Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Quick Update from the Fur Nerds

 Good morning all!  It's Emily.  Winston and I feel like we should apologize on behalf of our Mom.   She is extra busy these days with work and dental visits.   We need to visit everybody soon.
I am NOT extra busy.  In fact, I am taking a little extra time here to relax on the back of the chair.
 Mom saw this pretty flower at a garden center.  She wants to get back into growing some herbs indoors.  She is feeling encouraged because she has nurtured the catnip plant for 2 weeks and it is still alive!  (though I have seen the Winston kitten sniffing around it....hmmm)  She is scouring the internet for information on herbs that won't hurt felines.   I wouldn't eat it but the Winston kitty is another story!
 I'm going to put in this random Pinterest photo.  It made our Mom laugh.  In my opinion, she does too much housework.  I am always having to run to the safe spot when she gets out that horrible vacuum cleaner!
 Hello now from Winston.  Thanks, Emily, for betraying my weakness for catnip.  I can't help myself.  Mom usually takes off a leaf and shreds it for me.  Lovely, fresh nip!
 Yes, our Mom is a bit preoccupied.  She is on pills for her tooth and is supposed to stay away from hard, crunchy food.   Thankfully, Emily and I have not seen a decrease in her service to our needs, wants, and desires.   Thank goodness!
We hope you all have a great week!

We will close with a cute image from Pinterest.


  1. Truly, the human can be as sick or in pain (or having a broken hand like me...), just as long as service to the feline overlords is not interrupted!

    1. Very true! Broken bones are no excuse (ahem) for neglecting feline needs and wants :) I hope you are on the mend. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We hope your mom's tooth gets better soon. Crabby moms are no fun! But thank Bast you are both being properly looked after.

  3. Thank you for the update. That is a pretty flower. Sorry your Mom is so busy.

  4. We're sending your mom purrs for her dental issues and presumably infection. Ugh.

    We love that cute housework graphic. Our biped does way too much cleaning too, and it's not like she enjoys it. Something about all the fur we shed and the dirt we track in from our garden. Huh.

    You guys take good care of your human, after all, she needs to be well to continue to attend to your needs. :-)


  5. Hope that all three of you have a wonderful week. Purrs Skipper

  6. tell Mom no apologies necessary! You see how LATE we are reading this! We are so far behind it is crazy! Hoping all is ok with Mom's dental work! catchatwithcarenandcody