Monday, October 7, 2019

Winston and Emily Work Overtime!

Purrs from Winston AND Emily.  We are trying to help Mom study at the dining room table.  Trust us when we say she needs all the help she can get!   So--the Mom is on vacation!
 See!  Winston kitty demonstrating what she should do on her vacation!
 Emily also giving an example of how to relax during her time off!
 Mom thinks she is so funny!   She was very excited!
 She walked almost 5 miles to pick up her favourite tea!  So now she can slurp (sip) tea while reading her newest book!
 Mom has read one other book by this author.  She said the writing is beautiful.  The story is set during the second world war and follows the lives of several people trying to survive the Nazi regime.  Mom says it is not always easy to read but that it is worth the effort.
 Mom's vacation socks were ready for her to put on when she got home from work on Friday night.  She celebrated with frozen pizza and a can of root beer.  Mom tries to stay away from pop but she made an exception this one time!
 Mom is hoping to get started on that scarf soon.   We can tell she is starting to wonder if she can actually do this project.  Well, Mom, you bought the yarn and the knitting needles.  We think you better get it a try!
 Mom went on her first autumn park walk this morning.  She loves the changing leaves.
 The warm glow of colour all around her.
 Mom said it looked like this tiny sparrow was trying to say hello!

 This wasn't at the park but at the grocery store. 
Emily and I will close with these two cartoons from Pinterest. 
Purrs to all for a great week!


  1. Nice to see you both. I hope you can teach your mom to relax :) XO

    1. Hello pilch92! We are going to try and teach her. We don't want to sound immodest, but we believe we are experts at the art of relaxation!
      Purrs for visiting.

  2. You kitties are so helpful, I am sure your Mom appreciates it. Great photos from your Mom. Have a great week kitties.

    1. Hello Crafting Queen,
      Thank you for visiting! Mom loves walking through the park to take photos. It makes her heart happy.
      Mom enjoys your blog with all of the lovely cards.

  3. Happy vacation to your mom! We love those socks and we agree that vacations are for naps, not studying. BTW, we're not walking five miles for anything, not even our favourite treats. :-P

    Thanks for the update and for sharing those adorable Pinterest cartoons. Take care and enjoy the warm fall weather.

    1. Hi Kea, Thanks for stopping by! Our Mom enjoys those silly socks a little bit too much we think!

  4. Those socks are the awesomest!!

    1. Hi Cleo,
      Thanks for dropping by! Mom loves those socks .
      Purrs to you.

  5. we so wish we lived near your Mama, we would LOVE to take walks with her, Mom would love to take walks with her! Tell Mom she linked to the Scruffy Paws website in that post, Mom was lazy and didn't check, but maybe there is a store locator on their website! Love, Cody