Monday, July 17, 2017

Healing and Hope and Dishes

 Good morning from Winston.  Do I look fierce in this photo?  I'm in my carrier waiting for the cab to take me to the vet's office.  I can tell you that I was NOT happy.
 Once we arrived at the vet's and then taken to a room, I was able to explore.  
 There was a wonderful window sill.  I think I hear a bird.   I'm 12 years old now.  Which, apparently, makes me a senior kitty.  I gained some weight (that furry little dude was hefty!  **the Mom**)  However, the vet seemed to think I was doing OK.  She just suggested Mom keep an eye on me.  Plus, after all sorts of indignities, Dr. B. gave  me a catnip toy!  Hooray!  It's Nip time.
So-last week-Mom asked for purrs for our Grandmom's kitty, Pearl.  She has an obstruction in her intestine and if it doesn't clear up with laxatives and such they might have to do surgery.
 So....Miss Pearl had a big poop.   Our Grandmom called Mom to tell her.  Our Mom was very thankful.  She said the timing could have used a bit of work as she was eating her supper at the time.  Ha ha , Mom.  Just be thankful,  all right?  Don't be so squeamish!
 Pearl just chilling!  
Our Grandmom cuddling Pearl
 We were very thankful that Pearl seemed to be doing better.   Mom is also hoping she doesn't need surgery now.  Mom's grandma, (Our Grandma's Mom) passed away on Sunday morning.  She lived a good, full life and had 94 years.  Even though she was becoming frail and tired and it wasn't a surprise, her passing was very difficult.
In other news,  our Mom went shopping with a friend on Friday.  She found a new plate, called Provincial, from Corelle.  Mom has the plain white dishes from Corelle and she she likes them as they go with everything.  Our Mom, though, she has this "thing" for dishes.  She especially likes blue and white.  So she bought one plate on Friday and hopes to slowly buy 2 whole place settings.  She figures she can match them up nicely with her white dishes.  Honestly, felines, I don't understand my Mom.  Dishes?!  I only care that my food is on them.  Mom says she inherited the dish loving gene from her Mom and Grandma.

Photo from Pinterest
I am going to close with this  cartoon from Pinterest.  In case you didn't know.  We felines have healing powers.
You best go cuddle with your feline today.

Purrs for a lovely week
Winston and Emily
PS-that is Emily scratching away.  I would never hear the end of it if  Emily found out she wasn't included in this week's post.
PPS-the photos of Pearl are from Mom's sister.


  1. Hi Winston and Emily, I am so sorry your great grandma passed away. Cuddle up extra close to your Mom for the next while.
    Wonderful Pearl seems to be on the mend!
    Winston, you don't look happy in your carrier. Good for you everything is well with you.
    I love blue and white dishes too. I am lucky to have a few from when I was a little girl.
    Emily you look like you are having a good scratch on your post!
    Wishing all a good week!

    1. Hi Robin,
      thank you for visit. Even though we knew Nan was failing it was still a bit of shock and we were all so sad.
      We are hoping Pearl is on the mend, too.
      Blue and white dishes are lovely. How nice you have some from your childhood --along with the good memories.
      Winston, Emily and Maggie (the biped slave!)

  2. Glad to hear Pearl is improving. I'm sorry for your loss, though. Sending a hug to you and hope you find comfort at this difficult time. I know the cats will help.

    1. Thank you for your visit. Cats can be fuzzy little heart healers.

  3. Glad you got a good bill of health from the vet. Hope you got lots of treats when you got home. Great news about Pearl. You kitties have a great week.

    1. Hi Crafting Queen,
      I got to play with the new catnip toy from the vet when I got home.
      Have a nice week.

  4. Hi guys. Our condolences and purrs to your mom and her family, on the passing of her grandmother. ♥

    We're very glad to read, though, that Pearl did her business. Maybe a change in food or a supplement would help? You CAN give kitties Restor-a-lax in a pet-appropriate dose, maybe 1/8-ish tsp 2x per day in her food? Best to check with the vet on the dosage. We've both stopped up from time to time and our biped keeps it on hand. We don't normally have difficulties, though, unless the biped gives us something high fibre. (Each kitty being different, of course.)

    The dish is pretty. Dishware will catch our human's eye, but storage space is extremely limited and she's not moving with a house-full of stuff, so most of the time she can resist. Thrift stores are great places for awesome finds on dish and glassware, though, pretty tea cups, etc. :-)

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your visit.
      We know the vet gave something for Pearl to take...perhaps this Restor-a--lax is the name of it.
      It would have been cheaper, in the long run, to buy the 16 piece place setting of this pattern. However, space is at a premium at my apartment, too. If I get two more place settings it will bring my total 6 place settings instead of 4.
      Hope you and the boys are doing well.

  5. My condolences on the loss of your grandma's mom. That's hard, no matter what. Good to hear that Pearl is better, and that Winston is okay too! How will Pearl react when she finds out the whole interwebs knows about her litter box habits? Hahahaha!

    1. Hi Eastside Cats-Thanks for your visit.
      I know. I second guessed myself on the litter box habits mention...but anyone with a cat has probably, at some point, come across this situation. Hopefully, nobody was eating, like I was, when they read it!
      Hope you are all doing well.

  6. Man, you get toys at your Stabby Place? Wow, we are so getting cheated. Awesome news about Pearl. We are also very sorry about your loss.

    1. Hi Whiskeratti-Emily and I both had appointments last week. Emily had an appointment on Monday and she didn't get a catnip treat after at all! I'm thinking I was probably more dignified.
      PS-hi this is Mom. The vet actually said Winston was acting ridiculous :) Perhaps she gave him the toy because he made her smile.
      Thanks for the visit.

  7. We're so glad Peal is doing better!!

  8. We are sooo sooo sorry about your Grandma, sending (((hugs))). So happy that Pearl is doing better! Winston we are all glad that all went well at the Vet, you are lucky, my Vet doesn't give out toys, just SHOTS!! MOL! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I didn't get to see Nan often as she lived out of province but I miss her
      We are grateful Pearl seems to be doing better now!
      Thanks again for the visit.

  9. I am sorry for the loss of your Mom's Grandma. I am glad you and Pearl are OK.

  10. I am so glad everything came out okay with Pearl and the checkup went well.

    Sending deep rumbly purrs for your loss.

  11. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. We send purrs of comfort.
    But We are glad to hear Pearl seems to be on the mend and that you, Winston, had a fairly easy time at the Stabby Place. Toys, huh? Why don't We get toys from the v-e-t?
    Finally, Miss Emily looks beautiful, as always.