Wednesday, April 8, 2020

April Flowers and Naps

 Hello from Winston.  We wanted to say hello.  We hope everybody is managing.
 The flowers are starting to bloom now.
Hello now from Emily.  Winston and I need lots of naps these days.  Keeping Mom out of trouble is no easy task.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Kitty Yoga

 Hello.  This Emily popping by to say hello.  We hope this finds everyone, feline and human, managing well.
Do you see in the dark background a bookcase?  Mom has A LOT of books to keep her busy if she isn't doing work or housework.  She also likes to take very long walks.
 Our area had several centimetres of snow earlier this week.  Mom was so excited and went to the park.   She said the world looked clean and had special snow quiet. 
Since the quarantine came in effect she said there a more people there walking their woofies.  She then looked at me and Winston and wondered how we might do on a leash! 
Mom, you better not try if you value your fingers.  I can be a fierce feline!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Grumpy Humphrey and the Felines

Hello from Winston!  Our Mom was on vacation last week.  She stayed busy with decluttering, reading and lots of naps!   She needs to donate some of the clutter she cleared out...only I can't let her have this particular box.  This box is mine.  We have bonded, Mom!
Mom also recently celebrated a birthday.  Emily and I got Mom this teddy bear.  His name is Grumpy Humphrey.  We are hoping she will cuddle the bear and give Emily and me a break from the kitty snuggles!
The Mom treated herself to a peppermint hot chocolate.  She said it tasted lovely!
Hello now from Emily!  Winston and I noticed that Mom slept an awful lot on her vacation.  We feel it was our influence that led to this! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Singing, Painting and Decluttering

 Hello.  This is Emily peeking around the corner.  Mom thinks I look concerned in this photo.  Last week Winston and I (quite rightfully)blamed Mom for slacking off with her blog posts.  There is always an excuse for her.  However, to be fair, work is extra busy and she has been decluttering like a dervish. 
 I would like to point out, Mom, that some of your "busy" are merely you out and about having fun.  Her friend, K, recently celebrated a birthday and they went to paint some pottery.
Mom said she felt like she was in grade school with all the paints!  (Guess what-she accidentally got her fingers covered in paint.  tee hee)
 This is the finished product.  In case you can't decipher Mom's creative efforts this is white birch trees in the winter.
 Do you remember me telling you that Mom has been decluttering like crazy?  Well, guess what?  She discovered a paper bag!  She had hidden it away for future feline fun and then forgot about it!  Winston and I had such fun whapping that thing around!
 Hello, it is Winston now.  Emily is correct.  Mom is out and about a fair bit.  She went to visit a bakery!