Monday, June 27, 2016

We take it all in stride

 Good morning.   Oscar kitty today.   A short post because our Mom person is a sickie.  Bleh.
 Emily says the sneezing and the coughing hurt her delicate ears.   Mom has no consideration.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fur coats and dog days

 Felines!   It's so hot here!   This used to be me sitting in front of the fan trying to cool down my tummy furs.   I like it warm, I'm a cat after all, but what they call the dog days of summer.  The dogs can keep it!
 To help keep my mind of this kind of weather I'm going to show you some photos the Mom took over the past summers.   Like these daisies in the park!   Mom had to crouch down to get this photo!
 Yes, I'm a fluffy Buddha boy!  
 Some flowers at the park after Mom got off work.
 Look at this feline.  Thinks he is king of the world!  Lucky!  
 A sidewalk chalk heart.   Is that how much you love me Mom?
 The roses at her building are blooming!

Monday, June 13, 2016

This and That from the Kitty Brats

 Greetings from Winston.   This is my Buddha Boy pose and it almost always makes Mom laugh.   She is quite easily amused!   Speaking of which......look what she got
 Hooray!   Another grown up coloring book and more pencil crayons.  (hehe-I'm going to scoff those the first chance I get!)   Mom doesn't color a lot.  Typically it's in the evening when she is all frazzled about something. 

 Purrs from Oscar kitty!  I'm just lounging here.   The heating pad isn't really needed now.   However, I've taken a bit of a shine to it and will use it as a pillow!
The Mom person has been busy with the usual cleaning but also some decluttering.   She is doing a tiny bit at a time.   She has also started a summer adventure list!  (Which is like a bucket list but it sounds a bit more positive)  One of the things she wants to try is to grow a pot of herbs inside.   Her window faces the west and we get some very hot sun in the summer so, whatever she decides on, will have to like sun.   We are gently suggesting catnip!
 Hi all!  Miss Emily now.  I'm chilling on the dining room table.  I must say it is one of my favorite places to relax!   I'm up high and the cat table cloth (I've got my own table cloth!) is silky smooth.
 I have my turn at a grooming session this week.  It's going to be a busy week for the Mom!   My grooming session and her dentist appointment just to name a few.  Mom already feels in a bit of a tizzy!   Hey Mom...see this sign you walked by!  Chill a bit!

 The roses have started to come out!   Mom was happy to see that!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Suspicious Feline Activity

 First of all we want to tell that we are innocent.   Just because Mom has photos of us-blurry photos-investigating the pencil crayons does NOT mean we are the guilty parties who made off with them and are hiding them under the area rug.
 Psst....Winston.  I want the strawberry pink crayon not the white crayon.
 Speaking of color...perhaps I could distract you with this pretty Iris Mom saw in the park while she was walking home from work.  The sun was shining through the petals!
 Also-look how innocent I appear in this photo.  I'm dreaming in a sunbeam.  
 Tee hee....look at Winston's pink belly.   He just got his annual summer tummy shave.   He fights the vet tooth and claw but he is always happier after.  The Winston will lie on the carpet, in front of the air conditioner, and let the wind gentle blow through his shaved belly. 
See...another innocent feline.
 Now I know Oscar looks absolutely innocent just having a nap.   Perhaps Mom should consider him at the guilty one.   Perhaps he hired a helicopter to get on top of the dining room table and then he made off with the crayons....
Winston...I'm not sure anyone is buying my explanations.