Monday, January 21, 2013

Miss Lucy is here to assist you with any questions =)

She specializes in the proper care, cuddling and treats of your favorite feline. Please do keep your questions brief as she is quite busy with other clients.

Lucy just look so poised and proper here. I just imagine her as the Miss Manners of kitty cats.


  1. Miss Lucy, I had to look at this picture several times to convince myself you are not my two look enough alike to be twins. Do you think you are related to my Snookums? Hugs and nose kisses Mumsy

  2. A proper lady ALWAYS crosses her paws.
    Jane x

  3. Just look at the way she crosses her paws.

  4. no questions from me but I would like to send some kisses to Lucy!
    Love, Cody

  5. Lucy is just gorgeous, so prim and proper. I bet she would be brilliant running a library - Lucy the Librarian!!!

    Linda xx