Sunday, August 20, 2017

Restful Weekends are the Best!

 Hello.  It's Emily and I'm snuggled up in my favorite brown paper bag.  Mom has wisely cut off the handles this time so I won't get caught in one of them!  Our Mom had a long week but she did get the entire two day weekend this time!  She was very thankful.
Mom left for an early morning walk in the park today.
She saw somebody sailing a model boat in the pond.

Mom saw this Blue Jay high up on a tree branch.

 Don't be shocked!  But this tree, a young, healthy Maple had already lost most of its leaves!  It's not autumn yet!

 Hello from Winston.  I'm just chilling here today.  We were glad there were no scary weather alerts this weekend.  Mom left us to go visit a friend at a funky cafe.
 The decor was something called steampunk.  Trust us...our Mom isn't cool enough for that kind of atmosphere!
 She bought a cookie and a kombucha tea.   Once she got over the shock of the price for both...she savored them.
Her friend gave her this lovely fridge magnet...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Winston and Emily and the Much Too Exciting Weekend

 Good Monday purrs from Winston.  I hope you had a relaxing weekend!  Emily and I had a lot of excitement the past three days.  Phew.  We may need to take extra naps to make up for it!
First off our Grandmom and Mom's sister came for a visit.  Grandmom had a birthday!
 This is the present our Grandmom got from Mom.  It plays The Wind Beneath my Wings when you open the lid.  Emily and I thought it was rather dull.  However, Grandmom seemed to like it! 
After presents were opened they went out for breakfast and shopping.
 Our Mom bought Grandmom a brownie for breakfast, partly as a joke and partly to treat her for her b-day.   Only, guess what?!   Grandmom ate it right away.  Even before they got their breakfast order.
What is that saying?! Eat dessert first. 
Emily and I certainly eat our treats first!
 Our Mom also had a dentist appointment on Friday.  It's a long walk for her almost 4 km!  On the way back, she took a wood path to try and chill out. She saw this butterfly!  What you can't see is the NO Trespassing Sign.  Tsk Tsk Mom.   She cropped the photo to make the butterfly bigger and to get rid of the sign.  Who knew our Mom was such a rebel.  (Mom here-the path was for public use, I think it was just the bushy wooded area on the sides of the path!)
 Purrs now from Emily!  Guess what else happened this weekend?  We had a tornado warning.  Mom had started her laundry when they ended the severe thunderstorm warning.  Only when she came back up to her apartment the screen was red for the tornado warning.   The lady on the weather network said people in our area should take cover!  And now kitties, the worst is that Mom corralled Winston and I and put us into the bathroom with water and kibbles.   I, Emily, was not happy and led Mom a merry chase before she caught me.  We live in an apartment and don't have access to a basement (it's locked)  The lady on the tv said to go to a small interior room with no windows.   That Mom...the nerve of her!!
 ....then MOM went outside with her camera. Mom said she claustrophobic!
 Thankfully, though we had two tornados touch down, an F0 and an F2, none came close our building.   Winston and I are enclosing this inforgraphic(from Pinterest) for your safety!  Did your humans ever force you to be safe!
Is all of this too exciting for you?
Mom did boring stuff, too.  She watched the new Snoopy movie from a library DVD.
 Mom says between tornado warnings and the news these days a little Snoopy goes a long way!
 This is an inspirational quote that is also from Pinterest!
Winston will close off for today.   Here he is not stressing about the weather or the world.  He is only enjoying his tiny corner of it!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Funky Feline Hair Cuts

 Hello.  It's Emily.  I'm hiding in one of my favorite places.   I love paper grocery bags.   Winston and I will fight over who gets to claim it as their own cozy spot! I won this round.
So...last week Mom forces me to go to the vet for my tummy shave.
This is me waiting for the cab to pick us up and take us to Dr B.'s office.  It's unfortunate that you can't hear me sining in this photo.  I wanted to make sure Mom knew I wasn't pleased with her betrayal!   However, since my tummy has been given a funky feline cut I am feeling more frisky!   The fresh air now cools my tum!  Hooray!  Don't tell Mom as I feel the need to make her feel guilty!
Mom had a nice long weekend.  Good thing, too, cause she got a bit of a summer cold.
 It has been a bit coolish here for mid summer.  She used extra blankets at night.
 Hello now from Winston.  While Emily is boasting about her styling tummy buzz cut, I think you should admire my fluffy belly!   Mom says it's very soft.
 Mom pretended she didn't have a cold at first and continued on with her usual plans--visiting with friends, taking long walks and going to the park.
 She doesn't often go to A & W -maybe once or twice a year.  So when she does go she acts like a kid.  She says root beer in a frosty mug is very refreshing!
 She also found a new timer.   She thought this one was pretty awesome!   Thanks, K, for finding it! 
Mom finally had to admit defeat and accepted that if she wanted to feel better by the time she had to return to work it would be best to slow down.   Relaxing is so boring.  We felines find naps rather pleasant.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Beautiful Sunday--Cats and Tea and Flowers!

 Hello!   I've been enjoying a day off after a physically and emotionally exhausting week.  It's nice to know that sometimes you can refocus and gain a clearer view of things after some sleep and down time.
Miss Emily always makes me smile.  She is fearful of plastic bags and a mighty huntress when it comes to bugs that send me scurrying to find a shoe to squash it!  Her appointment to be groomed and shaved has been moved up to this week.

I went for a long walk this morning.  I met this woofie at a small park enjoying a fountain  :)   He looked like such a sweet boy.

 I know some places are so dry that wild fires are burning out of control.  So...when it rains again I try to enjoy the positive things about the moistures.  All our plants and trees are so very green!

 I think this is a rose.  I love the soft pink color.
A small, man-made waterfall at the park.
 The Winston kitty posing with his cat food.   I'm so thankful I can mix his Cosequin in with this moist food and he will eat it.

 Nothing like a little toe tuft cleaning!  Thanks for taking care of it on the table, Emily!
photo from their website
I was happy to find another tea that I enjoy!  Turmeric Tea makes a loose leaf chai tea with, you guessed it, turmeric!  It's actually lovely and perfect for me as a wake-up tea!
 I've been thinking of Oscar kitty a lot this past week.  I miss my orange Timbit.   There is nothing to be done for it.  Just some days are harder than others.  Even when he was getting frail and forgetful he was the sweetest boy and would purr loudly when I gave him ear scritches. 
I'm so thankful for these two hooligans who keep life bearable with their silly antics and their sweetness!
This coming weekend will be a long one for me!  Hooray!
I hope everyone has a great week!

From Pinterest

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kitty Tattoo! ? Oh my.

 Hello from Emily and Winston!  Our Mom tried to leave for a walk to the grocery store this past Saturday.  Of course, we had to let her know she couldn't JUST leave.   Hehehe...we made exist almost impossible.  Emily tried to tempt Mom with a fluffy belly distraction.  While Winston made sure Mom knew that he was really an explorer at heart.  Mom is clever, though, she had a small handful of Temptations and threw them into the living room.  Kitties, we had to run away from the door to get them.   It was the right thing for a feline to do.
 Mom said the walk to the grocery store was very pleasant.  It was cool and overcast.  No rain on the walk down.
 She saw this lovely kitty in the window.  We think that collar looks rather fetching!  While Mom was at the plaza she went to the flower shop and purchased on yellow rose.   Her Nan's favorite color was yellow and Mom wanted to honor her Nan's memory.

 Mom put the rose on the table next to the wooden box.  The art on the box is by an artist called is by an artist called Shelley McVittie.  (Here is a link to her website  The wooden box had belonged to Nan and she kept photos inside of it.
 Here is another photo of the painting on the top of the box.   For now, our Mom is keeping sentimental letters and cards on it.
Mom has been feeling restive lately.  Why-she was even considering getting a tattoo!  That is not at all like our Mom!
However, if she did get all wild and woolly perhaps this tattoo would be appropriate.  We think it is small and elegant and tasteful...and not at all self-serving!
photo from Pinterest

 Mom found this piece of advice on Pinterest.  You may have noticed Mom likes getting ideas from here. Small, slow changes.
We will close off for now!
Emily thought she would close with a fluffy belly shot!  The vet said she needs to come in next month to get her tummy shaved or she might get dreadful knots in her fur!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Healing and Hope and Dishes

 Good morning from Winston.  Do I look fierce in this photo?  I'm in my carrier waiting for the cab to take me to the vet's office.  I can tell you that I was NOT happy.
 Once we arrived at the vet's and then taken to a room, I was able to explore.  
 There was a wonderful window sill.  I think I hear a bird.   I'm 12 years old now.  Which, apparently, makes me a senior kitty.  I gained some weight (that furry little dude was hefty!  **the Mom**)  However, the vet seemed to think I was doing OK.  She just suggested Mom keep an eye on me.  Plus, after all sorts of indignities, Dr. B. gave  me a catnip toy!  Hooray!  It's Nip time.
So-last week-Mom asked for purrs for our Grandmom's kitty, Pearl.  She has an obstruction in her intestine and if it doesn't clear up with laxatives and such they might have to do surgery.
 So....Miss Pearl had a big poop.   Our Grandmom called Mom to tell her.  Our Mom was very thankful.  She said the timing could have used a bit of work as she was eating her supper at the time.  Ha ha , Mom.  Just be thankful,  all right?  Don't be so squeamish!
 Pearl just chilling!  
Our Grandmom cuddling Pearl
 We were very thankful that Pearl seemed to be doing better.   Mom is also hoping she doesn't need surgery now.  Mom's grandma, (Our Grandma's Mom) passed away on Sunday morning.  She lived a good, full life and had 94 years.  Even though she was becoming frail and tired and it wasn't a surprise, her passing was very difficult.
In other news,  our Mom went shopping with a friend on Friday.  She found a new plate, called Provincial, from Corelle.  Mom has the plain white dishes from Corelle and she she likes them as they go with everything.  Our Mom, though, she has this "thing" for dishes.  She especially likes blue and white.  So she bought one plate on Friday and hopes to slowly buy 2 whole place settings.  She figures she can match them up nicely with her white dishes.  Honestly, felines, I don't understand my Mom.  Dishes?!  I only care that my food is on them.  Mom says she inherited the dish loving gene from her Mom and Grandma.

Photo from Pinterest
I am going to close with this  cartoon from Pinterest.  In case you didn't know.  We felines have healing powers.
You best go cuddle with your feline today.