Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kitty Tattoo! ? Oh my.

 Hello from Emily and Winston!  Our Mom tried to leave for a walk to the grocery store this past Saturday.  Of course, we had to let her know she couldn't JUST leave.   Hehehe...we made exist almost impossible.  Emily tried to tempt Mom with a fluffy belly distraction.  While Winston made sure Mom knew that he was really an explorer at heart.  Mom is clever, though, she had a small handful of Temptations and threw them into the living room.  Kitties, we had to run away from the door to get them.   It was the right thing for a feline to do.
 Mom said the walk to the grocery store was very pleasant.  It was cool and overcast.  No rain on the walk down.
 She saw this lovely kitty in the window.  We think that collar looks rather fetching!  While Mom was at the plaza she went to the flower shop and purchased on yellow rose.   Her Nan's favorite color was yellow and Mom wanted to honor her Nan's memory.

 Mom put the rose on the table next to the wooden box.  The art on the box is by an artist called is by an artist called Shelley McVittie.  (Here is a link to her website  The wooden box had belonged to Nan and she kept photos inside of it.
 Here is another photo of the painting on the top of the box.   For now, our Mom is keeping sentimental letters and cards on it.
Mom has been feeling restive lately.  Why-she was even considering getting a tattoo!  That is not at all like our Mom!
However, if she did get all wild and woolly perhaps this tattoo would be appropriate.  We think it is small and elegant and tasteful...and not at all self-serving!
photo from Pinterest

 Mom found this piece of advice on Pinterest.  You may have noticed Mom likes getting ideas from here. Small, slow changes.
We will close off for now!
Emily thought she would close with a fluffy belly shot!  The vet said she needs to come in next month to get her tummy shaved or she might get dreadful knots in her fur!

Purrs for a fabulous week!
Winston and Emily!!


  1. Oh, kittehs, that was an excellent try at keeping the mom in. No fair to throw treats like that! And that tattoo is quite nice.

  2. Hi Emily and Winston, you sure would be hard to leave! Mum has to go though to purchase more treats for you.
    The box from Nan is just lovely.
    The kitty tattoo is just perfect. Let us know if your Mom gets one!
    Have a good week too!

  3. I love that tattoo! I have three, none cats, but if I were to get a fourth, I'd love to do that. (Probably won't bother now, the older you get the harder it is to find a spot on your body that isn't sagging and/or dimpling. Ha.)

    That box is wonderful too! The perfect thing in which to store cards, etc.

    As for you two: I can't believe you fell for that whole throw-treats-down-the-hall trick. :-P

    Take care, have a good week. Purrs from our boys.

  4. Lovely tattoo. You kitties have a great week.

  5. I am planning a cattoo also, and got a recommendation for a tattoo parlor near my home. Emily, you don't want belly fur mats!

  6. Emily's tummy would have stopped me, I can't resist a kitty belly, especially one so fluffy. That is beautiful art on the box.