Saturday, May 27, 2023

Catching My Breath

Hello! It feels like it has been ages since I last had a chance to say a proper hello! We hope everyone is doing well. I am very thankful to have had a nice staycation this past week. I think one of my favourite parts was NOT having to rush! Miss Emily posed for this photo and let me know by her serious expression that I needed to get a move on for her 10th birthday present.
I found this sweet little mouse toy for Miss Em. Emily seems to approve and dragged the little critter by it's tail to an undisclosed location! :)
There was time for a quiet walks! I loved this tree covered in white blooms and twinkle lights! It seemed to me as if it could be the gateway to Narnia.
A walk in the park revealed a happy cardinal singing an early morning song.
These goslings were keeping a close eye on me.
I was able to enjoy two walks in the park. My favourite time is the golden hour-early morning. It opens up your heart.
This yellow rose helped to spread some cheer. I think Willow liked it, too. I also went to the bookstore, a garden center, a cafe for a visit with a friend, and did some shopping. Early on in the vacation, I baked my favourite muffins: oatmeal brown sugar muffins. These muffins taste amazing, fresh from the oven, with a dab of ginger honey. Thanks for visiting. I wish yooou all a great week. Closing with a smile from Pinterest.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Happy Adoption Day, Willow! ♥

Hello! A quick visit today. It is Willow's Gotcha Day. One year ago today I met Willow for the first time. She was terrified. She hid in corners and under furniture. The little fluff hissed at me when I came close to her. I'm so thankful that she is more comfortable with Emily and with me. I just got over the flu. Then I came down with another bug that is going around. When I get over this current virus, I plan on getting Willow a special treat. For now, though, she got a new paper straw and a new spiral toy.There may also be a treat or two in her near future. Thanks for the visit!
Funny is from Pinterest!

Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Tulmultuous Month

Hello All! Willow and Emily send purrs. We had a couple of snowstorms since last we touched base. It isn't fun to try and walk to work in a storm but I find the snow makes everything beautiful. I also walked home in freezing rain a couple of times. My boot grip popped off my boot one icy night and I immediately began to slide down the sidewalk. Yikes! I would rather walk in a snow storm than an ice storm any day.
Shortly after all the weather excitement, I got the flu. Bleh. It has been going on for a month. I am mostly better but still dealing with a persistant cough. Thankfully, I had an "Ick Box" on standby filled with tea, kleenex, cough syrup and soup. I am also blessed with some amazing friends who looked out for me while I was resentfully forcing myself not to do stuff and get better soon. Emily and Willow were amazing feline nurses. Emily showed me how to chill while also showing off her adorable toe tufts.
Willo was an excellent feline foot warmer while I had chills. I did get a very fuzzy photo of her "splooting" on my legs.
I went to the mall recently with a friend and lost my wallet. My friend helped me to retrace my steps to locate it but no luck. I finally ended up locking/cancelling all the necessary cards. We went back to the mall one last time and, guess what, someone had turned in my wallet. Thank goodness! If it is all right with the universe I would like to request some dull, boring weeks. Hoping to come visit your blogs soon. Emily and Willow send purrs. Ending with a funny from Pinterest

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Sister Cuddle Bugs-sort of!

Several days ago I walked into the living room and found this happy surprise! Emily and Willow curled up on the sofa-not quite cuddling but certainly close to each other. I tried to snap a few photos in the dim light and this was the best one. Sigh. :) It is blurry but you can tell it is Miss Em and Willow.
The weather here has been up and down. One day it is freezing and snowy and the next is mild and rainy. We are looking forward to a long weekend! Emily and Willow are well rested. Hopefully, the long weekend will allow me to catch up with them in the snoozing department. Sending good thoughts to all.
(and closing with a funny from Pinterest!)

Sunday, January 22, 2023

January Musings

Willow is popping by with a quick hello. She and Emily had were curled up next to each other on the sofa today. I was happy to see them "kind of" getting along. I will have to upload the photos and hope that one of them is clear enough to post!
Emily had a vet appointment on Thursday. She had yet another matt that needed to be removed. The vet also tested her blood sugar again. This time it was down which was a relief. After weeks of drab, dreary and grey weather it looks like snow is starting to fall again. Stay warm and cozy.
A smile from Pinterest

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Eve of the New Year

Emily is stopping by to say hello and to wish everyone a happy New Year! She went to the vet a few days ago for grooming. The vet warmed my heart by saying that "Having a sister for Emily has done her a world of good." It has been an interesting week. I worked a half day today. The walk home, though wet and sloppy, was not nearly as nasty as the snow storm last week. When I left work last week the wind was so strong I couldn't move forward without a struggle. How things change!
Willow and Emily both love their new Christmas toy! I found it after Christmas but I don't think they hold that against me.
I was expecting Willow to like the toy but Emily loves it as well. Emily acts like a kitten when I bring out the feather mouse.
The snow from last week's storm has melted away. I think that there are now flood warnings. Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!