Thursday, August 16, 2018


 Hello.  A quick post.  It's Winston and Emily today.  Our Mom says she is too busy to write our weekly post.  So Winston and I decided to "negotiate" who of us would take over.
Emily is winning in this photo.

 Still more negotiating...with a game of smacky paws.
 We think that this week we will just say hello and leave you with some funnies from Pinterest.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Storms and Spa Days

 Hello from Winston.  I'm on our favourite kitty spot.  I had to fight Emily for this place.   We have had an eventful week!  Emily had her spa day (more later), we had a storm etc.
 Our storm was fun!  Well, I thought it was fun.   I like to run to the window and see what is going on.  Miss Emily likes to run and hide.  Mom says Emily has more sense.  I say that I have a spirit of adventure.
 Since the weather has been so hot and humid our Mom has been walking to the grocery store early in the morning.  She left around-ish 7:30 on Sunday.   The air was still cool and the sun was gentle.
This tiny park is one of her favorite places.  She loves the sounds of the water falling gently into the pool below.
 These tiny purple flowers were thankful for the rain on the previous day! 
 Hello from Emily.   I'm enjoying the cool linoleum floor on my tummy!  Winston can keep the kitty perch!  I did have my spa day last Friday.   I had my own adventure.  Mom walks me to the vet's office in our special carrier.  There are all sorts of things going on!  I can hear birds singing, cars zooming by, people talking.   I wanted to make sure Mom knew I was still there so I gave her a little serenade as well.  I'm just thoughtful that way!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Guess Who is Having a Spa Day!?

 Happy Tuesday!  It's Emily.   Please excuse me for not moving.  I'm much too comfy airing my tummy furs.  Winston and I are being so good...most of the time.
 Mom is keeping busy with work, chores, and walks.  I'm throwing in a few of Mom's photos.  This is a tiny goldfinch at the park.  Mom was so happy that the bird did not fly away!
 This kitty was flirty with our Mom.  The feline strumpet!   Mom thought this kitty had a very sweet face.
 Here is another photo of my belly.   Guess what?  This week it is my turn for a spa day at Dr. B's office.  Winston isn't the only one who will get some pampering.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Winston's Tipsy Spa Day

 Hello everyone,  It's Emily.  I am enjoying the view of the apartment from the top of the "forbidden" table.   The big news this week is Winston's visit to the vet for a spa day.
A kind friend drove Mom and Winston to the vet's office.   Winston rewarded K's kindness with a plaintive rendition of "the song of my people".   I think we all would have been impressed!
(photo from Pinterest)
 Mom then left Winston at the vet's office and awaited the phone call for when his grooming session was complete.
Photo from Pinterest

 Mom didn't have to wait too long for the vet to call. When she got to Dr. B's office she discovered that both Dr. B and the vet tech were smiling.  Apparently, Winston needed a mild sedative to keep him calm and he got all loopy.  The vet told Mom that it was the equivalent of having a few glasses of wine. Please don't tell anybody because Winston would be dreadfully embarrassed but he got all lovey-dovey with the vet.  He tried to play with her stethoscope.  He got all snuggly and cuddly.  They thought he was adorable!  There goes Winston's tough feline image.
Mom asked if they took any photos.  Sadly, the vet said no.  They had to concentrate on getting out his matts, trimming his claws and other such things.

She decided to walk home with Winston to save money on the cab fare. She also thought the fresh air might do Winston some good.  However,  Mom made several stops to put down the kitty carrier and rest.   Winston was acting a bit like a grumpy cat.
 Mom got him home safe and sound.  However, he was pretty out of it for the rest of the day!
Here is looking all handsome but a bit unsteady!

In other news.  Our catnip plant met a sad end.  Somebody *Winston* may have knocked it over onto the floor.  Mom was happy to have had a plant for more than 2 months.  A new record.
I will close with this lovely photo of Winston.  He is feeling more like himself again and looking even more debonair that before!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


 Hello.  It's Winston.   After weeks of heat and dry conditions, we finally got some rain.  Yesterday we had lots and lots of rain.
The thunderstorm was impressive!    We think the sparrows must have loved the puddles in the parking lot outside our window.
 This rainbow wasn't from yesterday.   I'm just throwing it in because Mom likes them.   There should be a rainbow after every rainstorm.
 Our Mom was excited to find a book she loved to read as a child.  She couldn't remember the title but she did remember some of the characters and what the front of the cover looked like...fanciful!
Even when Mom was little this book had been out for a while.   People are funny!   I don't understand why they like to read books.   Mind you, Miss Emily likes to chew on books.  Guess what?  Mom has had to pay for 3 books already.  They belonged to the library.  Emily seems to think library books taste the best.  You should just see Mom's grumpy face when she finds another chewed book cover.  She is getting better at hiding them from us, though.   *sad sigh*
 I will put this image from Pinterest in here just in case somebody is having a challenging week.  My favorite is in the last row!
On to Emily.
Hi!   Thanks for tattling on me, Winston.  I don't know why library books taste better.  They just do!
 Mom is trying to get back into the swing of things.  She did have time for one walk.   She snapped this photo at the park and it wasn't until after that she noticed the bumble bee!  I wonder if bumble bees taste good?

 Perhaps I should just stick with watching birds that fly outside our window?

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Lime Ricky and Shopping

 Hello all!  It's Winston.  I think I hear a tin of kitty food being opened.   I'm on the alert!
 Mom gives me my daily pill mixed in with canned food!  It's a battle of the wills.  I only want to be served on the carpet.  Mom wants to serve the food to me on the linoleum.  She has some nerve by insinuating that I'm a messy eater.  She has to go over the carpet to pick up the bits of food that have fallen.  It is NOT my fault.  I'm going to give a steely glare and airplane ears!
 HA!  Victory for me.
Anyway, the last bit of Mom's staycation has been full of fun and adventures.
Her sister, W, came over.  They both celebrated their birthdays as they couldn't meet together in the spring.  Mom had muffins and strawberries for breakfast.   They even exchanged gifts!
 One of her gifts was this cute handmade rock.  It is a paperweight.  Mom thinks it is sweet.  Mom and her sis had a lovely visit.
They went shopping and out for a fast food lunch as well.  Here is the drive through...
 They each ordered a kid's combo.  Fewer bad calories in a smaller size are their reasoning.
 They found a nice shady spot and ate in the car.  Mom says it was beautiful  You could hear the wind blowing gently through the leaves.
 This is one of the items Mom purchased when her sister came over to visit.    A new vacuum.  It was half price.  Hooray.  Plus, it would have been very difficult to lug this monster home on the bus (it weighs 22 pounds) Apparently, the motor went on the old one.  Emily and I made sure that Mom made good use of it.  (She used to vacuum up our furs every day!)
 Mom liked this cartoon from Pinterest.  She thought it fitting for a week off.  Now I'm passing it along to Emily.
 Purrs from Emily.  We had such a busy week keeping Mom entertained. PLUS, there was a heat wave for the better part of the week.
 On one of the cooler days, Mom took a walk in the park.  This little dog had a red ribbon.  Mom thought it was adorable.  Kitties, if Mom tried that sort of nonsense with us, well I would upchuck a furball in her new shoes.
 She was very excited to see this cardinal!  One of her "goals" is to get a close up of a cardinal.  Only, once she sees one of the birds on her list she gets too excited and her camera shakes! Silly Mom.
 Here is the backside of a bluejay.  Someday, Mom knows she will be able to get a great shot of one of these two birds.

 Kitties, we have to tell you that her staycation wasn't all fun.  One morning was very rocky for her.  She was in a tizzy.   We kicked her out, using our feline telepathy, and she went to a coffee shop with a book.  She ordered a lime ricky soda (hence the green color) and a spinach and feta pastry.  We think it helped to calm her least for a little while!

 Did we share this cartoon before?   I think it is good to remind our people who is in charge.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Chilling during the Heat Wave

 Hi!  Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends!   It's Emily.  Goodness, but it is hot!  I'm too tuckered out to do anything but just veg on the back of the sofa.  We are having a heat wave.  It is just in time for Mom's staycation.
 Mom is enjoying the free time to enjoy life's tiny joys.   She found a book of one of her favorite comics.  Then she put together a tiny treat bowl of grapes, crackers, and cheddar.  Mom has also discovered she loves Kombucha-it's fermented tea.  However, Mom says it is just like fizzy iced tea!
(Our Mom does love to whoop it up!)
 She also went onto YouTube and created a playlist of some of the cartoons and programs she watched as a kid!   She couldn't believe it when she found this.  Does anyone else out there remember the show "Land of the Lost"?

 This t-rex was always running after the main characters.  Mom said after watching Jurassic Park this Saturday morning cartoon made her laugh.  She did watch the entire program, though.   Also included in her playlist: The Smurfs, She-Ra, Garfield, and Alvin and the Chipmunks!
(I hope this screen shot of the grumpy T-rex is not too scary!  Mom said it gave her bad dreams when she was little. It didn't stop her from watching it, though.!)
 Mom liked this infographic from Pinterest of  "Canadian" words!
I'm going to pass things along to Winston now.
 Hello!  Emily is right.  It is very warm!  Phew.  Emily and I think we should conserve our energy and make sure we get lots of extra naps.
Mom had company today.  They went to an Antique store.  Mom said it was lovely there.  She was very good and didn't purchase anything.  Here are some photos of the things Mom liked for one reason or another.
 Blue Willow plates.   Apparently, her Mom had a set when she was in elementary school. 
 Her family also had a glass chicken butter dish like this one.  It was $28.00!   Wowzers!  Emily and I could get lots of treats with that kind of money.
 This is a record cover of a singer called Tom Jones.  Apparently, Mom's grandma had a huge crush on this guy.   It made our Mom smile to know this about her "Nana".  There were so many records in this store!
 Mom liked these salt and pepper shakers because she thought they were felines!
After all of that browsing, they worked up an appetite.  They went to a restaurant called  Cultures.  Mom ordered something called a Zen bowl.  Yummy-grilled chicken, lima beans, mango, tomato, carrots, and rice.  Mom has enough left over for 2 more meals!  Hooray.  It's too toasty to cook anything!