Friday, December 18, 2020

Grumpy and Grinchy--sometimes!

Season's Greeting from Winston!   Our Mom has put up our Charlie Brown tree.  Guess what?  We haven't touched it yet.  We are being so good.  It makes the Mom nervous.

Mom's cell phone died in early December.  She wasn't happy about that.  However, her new phone has arrived.  She is trying to get used to it!

from Pinterest
While our Mom might be grumpity we felines are not!  We insist on giving in this festive season.  Once we even puked in a pair of her shoes.  She was not as appreciative as we were hoping.
This holiday season is looking very different for many people this year.  The Mom is planning on making some new traditions this year.
Purrs from Emily.  I have to say that I'm not overly fond of this photo.  Mom tried to spruce it up with some fun Christmas graphics.  I let Mom cuddle me the other night when she had yet another bought of not sleeping.  
We hope that everyone and their felines are doing well.  Winston and I also hope that no matter how different things may look for everyone this year that you still have moments of fun and happiness.
This Yoda tree topper is from the IT department where Mom works.  They are really big Star Wars fans there.
from Pinterest
Mom found this t-shirt online and still hopes someday to find a good reason to justify buying one for herself.

Purrs to all from Winston and Emily.  Furry feline elves!



  1. Hello to you both, it's great to see a post! We're glad you're doing well, just don't be TOO good, okay? Every kitty needs to be at least a bit naughty to keep their human on their toes. 😺

    The pic with the berries on the tree is lovely, nice capture. 👍

    Regarding the t-shirt: Tell your mom that the only reason she needs is that life is very, very short and she matters, she deserves to treat herself once in a while. If she needs more than that, tell her "2020." Enough said.

    However you celebrate this year, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas, filled with love and of course yummy treats.

    Take care and stay well. 🎄🎅

  2. Dear Winston and Emily, Your Mommy doesn't need any excuse to buy herself that Tee-Shirt. It was obviously made for her. Perhaps you should write to Santa and ask him to bring her one. As for you two, if you get tired of being good, you can always teleport over here for a visit and help Shimshi plan some mischiefs. He is Master of the Queen's Mischiefs but some extra help is always welcome (mol). Happy Chrissymouse.

  3. Life is short; buy the t-shirt!
    The red berries on that tree are beautiful; the colors!
    The doctor has helped me with my sleeping issues, however Sweetie has other ideas about what constitutes a good sleep cycle...hahaha!

  4. Purrs to you and your Mama for a Merry Christmas.

  5. Nice to se you both. I think your mom should buy the shirt and you two can give it to her for Christmas. Hope all 3 of you have a nice Christmas and a better 2021. XO

  6. Hi, Winston and Emily! It's a weird and tough year for so many, so please give your mom some extra love and cuddles, okay? Happy Christmas to you all, sweet friends. XO

  7. Winston and Emily! Happy Holidays to you! We have a little tree, too, but it's in a safe place and we love it. Love the shirt, purrfect for the mom! - Tom xoxo

  8. I think your Mom should go ahead and get that shirt, especially this year, she deserves it! BTW I LOVE that "Charlie Brown" tree!

  9. Sos many lovely holiday and winter photos. Our tree topper (when we have a tree) is unconventional - the Abominable Snowman!