Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Fun Day Trip and Thank You

 Hello.   It's Winston.  In this photo, I am feeling very happy and content.  See the wonderful box and mouse?   I wanted to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday in last week's post.  I do appreciate your visits.
 This past weekend our Mom went to the town of Stratford, Ontario with some friends.  Their first stop was at this amazing candy store called Rheo Thompson Candies.  Woohoo!  Mom said it was mostly chocolate.  She also said it smelled heavenly!
 Mom loved this Halloween kitty chocolate. 
 This Mountie bear with chocolates was so cute!  (But we are cuter!)
 Hello now from Emily.  Excuse me while I sip ambrosia water from the bathroom faucet.   Sometimes I can get Mom to do my bidding and turn on the water for me. 
Mom's fun visit didn't end with the candy store.  They also went to a bookstore.  Mom said there were books on the floors and the mantel ....books everywhere.
 She said it felt like the kind of store where something "adventure-y" might happen.
 Mom almost bought a set of these salt and pepper shakers.  Thankfully, she realized it would be silly to buy them when she had much better-looking felines at home.
 I will close with this figurine of the Queen.  Apparently, she waved at everyone.

Winston and I will close with this image from Pinterest.   We think it would do our humans well to remember this.
Happy purrs to everyone for a good week.
Winston and Emily


  1. Those shops look like great fun for humans! That adorable chocolate Halloween kitty is too cute to eat, though. And our biped, with her squinty vision, had to look closely to tell if the Queen was making a rude gesture or just waving. :-D

    Winston, we love how happy you look in that box! That's way better than either of the shops for us kitties.

    And Emily, you'll have to train your mom to leave the tap dripping all the time, never mind any water bills or waste, right?

    Take care; purrs from us!

  2. Thanks for the share. Winston, you look great relaxing in your box with your mousie. Your mom looks like she had a wonderful time at the candy shop and the bookstore. We love the smell of chocolate also. Everything looks so delicious. Hope you are all have a wonderful day and Emily is having fun in the sink. Such a cutie. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  3. That looks like a nice book shop. Glad she had fun.

  4. Looks like your Mum had fun. Hope you kitties have a great week. Purrs from Skipper.