Sunday, April 30, 2017

Winston the Toe Monster

 Hello! It's Winston.   This is a fuzzy photo of me, yes?!  Well, Mom seemed to think it is an incriminating photo because I'm near the end of the bed AND close to her toes.   Your toes are safe from me, Mom!   Really and truly they are safe (**cough, cough***) I would only protect your toes!
 So last week when last we touched base the Magnolia tree at the end of the street looked like the photo above!
 Mom said that, almost over night, they bloomed!   She is infatuated with spring blooms even though the season makes her sneeze when she walks by.  Speaking of walks...Mom has done it again.   Here is yet another kitty she met on of her walks.

 This kitty's name is Lucy.  Mom had a bit of a chat with the owner.   Lucy is almost thirteen years old.  
 Stop chatting with other felines!  Emily and I are getting a bit distressed about it.
 Another pretty backyard when she walked to the grocery store.
 Lots of rain.
 Raindrops on the window.

Mom realized that her vacation is quickly approaching.   She says that this year it would be nice to do something frivolous on her time off other than spring cleaning and appointments.   We thought she might want to get in an extra nap or two.
Purrs to everyone for a great week!
Emily and Winston.
PS-Mom just finished her 6 days in a row so she will try to visit you soon.


  1. Sighs. There is no way to keep moms from fraternizing with strange felines. Ours does too.

  2. Spring can appear truly overnight - though this year in our part of the world, 'overnight' seems to be taking a few weeks.

    As for holidays, mine too are approaching. I won't be going anywhere, but as long as I am not going to work, I'll be content - more time to spend with the cats!

  3. Spring has finally found us too.
    We get lots of rain and up and down temps.
    We giggled when your mum called you a toe monster ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Hi Winston, toes are such interesting things aren't they? They wiggle around and they must be kept in check. We know you are just protecting your Mom.
    Your Mom took gorgeous photos this week. The Magnolias are lovely this time of year.
    Have a good week.

  5. Lovely photos of you both, as well as the spring blossoms! The magnolia outside our biped's office window is budding, will bloom soon, but she's seen other trees already in bloom. You're a bit ahead of us, though.

    Lucy's a very pretty ladycat, btw. It's okay if your mom appreciates other kitties, as long as she doesn't bring any of them home. :-P

  6. Uh oh, that Lucy IS a cutie!!! I can see why you are upset! MOL!! are both sooo much cuter than her! So glad your Mom's work schedule has eased up, great news!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. How could your human talk to other kitties! Have a great week. purrs Skipper

  8. Yep, we fraternize with other cats! Don't be nervous about it, because there isn't a thing you can do about it. Sorry.

  9. Lucy is pretty, I wish she was indoors where it is safe though.

  10. We agree with Fuzzy Tales, as long as the mom bean doesn't try to bring another kitty home, you're all good.

    The spring flowers are so pretty! We are getting the May showers now so mom bean hopes there will be flowers here soon too. She says she has a week of vacation coming soon too. She'll be at home with us and has great plans to do lots of stuff around the house. We bet she'll nap instead. :)

  11. Winston, our Mama could steal your little self away so it's lucky you don't live close by :) The top photo of you is the sweetest!
    The magnolia blooms are beautiful! Magnolias are one of our Mama's favourite flowers, thanks for the lovely pics :)

    the critters in the cottage xo