Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Funky Feline Hair Cuts

 Hello.  It's Emily.  I'm hiding in one of my favorite places.   I love paper grocery bags.   Winston and I will fight over who gets to claim it as their own cozy spot! I won this round.
So...last week Mom forces me to go to the vet for my tummy shave.
This is me waiting for the cab to pick us up and take us to Dr B.'s office.  It's unfortunate that you can't hear me sining in this photo.  I wanted to make sure Mom knew I wasn't pleased with her betrayal!   However, since my tummy has been given a funky feline cut I am feeling more frisky!   The fresh air now cools my tum!  Hooray!  Don't tell Mom as I feel the need to make her feel guilty!
Mom had a nice long weekend.  Good thing, too, cause she got a bit of a summer cold.
 It has been a bit coolish here for mid summer.  She used extra blankets at night.
 Hello now from Winston.  While Emily is boasting about her styling tummy buzz cut, I think you should admire my fluffy belly!   Mom says it's very soft.
 Mom pretended she didn't have a cold at first and continued on with her usual plans--visiting with friends, taking long walks and going to the park.
 She doesn't often go to A & W -maybe once or twice a year.  So when she does go she acts like a kid.  She says root beer in a frosty mug is very refreshing!
 She also found a new timer.   She thought this one was pretty awesome!   Thanks, K, for finding it! 
Mom finally had to admit defeat and accepted that if she wanted to feel better by the time she had to return to work it would be best to slow down.   Relaxing is so boring.  We felines find naps rather pleasant.

I'll close with this photo of Emily!  Mom says it looks like I'm plotting to take over the world in this photo.   Hmmmmm...that is not such a bad idea.
Purrs to all for a great week.
Winston and Emily


  1. Those fries look soooo good! And that root beer...our biped doesn't remember the last time she had one. Guess what she's craving now? Anyway, we hope your mom feels better this week.

    As for you, Emily, we're glad the tummy shave has helped cool you down and given you more energy.

    Winston, you have a glorious tummy, and we see you're not shy about showing it off.

    Have a good week, guys! :-)

  2. We think you both have gorgeous tummies - with or without a haircut.

  3. Emily, just so you know...cats already rule the world! At least on the interwebs!

  4. Poor you having to go to the VET. Glad you are feeling good after the haircut. :)

  5. Winston and Emily, please pass along my get well wishes to your Mom. No fun having a cold especially in the Summer!
    Have a good day!

  6. Bags are great! Please tell Mum to be sure to cut the handles off, they are choking hazards and we know of kitties that weren't so lucky! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. Glad you feel better after your shave. I have the same timer :)

  8. Maggie, I got your lovely comment on CrystalMoonCat xxx
    A lot has happened and a new blog/page in my life has started - http://elliekennedywriter.uk/ Sadly down to one pussycat now, my darling Poppy. She's reached the age of 15, I've had her since she was a kitten, so she is now travelling around with me! Currently looking out of the caravan window at birds! Will take her out on harness later. Must go now, but will be back reading and commenting very very soon. Love, Linda xxxxxx

  9. I love that timer. I should try to get one for mommy! She abandoned me but come home with presents. xox

  10. The world would be so much better if we felines were in charge of it. Enjoy the new frisky cut.