Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Birthday boy!

 Hello All!  Winston here!  Today (September 2!) I am celebrating my birthday.  Mom is doing a quick post because she is tired and a tiny bit grumpy!  But I'm not going to let that stop me from whooping it up!  I am hoping for extra treats, cuddles and perhaps even a new scratch post.

Purrs to all.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Fabulous colouring book and flowers

 Hello!  Winston here.  Mom is letting me enjoy the koi app on her iPad.  I like to watch those plump fishes!
 We hope everyone is well!  Mom continues on with her long walks!  Some days she has to plan her walks between rain breaks.  Usually, when that happens she ends up getting caught in a rain shower.  She gets wet and then her sandals make dreadful squelching noises that bother us!
 Mom saw this fabulous colouring book in the drug store.  She said that she had to stifle a squeal of delight.  Goodness, Mom, we can tell you are not getting out much these days!
 Hello from Emily.  I enjoy my 16 hours a day naps.  Keeping Mom in line is exhausting!
 Mom liked this pink flower.
 These cute teddy bears!
 Winston here again.  We hope everyone had a chance to relax a bit this weekend.  You need to be gentle with yourself.  Emily and I don't understand why people are always on the go!  You need to recharge your batteries in order to keep your felines happy!