Sunday, January 16, 2022

Senor Grumpy Pants

Hello and Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a lovely New Year! We haven't been in to visit since before Christmas. Sigh. Our Mom gets a bit distracted sometime. Emily and I had a nice Christmas. We got a toy mouse and 3 bags of our favourite treats!
Late last week Winston had a quick visit to the vet. Mom dreads taking him to the vet now that she found out he has kidney issues. However, the vet told Mom that he gained half a pound! Mom was so relieved. Her heart felt a bit lighter. (Winston doesn't want you to know that he whined and complained on the walk to AND from the vet's office! Mom said she appreciated his vocal stylings! No Mom, he is just cranky and wants you to know it!)
Mom had a long weekend. However, since we are having a Covid surge again, many things are either closed or restricted. Thankfully, the park is still open! She went for a long walk on a cold, frosty morning. A long walk and fresh air revives the spirit!
Mom was surprised to see a robin in the park in the middle of January! She worried about them and gave them some granola she keeps in her purse. If the robins don't it those rascally squirrels certainly will!
Winston is now getting a few drops of Omega-3 oil (fish oil) in his daily food. The vet and Mom thought it might help him with his kidney issues. We hope you all have a lovely day! Winston and I will close with a funny from Pinterest. Purrs, Winston and Emily


  1. Hi you two! Happy new year!

    Winston, you're allowed to be grumpy when going to the vet. We're glad it was a good check-up, though, and that you've gained weight. Your mum must be doing something right. ��

    That park is so lovely. The biped would love to have a park nearby. The swamp isn't quite as pretty. Lol.

    We hope you all stay well and stay safe. Maybe there will be an end of the pandemic in our lifetimes. Sometimes it doesn't feel there will be, with the way things are going. So a special thanks for posting the pie chart and making the biped smile.

    Purrs from Derry, take care! ❤️

  2. Nice to see a post from you cuties. Glad you had a nice Christmas and also glad Winston gained some weight. My Joanie has kidney disease so I will look into the fish oil. I hope you both and your mom have a happy and healthy new year! XO

  3. We are glad you all had a nice Christmas, and that Winston is doing well with the kidney stuff. Purrs and hugs to you!

  4. Happy New Year!
    The pandemic has kept me home for almost two years now, but I love working remotely, because I'm with my cats!
    Oh yeah...ahem...with The Hubby too.
    Winston, your vocal stylings did nothing to deter your momma from making sure you are cared for.

  5. We're glad you two and Mom are doing ok. Purrs to Winston for his kidneyissues !

  6. A robin in winter? Did he/she get lost somehow? So striking against the white snow. We've had enough of the season already, but we still have cozy and warm wishes for you all. Meow!