Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Quick Hello

 Hello! It's Emily all comfy cozy in the laundry basket.   I'm relaxed but Mom is busy with work.  She is on a six day work week.  Plus she is a bit under the weather.   Don't worry, though, as Winston and I have everything under control!
 Mom walked to the grocery store the other day.   There was a very gentle spring rain so all of the flowers sparkled!  The yellow tulip
 the pink magnolia
 Somebody's beautiful, tranquil front yard.
 What is this, Mom?!  ARE you looking at other cats!

I'm just going to insert this photo here.   This is a picture of me cuddling by Mom for the first time ever.  Mom wasn't feeling so great so I thought she needed a little feline therapy.  Mom was so thrilled she took a photo.  She says it's the first time in almost the three years since I've lived here that I've snuggled with her.
I think Mom needed a reminder to stick with us two and not be looking at other kitties.
Next week I may let Winston have a bit of a say.
However, both of us do wish you a lovely week.
Many purrs,
Winston and Emily


  1. You're very wise to remind your mom how wonderful her own felines are. We hope she gets better soon.

  2. Emily, how sweet that you cuddled with your mom! Definitely time to be treasured. ♥

    We hope your mom feels better soon and that her 6-day stretch passes quickly and easily for her.

    Your magnolias are ahead of ours, we think! At least the magnolia trees our biped has seen aren't ready to bloom yet. Soon! :-)

  3. Oh Emily we are sure you made your Mum smile!!! Sorry she is under the weather and hope she feels better soon. Pretty flowers! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. We susre hope your mom bean is feeling better. That sounds like a furry long week of working when she isn't well.

    You are such as good kitty to cuddle with her.

  5. Hope your Mom feels better soon. Hope you and Winston have a great week.

  6. Emily, keep cuddling your Mom. It helps her feel better!
    Tell you Mom I hope she feels well enough to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather soon.

  7. Nice to see you kitties. I hope your Mom feels better soon.

  8. But...but...because you, Emily and Winston are so sweet, your momma thinks ALL cats are sweet! That's why she looks at other kitties; it's impossible NOT to for humans. Hope she feels better, and too much work and no play is no fun at all.

  9. oooh we love the sparkly flowers!