Monday, April 17, 2017

The Nefarious Easter Bunny and Shoes

 Good morning from Winston!   We hope that everyone had a nice week!   Sending purrs.   Our Mom celebrated Easter.   She was very thankful to have the weekend off.   She did a fair amount of visiting.
 These Easter Eggs are handmade...though most certainly NOT by Mom.   One of Mom's co-workers hand painted them!
 Some very nice people had Mom over for a yummy dinner on Sunday.   They sent Mom home with some lovely Easter cookies!   Sparkles!
 Mom went for a very long walk on Friday.  Her pedometer said it was over 6 km.   She was tuckered out after.   With each passing day more flowers start to bloom!
 In other news....Emily says the Easter bunny broke into our home and created this mayhem with Mom's boots and shoes.
 Hi now from Emily!   That is me in the hall.  If you look to the lower right corner you can see Winston's furry kitty bum and tail!   Mom tried to blame me on pulling all of her boots, sandals and shoes across the hallway.   I even  That Easter bunny even dragged her boot to the living room end table.  It wouldn't be easy to drag a boot across the floor by just the shoe lace!  Enough about that nefarious bunny, though!  Are you enjoying the warmer weather?  Are there more sunbeams for you to snooze in?  Our Mom goes for more walks now!
 Did your people go for long walks?  Some of these photos are from yesterday when Mom and a friend took another walk after dinner.  These happy yellow flowers are daffodils.   She doesn't know the name of the tiny purple and blue flowers.
 A very big puddle in the middle of the woodlot.  Guess what?  There were even some ducks at these puddles.  
 More snowdrops.  Mom loves them.   She says they are starting to fade, though.

I hope all of you, feline and human, have a great week!
PS-You do believe me, right?  About the shoes and boots being dragged over the floor by a bunny.  Cuz I'm innocent.  In spite of what Winston says.
Winston and Emily


  1. That bunny is a scoundrel! Our snowdrops and periwinkles are beginning to fade too, but the tulips are ready to bloom, and narcissus and daffodils are blooming. I love the tulip trees!

  2. Emily, that was very rude of your Easter Bunny, to create such a mess. We wouldn't invite him back!

    Those Easter eggs are amazing; your mom's co-worker is talented!

    And don't those cookies look yummy, particularly to our biped. :-)

    Take care, have a lovely week!

  3. Goodness, the Easter Bunny sure had fun at your house! I truly believe you are innocent of any boot moving.
    Your Mom's Easter eggs look beautiful. The cookies look scrumptious!
    We have been enjoying lots of walks in this beautiful weather.
    Have a great week all!

  4. Hehe, that Easter Bunny sure made a mess.

    No, our mom bean did not go for a long walk or even a short one this weekend. She was furry lazy! She sure enjoys the photos from your mom's walk, especially the flowers.

  5. Of COURSE the perp was the Easter Bunny! How could ANYONE believe that you are anything other than COMPLETELY INNOCENT, Miss Emily?
    Those Easter Bunnies are Crafty Critters (mol). Look how this one tried to frame you for a Crime you did not commit (mol)!
    Maybe you need a good cattorney...

  6. OMC what a beautiful Easter post!! Whomever painted those eggs is extremely talented, they should sell them! I never heard of Easter Cookies but that sure is a good idea! Wish you lived by me, would LOVE to walk with you! Oh and I am sure that Emily is innocent!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. Yeah, the E Bun can sure be mischevious, so we know it was him. Those eggs are amazing!

  8. Mowzers, your mom's coworker is TALENTED!