Friday, October 11, 2013

Lucy Kitty

Peoples and felines, This is Lucy kitty.  I'm still not feeling very well.  But Mom still gives me all my pills-sometimes up to 9 a day.  She walked to the vet's office this morning to pick up something called "forti-flora" and it's supposed to help with my upset tummy.  The antibiotics are strong.  I still need to get pills for at least 2 1/2 weeks.
Mommy has not been well the last week.  She has a very bad cold.  She keeps losing her voice.  This is terrible as the Winston kitty needs scolding at LEAST several times a day.  I suggested to her that she pour herself some tea and honey and drink up.  This teacup and saucer is her most recent thrift store find.  
This is Winston Kitty giving me a face wash.  I was very relaxed.  Don't get the wrong idea, though.  Usually, he is totally a brat.  Mom is off work next week.  She is on vacation.  She has cancelled two of her bed and breakfast getaways so she can spend time with me.   Right now I am purring on her lap to show that I appreciate her efforts.
Autumn is her favorite time of year.  Lucy kitty signing off-thanks for the purrs and prayers, everybody!


  1. Oh, Lucy. We are sorry you are still not feeling well. And poor Mommy, too! We are purring and praying for you both to get well soon.

  2. So sorry you are not feeling very well. That's a lot of tables, poor you. Hope you and your Mum feel better soon.

  3. Continued purrs for you, Lucy, and purrs for your mom too. We sure hope you like the FortiFlora--we can't imagine a cat NOT liking it. That stuff is like kitty crack--at least for us. :-)

  4. Lucy, we purr you feel better soon. It is not fun being sick.
    Purrs to your Mom too. Our Mom has a bad cold and cannot get rid of the cough!
    Maybe she needs hot tea and honey :)
    Big purrs to you and your Mom!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  5. Oh baby girl, we wish you were feeling much better, it's kind that your Mummy is sick at the same in sympathy or something. We think Winston is pushing his luck..we will all come round and sort him out...just say the word.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  6. Lucy sending prayers that you feel better soon, for your Mum too......we see Mummy around the blog-o-sphere a bit but haven't seen her visit in quite some time but regardless we wish you both well.

  7. Lucy Kitty, you and your Mom have to take care of each other and get better! We send plenty of purrs to help