Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Birthday Girl

 Hello.   Something exciting happened this past week!  My birthday.  I turned five.   Mom has not given me anything yet.  She is in the middle of a work streak...she worked all weekend, too.   But felines, I have high hopes something lovely will come my way soon.  
 Spring is here.  Tiny sparrow nibbling.
 Pretty pink blooms.
 Hello!  It's Winston.  I am on top of the fridge.  I am a warrior feline.  Mom has been busy.  She has also been to see the dentist again.   Her tooth is still causing trouble.  So the dentist sent her home with an appointment to see a specialist and some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.   Perhaps this is why she has been so boring lately?
 More flowers.  Sunshine through blooms.
 Tiny flowers at the park.

We will close with this Pinterest quote.  Perhaps your human will find it helpful, too?
Purrs and nose kisses,
Emily-the birthday girl
and Winston the king of the fridge


  1. Happy Birthday Emily. Hope you get something nice. It's my 18th birthday today and all I got was tuna. :) Purrs Skipper.

  2. Belated happy birthday, Emily! Maybe your mom will get you your own real sparrow! Wouldn't that be awesome? :-)

    Winston, you look like a mighty warrior indeed!

    Purrs to your mom re: her dental issues. Our biped feels for her, trust us on that one.

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Emily! XO

  4. Happy Birthday, Emily! And Winston, we totally see the warrior in you. Really.

  5. Happy Birthday Emily! We sure hope mom bean slows down and bit so she has time to get you a present. Purrhaps a little birdie of your own? MOL

    Winston, you are a furry brave kitty!

  6. Happy Birthday, beautiful Miss Emily.
    Winston, it is clear that you are fearless, peerless warrior.
    Purrs and paw pats to you both.

  7. Happy Birthday, Emily...and Winston, both CB and Manny like to top of the fridge too!

  8. Happy birthday, Emily! We sure hope you get a nice pressie or two!