Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Quick Hello

 Hello! It's Emily all comfy cozy in the laundry basket.   I'm relaxed but Mom is busy with work.  She is on a six day work week.  Plus she is a bit under the weather.   Don't worry, though, as Winston and I have everything under control!
 Mom walked to the grocery store the other day.   There was a very gentle spring rain so all of the flowers sparkled!  The yellow tulip
 the pink magnolia
 Somebody's beautiful, tranquil front yard.
 What is this, Mom?!  ARE you looking at other cats!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Nefarious Easter Bunny and Shoes

 Good morning from Winston!   We hope that everyone had a nice week!   Sending purrs.   Our Mom celebrated Easter.   She was very thankful to have the weekend off.   She did a fair amount of visiting.
 These Easter Eggs are handmade...though most certainly NOT by Mom.   One of Mom's co-workers hand painted them!
 Some very nice people had Mom over for a yummy dinner on Sunday.   They sent Mom home with some lovely Easter cookies!   Sparkles!
 Mom went for a very long walk on Friday.  Her pedometer said it was over 6 km.   She was tuckered out after.   With each passing day more flowers start to bloom!
 In other news....Emily says the Easter bunny broke into our home and created this mayhem with Mom's boots and shoes.
 Hi now from Emily!   That is me in the hall.  If you look to the lower right corner you can see Winston's furry kitty bum and tail!   Mom tried to blame me on pulling all of her boots, sandals and shoes across the hallway.   I even  That Easter bunny even dragged her boot to the living room end table.  It wouldn't be easy to drag a boot across the floor by just the shoe lace!  Enough about that nefarious bunny, though!  Are you enjoying the warmer weather?  Are there more sunbeams for you to snooze in?  Our Mom goes for more walks now!
 Did your people go for long walks?  Some of these photos are from yesterday when Mom and a friend took another walk after dinner.  These happy yellow flowers are daffodils.   She doesn't know the name of the tiny purple and blue flowers.
 A very big puddle in the middle of the woodlot.  Guess what?  There were even some ducks at these puddles.  
 More snowdrops.  Mom loves them.   She says they are starting to fade, though.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring flowers, showers and tussles

 Hello to you from Winston Kitty!  I hope you had a good week!   Spring is here.   We had some rain AND snow recently.
 A blustery spring night as seen from our living room window. 
 But the Mom said her walks to work are quite beautiful!   She saw this robin one morning.
 More snowdrops.  She loves them.
 She doesn't know the name of these teeny tiny purple flowers.
 Another mystery for Mom is one moment I can be kindly grooming Miss Emily.
 ....and then less than a minute later we can wrestling on the floor.  Can you tell which one is Emily and which one is me?  I didn't think so!  Mom says we are just a big blur of fur!   To commemorate the event we will leave nice big tufts of fur drifting along the carpet.  Little kitty tumbleweeds.  
 Hello purrs from Miss Emily now.   I can't explain why we end up tussling.  I think it's mostly because Winston sometimes annoys me!  In other news....Mom got a lovely birthday card on Friday.  I know her birthday was MORE than a month ago.   But the card was so pretty we both thought to show it to you all.
 Mom hadn't been on a visit with her friend, C, in several months.  Isn't this a pretty card?!  It's from the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee store Ten thousand Villages)
 Mom even let me investigate it for a little bit!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Smacky Paws

 Hello!  It's Emily.  I'm  happily cuddled up in Mom's freshly laundered clothes.   It's great.  Everything is still warm from the dryer!   When Mom saw me she just sighed and said "thanks, Emily".  The only thing is she didn't sound very grateful.  However, she did some other chore so I could continue cuddling down.  
 Mom was off today.  She went to the mall to buy a new spring jacket with a hood.  Guess what?  She found one, too!   With the sales discount and her gift card she ended up paying just $30.00 for it instead of $125.00.   She had a rest in the food court with a delicious iced tea.
 What is the weather like in your area?  We have cold and hot temperatures.  We get lots of wind.   We get snow, freezing rain and then rain.   This photo is Mom taking a walk on her supper break.   She says when the wind is really strong the umbrella is no good to her at all.   (Which is why she wanted a spring coat with a hood)
 All this crazy weather means spring is coming!  The snowdrops are in bloom!
Mom thinks that this a tiny iris....excuse the blur.  She is still trying to get used to the camera on her iPhone!
 So...we felines also had an exciting week.   Mom thought it would be fun to photograph our smacky paws fight.  Only we did it so quickly that it was hard for her to adjust camera settings.
 I smack Winston.
 Winston smacks me back.  A flurry of paws.   There can only be one victor....
Winston takes a nap to deal with his sad defeat!  Girl kitties rule!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Felines and Insomnia-NEVER!

Hello.  It's Emily.  I hope everyone had a nice week.   Here it's been a busy week but a lazy Sunday.   Well, any day can be a lazy day for me!  It's dreary outside with a chill rain  and a raw wind.  Mom stayed inside and tidied.   Mom also read.   I helped out by taking her spot on the sofa and keeping it warm when she had to get up.   Mom really appreciated it!
Here are some tulips Mom saw at the grocery store.  She says they cheer up your heart!
She also drank lots of tea.  She loves her new kettle.
Purrs from Winston.  Excuse me if I don't get up!   Can you believe it?  But Mom taped me earlier this week and apparently I was snoring.   Loudly.   Mom said it was cute.  Whatever!   I don't suffer at all from this strange malady called "insomnia"  You humans, I'll never understand!     Mom says that sometimes things that bother her during the day seem so much worse in the middle of the night!
from Pinterest
Do your humans sometimes have this strange problem!?  Imagine NOT sleeping.  Sometimes I'll try and help by purring beside her but I'm not going to spoil her.
Hi again from Emily.   Yes, not sleeping sounds like such an odd thing.   Even if something bothers that bug on the wall I can't catch.  Or maybe Winston stealing my favorite toy.   Things like this never keep me from getting my beauty rest.   Purrs.
I'll close for now with this photo...
Mom loves snowdrops.  She says they are small and delicate but sturdy.  A sign of hope.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lazy cats and teacups

 Hello!   It's Winston saying hello today!  We hope everyone is doing well.   We are wondering because we had the time change last week and our Mom is a bit foggy brained!   Since Emily and I  can nap whenever we please we couldn't care less about Daylight Savings Time.  Mom, however, is a bit of a mess!
 This is photo taken from our living room window just after an evening rain shower.   If you look carefully you might even be able to see the raindrops on our window!   It was a beautiful sky!
 Mom had to buy lunch a few days ago.  While she was tempted by these lovely, freshly baked goodies she resisted and purchased a salad.   A salad.   Boring!   We hear there was even kale in it!
 Mom snapped this photo of me after I escaped into the hallway.   She calls me Marco Polo because of my explorer tendencies.  Sometimes I will gallop down the hall just to see if Mom will try to catch me.  It really is quite fun.  She grumbles things like:  there are dogs living on this floor you know Winston!  Pshaw!  No woofie is a match for me!  I'm a racing cheetah!
 Anyway, after a long and busy week at work Mom rested up on the week.  She and a friend went to the movie theater to see Beauty and the Beast.   It was a very last minute plan.  Mom said she really enjoyed the movie!  She would even watch it again.
 Mom says people need to see a splash of pretty color at this time of year.  Everything is so drab.   Even the snow is muddy!
 I'm throwing in this photo of me investigating Mom's tea cup. Don't worry my nose didn't get singed.   There was no tea inside!