the quilt on the bed.
    Soup is always good - especially chicken soup...