Sunday, June 17, 2018

An Early Heat Wave

 Hello.  Winston kitty dropping by for a quick update.  I'm enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon.   Our Mom will have one of several dental procedures beginning this Friday.  Hopefully, this one, a pulpotomy,   will help with the toothache.

 Somehow or other, she managed to catch a summer cold. 
 Lots of tea, both hot and cold, for her!
 We are having an early summer heat wave.  Thankfully, we didn't have any tornados like some other towns here in southern Ontario.
 Cozy purrs from Miss Emily.   I am starting to trust Mom a bit more.   I will allow here to sometimes brush me.  But only a bit.   She says if I get brushed I won't have to see the vet so much for matt removals!
 This gratuitous photo of root beer is only here because it's Mom's favorite sugar drink.  She hardly ever gets it! 
 Guess what?  The Mom is going to have a summer vacation soon.  We don't think she has ever had a week off during summer before.  She plans on taking some walks, going out for breakfast, visiting and maybe taking a nap or two.

We will close with an image from Pinterest.  Purrs to all of you.
Winston and Emily.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Quick Update from the Fur Nerds

 Good morning all!  It's Emily.  Winston and I feel like we should apologize on behalf of our Mom.   She is extra busy these days with work and dental visits.   We need to visit everybody soon.
I am NOT extra busy.  In fact, I am taking a little extra time here to relax on the back of the chair.
 Mom saw this pretty flower at a garden center.  She wants to get back into growing some herbs indoors.  She is feeling encouraged because she has nurtured the catnip plant for 2 weeks and it is still alive!  (though I have seen the Winston kitten sniffing around it....hmmm)  She is scouring the internet for information on herbs that won't hurt felines.   I wouldn't eat it but the Winston kitty is another story!
 I'm going to put in this random Pinterest photo.  It made our Mom laugh.  In my opinion, she does too much housework.  I am always having to run to the safe spot when she gets out that horrible vacuum cleaner!
 Hello now from Winston.  Thanks, Emily, for betraying my weakness for catnip.  I can't help myself.  Mom usually takes off a leaf and shreds it for me.  Lovely, fresh nip!
 Yes, our Mom is a bit preoccupied.  She is on pills for her tooth and is supposed to stay away from hard, crunchy food.   Thankfully, Emily and I have not seen a decrease in her service to our needs, wants, and desires.   Thank goodness!
We hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hooray for a Long Weekend!

Hello.  I hope Winston and Emily's Canadian followers had a lovely Victoria Day!  I had a long weekend.  So thankful for that.  I was able to get in some organizing: closets, cupboards, and fridge.  I had a couple of nice visits.  Mom came down to "the big city" for a visit.  I had to work May 13th, Mother's Day. Emily likes to remind me that May 13 is also her birthday!

 The blooms at the park are out.   This photo from a peaceful early morning walk.   The only people out are walking their dogs and joggers.  I think I was the only one there with her camera.  There is an indefinable something present in the early morning-a soft serenity surrounded by birdsong and blooms.  It's spring so I can be fanciful! Whatever it is, the atmosphere soothes jazzled, tired brains!
 I purchased a catnip plant from a nursery.  Emily and Winston were both immediately intrigued  :)
 One of the shelves/cupboards I tidied up was my tea shelf.  People, I am afraid I may need a tea intervention!  How can one personal accumulate so much tea!   I have medicinal teas, tea for sweet iced tea, and teas for winter.  This cute cartoon is from one of my favorite cartoonists--Gemma Correll.  Found on Pinterest, of course!
 Winston kitty curled up on the favorite cat lounger/scratcher.  My two love to fight over who gets to relax in this spot.   I only wish I could find another one.  Mom gave this one to me when her exceedingly spoiled cat, Pearl, decided it wasn't good enough for her!
 This tulip in the park.  I love my early morning hikes!
 This is Herbert.  He was in the nursery where I purchased the catnip.  He was so chill!  I made my friend come back inside to see him.  By the time I dragged her back inside, this little dude had two young admirers cooing over him.  He took it all in stride, though.
I'll close with a Pinterest quote again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Birthday Girl

 Hello.   Something exciting happened this past week!  My birthday.  I turned five.   Mom has not given me anything yet.  She is in the middle of a work streak...she worked all weekend, too.   But felines, I have high hopes something lovely will come my way soon.  
 Spring is here.  Tiny sparrow nibbling.
 Pretty pink blooms.
 Hello!  It's Winston.  I am on top of the fridge.  I am a warrior feline.  Mom has been busy.  She has also been to see the dentist again.   Her tooth is still causing trouble.  So the dentist sent her home with an appointment to see a specialist and some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.   Perhaps this is why she has been so boring lately?
 More flowers.  Sunshine through blooms.
 Tiny flowers at the park.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fur Nerds

Good morning.  Emily here.  I'm relaxing on the back of the sofa.  Our Mom had an entire weekend off!  She said it was great.   She didn't really relax, though.  Mom was out and about running errands.
 However, on her walks to the different stores, she did stop to smell the flowers.  Pretty hyacinths.  
 Golden forsythia.
 Mom has no idea what these tiny flowers are...though she thinks they are adorable.
 Good morning from Winston.  Someday I "may" have to cough up a furball on that camera.  A feline cannot get any sleep!  Also, Mom has found a ridiculous nickname for us  *fur nerd*
Like I said, there is a furball in Mom's future.  Possible inside of one of her new pairs of shoes.  Heehee!
 Magnolias blooming.
 We had a wicked, fierce windstorm etc on Thursday.  Lots of downed branches, some trees.   Mom said that road puddle was very big.  Good thing there were no pedestrians on the sidewalk.
 We recently had a full moon.  Mom says looking at the night sky can help her put things in perspective!
 Here is a quote from Pinterest.  We hope your humans are not quite so out there.  If only they would take more naps.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring is here

 Hello from Winston. We hope everyone is well.   I am on top of the fridge.   That means I'm better than everyone else...even the Mom person!
 It finally feels like spring here.   Mom made appointments at the vet for both Emily and me so we can get our summer tummy fur shave.
 Grumpy hellos from Miss Emily.  Mom is bugging me with the camera.  Good grief.  Can't she see I'm comfy and don't want to be disturbed?  Yes, it feels like spring.
 Baby duck in the park.  Mom goes on and on about how cute they are but Winston and I think felines are much cuter.
Mom said that she could feel the tension in this last photo.  I, Emily in one of Winston's favorite spots.   If he thinks I am going to move just because he is a boy and bigger than me he is sorely mistaken.  (guess what happened after this photo!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Quick Hello

Hello from Winston.  I hope you are all well.  I have a grumpy face today.   Mom said she is a bit pressed for time and won't tell you everything I want to say.  Harumph!
Emily and I are doing well.  We are shedding fur.  Knocking stuff over.  "Accidently smacking our favorite toys under heavy objects.  The usual.  Mom is busy at work with training almost every day for the last month.  Plus there are some very sick co-workers which means they are short staffed.  Thankfully, none of this will inconvenience us felines.  

 Can you believe that just last week there was an ice storm!   The flowers are all popping up overnight.  Mom says it is beautiful!   We hope your spring has finally arrived as well!