Sunday, January 17, 2016

Purry happy to be back

 Hello all.   Miss Emily here.   I'm reporting from my comfy chair.  The one with the soft blanket and big pillow.   Well.   The Mom person finally got her internet back.   It took the company 11 days and 6 technicians to get it fixed.   I heard her muttering something about finding another company.   However, I'm so happy to be back I will just report on the nice bits!
 Mom enjoys her quiet winter walks.   She especially enjoyed this morning walk to work.  

And after all the fun she has been through, I've been trying to nudge her to go out for another special treat with a friend!
Now I just need to get caught up on all the other blogs we love to follow.
Purrs for your patience!
Miss Emily
and Oscar and Winston


  1. Yay for your Internet being restored, Emily, Oscar, Winston and Mom! We're looking forward to seeing more of you soon. :)

  2. That internet company had better give your mum a credit for the down time. What a crappola business. If she can, yes, a better service provider would be warranted.

    Our biped enjoys the buses on these winter mornings when it's sub-zero. LOL.

    Take care, have a good week.

  3. Welcome back! That did take them a long time to fix the problem.

  4. Emily, I would have used bad words, if my internet was out for so long! Hopefully, this won't happen again to your momma!

  5. It's always great when the Internet is working!! Welcome back! xx

  6. We're late to the pawty but welcome back!