Monday, February 20, 2017

A Hint of Spring...and other things!

 Hello from Winston.  First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Family Day.  Here in Canada many people get the day off.  Our Mom was one of the people who did get the day off.  She was very happy to have a long weekend. It's like a mini vacation in the middle of winter.
 Typically, we have lots of snow.  This is on one of the routes Mom takes when she walks to get her groceries.   Brrrr!!!  I'm glad that I'm a cat and can cuddle on chairs and not have to trek over snow, ice and railroad tracks.
 This is the snowy view from one of our big windows.   Nippy weather for sure! I'm heading back to the chair!
 Mom is just adding this photo of a fancy hot chocolate because she likes chocolate.   She says it was especially good because of the whipped cream and and dark chocolate shavings.   Hot chocolate is a consolation prize for the bitter winds and snow during this season!
However, for the past few days we have been getting this kind of weather:
 Blue skies with lots of sunshine.  Our snow is almost gone!
 Hello from Emily!  My big news is that Mom got a new mattress!  Until she figures out what to do with her old mattress She has decided to lean it against the bedroom wall which is behind headboard.   I find that it's wonderful to climb up here and peer down at all the peasants below.   Mom says it makes her nervous having a furry little gargoyle watching her.   I have to would think with my "demon glow" eyes that Mom would be a bit more careful how she phrases things!  However, Mom does do a few things right such as....Straws!
 Mom found some wonderful paper straws with pink and white stripes.  She will take one out of storage and let it whap it around the floor for a while.  They are great fun.
 Mom likes to take photos of flowers in stores.   She especially enjoyed the soft color of this rose!  She doesn't often purchase flowers...
We hope that you and your humans have a great week.   Goodness only knows how much longer this early "spring-like" weather will last!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Chocolate Day!

 Hello from Winston!   Our Mom is excited because in a few days, February 15th,  the Valentine Day chocolates will go on sale!
Meanwhile, Emily and I were happy that Mom decided to do some laundry!  There is nothing we enjoy more than getting our fur all over her freshly laundered, warm clothes!
In our area we have been getting some interesting winter weather.
 We got freezing rain one day.  Mom wore her boot grips.  These ladies, though, just avoided the sidealk.
 Mom says she would rather walk through a snow storm than freezing rain.  She did concede, though, that freezing rain can look pretty!
After the freezing rain we got snow!
 This is on one of Mom's walks to an appointment. 
We convinced Mom that to keep our spirits up she should keep out the Christmas light!  Don't you think they provide a nice, soft glow.  
 Turning on the twinkle lights is one of the first things she does when she gets home from work.
 Purrs from Emily!  It's my turn to cuddle in the laundry basket.  It's so cozy in here.  Only, I don't like that Mom keeps annoying me with the flash camera.
 Mom had to pick up some of her kitty food from the vet.  This is Bogart.  He lives at the vet's office.  Mom says he is a scalawag.  However, we think she likes his silliness.  
 Mom went with a friend to go shopping on Friday.  She found something called Woolzies.  These are lamb's wool dryer balls.   It's supposed to help with static cling.  Mom won't use dryer sheets because of the chemicals.  She can hardly wait to test these out!  They have received good reviews online.  After the shopping they stopped at a cafe for tea AND  a cookie.
 Another wintery view from inside.  Mom's weekend was very busy.  Between work, shopping etc.  She also got a new bed and mattress.  She also inherited her sister's old cell phone.  (her sister got a new phone for Christmas)  Mom says that days off can be tiring.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Small Hi from Emily

 Miss Emily here.   I made the Mom person very happy.  I purred...loudly while she brushed me and gave me treats!   Mom didn't know what the sound was at first....and  then she realized I was purring!
I hardly ever purr so it took her by surprise.
 Yep!   We have healing powers!
Mom says purrs make her heart happy!
That makes me happy too!
Have a great week.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Snowy days

 Good morning.  Winston kitty here today.   We have been exceptionally lucky the last few weeks to have very mild weather with rain and with fog.
 It stayed foggy for several days in a row!  The snow was almost all gone.   Well, that is done with for now.
 We are back to the snow.
 Mom says it looks pretty but she misses the sidewalks being clear.
 Hi now from Miss Emily!   I've been trying to keep out of trouble!   I have a question for you...perhaps you have some suggestions?  My Mom's mom has a cat, Pearl, I believe we have introduced her to you before.   This is Pearl being all cuddly at Christmas.
 Well, Pearl likes to scratch things...she scratches thing A LOT.   So much so, in fact, that Grandma is considering getting her front claws removed.   Our Mom doesn't really like that idea.   Grandma said that she would get it done by lasers so it wouldn't be as bad.   Since our Mom doesn't know much about that she didn't have anything to say.   But any gentle ideas/suggestions are welcome.
 Yes. lots of snow again.  It is still winter after all!   We felines have a few helpful hints for you to deal with it.   We, personally, like naps.  However, we have also found warm beverages
 Yummm...chai latte
 Embracing the snowy weather....
 or maybe just getting cozy

Monday, January 23, 2017

Emily and Winston say "hi"

 Hello.  It's Emily.   I'm admiring this rose Mom bought recently.   It is such a pretty color!   We are in the middle of a January thaw.
 The snow is melting.   The little snow that does remain is dirty.  
 It has also been very foggy for several days in a row.   Mom says it's like living in England!  (not that she would know)
 I don't know why but the weather makes me want to take a nap...on the ding room table!
 Hello purrs now from Winston.  Yes, the weather has been a bit dreary.  Mom says that it's nice, though, that the sidewalks are clear of ice and snow.   Plus, she likes to drink extra tea!  She went to the mall for the first time in almost 2 months (she is such a wuss...she hates crowds during the holiday season)  She found some nice sales.   Mom stopped by David's Tea and discovered a new favorite tea....Serenity Tea.  It has blueberry, rose petals, and lavender!  She said it tastes like a soft, quiet spring morning.  She still has her other favorite teas...but she always gets excited when she finds a new flavor!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Mischief

 I wanted to thank everyone who visited the blog last week and left their kind thoughts and support.   The visits really did mean a lot to me.   I miss my orange boy.   So very much.
In the meantime-these two hooligans try to keep me occupied.   It's the innocent looking ones that are highly suspect!
 Winston made me laugh with this sleep pose.  I'm not even certain how he managed to stay balanced with his fluffy bum half hanging over the back of the sofa.
 Miss Emily also decided to show some furry tummy.   Only with her, I couldn't resist.  I had to give her a tummy tickle and a kiss.  I was very fortunate that I escaped that indiscretion with only an offended feline glare!
 Winston proved once again that no place is really sacred here.  I mean-the top shelf of the closet seems like a great idea at the time...but getting down (yes, I did help him!)
 I helped a friend celebrate her birthday last week.  This pie looked amazing!
 I met another friend for a warm beverage on Saturday.   She gave me this awesome 💖cat pillow.  I've put it on the chair Oscar rested on.  I can't move his stuffed bear or his heat pack yet.
(The material is beautiful and silky which is why I think there is a bit of shine/glare when the flash went off)
 Most of the beautiful snow has melted for our January thaw.  The sidewalks are great to walk snow, no ice.    That might change soon as they are forecasting the possibility of freezing rain.  Honestly, I'd rather walk in a snow storm.