Monday, October 19, 2015

Felines and Thrifting and Pumpkins

 Good morning felines,   Winston greeting you today.   It's been very cold the last few days.   Mom stopped wearing sandals when she heard the word "snow".     I even decided to help out her cold toes by sleeping on them the other night.  I know she appreciates my warm floof on  her frozen feet!
 Late last week Mom went to the thrift store.  She doesn't get to go very often.  She said she laughed when she saw this feline mug but she left it there on the shelf.  
 The Mom person did find a cute chickadee cookie tin and a scarf with colors she liked.
 Purrs for a great week from Emily.  I'm reporting from the dining room table as it's my favorite spot in the whole world...Mom's extravagant vacation treat was a Yankee Candle wax melt...
 ...she liked the scent of the spiced pumpkin!
 Purrs from Oscar kitty today, too!   I've been keeping my Mom up at night with my loud meows.   Sometimes I walk into a corner and I get confused and sometimes I get lonely and want company.   One night the Mom person even slept on the sofa to stay close to me.  I was very happy and purred and purred but she said it was a bit uncomfortable.   I really need extra cuddles these days.  
Mom found some pretty pumpkins at the grocery store.  She loves the color.   (I think it's because it close to my color!)
 She doesn't buy any, though, as it would be too heavy to lug onto a bus.   Beside, who are we kidding, the Winston kitty would try to shred them.

I will close with this photo of the leaves.   They are in full color now.   Sending you orange kitty purrs for a great week.


  1. Winston, you are such a nice kitty to help keep your momma's toes warm! Emily, do you lay on top of your human too? Oscar, to be honest, we get confused sometimes and find ourselves in a corner too, but I am glad your momma slept with you on the couch. I did the same when Angel was spayed; I hugged her for five nights, just so she wouldn't have to wear the plastic cone collar all night. We haven't slept together since then! I'm purring for you, Oscar!

  2. Aw, Oscar, continued purrs to you, and to you all.

    That mug your mom saw was awfully cute! The scarf and tin are very pretty, though. Good finds. Our biped's criteria for buying anything now is whether she'd move with it (if she/we ever get the opportunity!).

    Have a good week, take care, everyone.

  3. Sending purrs to Oscar. You kitties are so helpful to your Mom, what will she do without you. :)

  4. Awww Oscar, you are such a sweet lil guy. We know your Mom luffs both of you very much.

  5. Our Mommy loves thrifting too...right now she's got on a super cool pair of cargo pants--THREE BUCKS!

  6. Oscar, we continues to send our purrs for you. Enjoy your special time for with your mom bean.

    Winston and Emily, you is such good helpers! Have a great week efurrybody.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Winston , we 'd take you as a foot warmer any day! ;p That scarf is really pretty. Good finds by your Mama. Our Mama likes to go to thrift stores for clothes :) Oscar, Leo also liked to talk quite a bit in his later years. He wanted extra love too. We know your Mama is indulging you as much as is possible :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Sometimes I accidentally delete instead of publish a comment :( That happened with this one by pilch92 15 and meowing. Sorry Pilch 92...I'm trying to post it by copying and pasting. Thanks for your visit!

    Nice finds at the thrift store. I am praying for Oscar. Have you had your thyroid checked?
    Sometimes with hyperthyroid kitties will vocalize at night.

    1. Hi. Yes. Oscar is actually on medication for his thyroid. He gets a dose in the morning and another in the evening.

  9. oh Oscar, sweet Oscar. We know how very much your mum loves you to sleep on an uncomfy sofa. We wish you much love sweet one...