Monday, October 2, 2017

Autumn Staycation

 It's Day 3 of my staycation.  So far I've been "productive"!  Lots of chores and errands run.  It always seems to take a while before I can settle in and relax.   Mr. Winston kitty is in the above photo. He looks rather grumpy  :)   He and Emily are fighting over the cat scratcher/cat bed.    It is surprising to me how Emily seems to "win" back her spot!
 This past week autumn was halted by record-breaking temperatures.   If the humidex was factored in,  the temperatures reached almost 40C (104 F).  On Friday my area had some severe thunderstorms, including hail and high winds, and the temperatures went back to more seasonal levels.
On Saturday I had a visit with Mom.  She loves Winston and Emily.  Mom confessed to me that sometimes she dances with her cat, Pearl.   She assures me that Pearl loves dancing.  Pearl loves to be cuddled. 
"What music do you dance to?"  I queried.
"Darling by Johnny Reid.   I love that song!  I cranked it up and we danced!"  Mom replied.
I have a feeling she isn't the only one.

 A small tree in full autumn glow.   I would say about 15-20% of the trees are showing their colors.
 Halloween kitty chocolates.   These kitties do not look scary at all.
 I've been continuing to search for a birthday gift for Winston.  I saw these monster sized mice at a Pet Value!
 This is a small park close to where I live.  I'm looking forward to being able to take walks just for the fun of it!
 Emily says hello!
She is such a cutie.   She loves to run and greet me now in the morning when I wake up. 
 Another photo from Pet Value!   I liked the sign!  As if I needed reminding to spoil them.
 Pumpkins at the grocery store.  One of the things on my hopeful list of staycation ideas is to visit a pumpkin field.  I'm looking for the tiny little pumpkins.  There isn't a lot of room in my apartment for the regular sized ones.
 When Mom was down on Saturday we window shopped and went for a walk in the park.   We also had a seasonal snack of pumpkin muffins, tea, and clementines.
There are more visits, errands, and organizing chores to follow in the next while.  I'm also hoping to get some autumn clothes shopping done.  Oh...and Christmas shopping too!
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Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


  1. We're glad you are enjoying your time off. Our mom is a big believer in the power of staycations.

    1. Hi Whiskeratti! Thanks for dropping by to visit =)
      I usually end up with a staycation on my time off. I think the last time I actually went somewhere (other than a day trip)was almost 14 years ago. Hope you have an amazing week.

  2. What a lovely vacation/staycation you're having. I'm glad the crazy hot weather is past too, though the next two days will be up into the high 20s with the humidex. Not 40C, though!

    I find our leaves are crisping up, not turning lovely colours, not even the maples I've seen. Maybe it's still a bit early.

    If you wait long enough to find Winston's birthday gift it could become his Christmas gift. LOL. Don't tell him I wrote that! :-D

    Enjoy every minute of your time off work!

    1. Hi Kea,
      I have some of the leaves here turning a sad, muddy brown...they are shrivelling, not glowing. It is a bit early so I hope that changes.
      I have a feeling Winston will get a small something this week! He is being very patient about it.
      Have fun on your time off.

  3. Yes, we had those hot temps too. I don't mind if summer hangs out a bit longer!

    1. I know of several people who feel the same way you do. Very reluctant to say goodby to summer! Give your felines an ear scritch from me.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It sounds as if your staycation is lovely! And what a lovely park, too! Only one out of three kitties here would tolerate "dancing." But the third would LOVE it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes. I'm thankful for the time off. None of my felines would enjoy dancing...*sigh*
      Now I'm curious which kitty would enjoy dancing!

  5. Have a great staycation, they re the best- you get to be with your kitties.

  6. So nice to hear you are enjoying your staycation.
    I had one last week and it was rejuvenating :)
    Your park looks like a nice place to hang out.

  7. I hope you are enjoying your staycation! Did you get a chance to visit a pumpkin patch yet? Kea and I did last Wednesday. I didn't realize she never been to one either!
    Take care!